I could use your help

Dear parents of estranged adult children,

I’m planning an event and want to make it useful for you. Can you help by providing your thoughts in a short survey? It’s nine short questions.

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8 thoughts on “I could use your help

  1. Kim

    Need to somehow weed out emotional basket cases prior. Try somehow to focus on healing & positive things to do, esp around holidays.

  2. Marilyn J.

    I am nor interested is speakers are “professionals who have no idea what shunning of adult children does to the parent (s). Too often we are told you are the parent – fix it. Sorry these are ADULT children who also have owbership in the shunning.
    I am looking for possible ways for healing the family.

  3. April

    Sheri, I hope you received my responses regarding a possible conference. If you did not, I’ll complete the survey again.
    Hope you are well.


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