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    Just as I learnt to live with estrangement my ED began to show signs of reconciliation. It has not been easy but things seem to be fixedly. Our relationship
    is not the same and it may always be slightly scratched but life is a constantly evolving process. I hope that Suego26 can also get where I am. So that the site can continue to give others hope .that sometimes reconciliation is possible. Thank you everyone.

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    linwinning, I am so thrilled for you. It’s so nice to hear about a reconciliation. Your relationship may not be what it once was, but you have some type of relationship and perhaps in time things will be what they once were. Right now, it’s a new beginning. Give it time and patience. We will miss you and we all share in your joy. Love, Rainbow

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    Linwinning: Glad that your situation has resolved . I am also in the process of reconciliation-my ES has called and visited and things are infinitely better. I still visit this site as I feel that it keeps me grounded and I find that I learn quite a bit on this site. I think reconciliation is very much a process in which it is very important to protect oneself.
    Rainbow-I always read your posts and learn a lot. You are truly a wonderful example to us all-a beautiful spirit . How could anyone not realise that a person like you is priceless-your son should be so thankful to have you as a mother. It is his great loss.

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    I am happy for you who have been able to reconcile with your EC’s and hopeful for the rest of us.

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