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support for parents of estranged adult childrenThank you for your interest in registering for the community support forum for parents of estranged adult children. I’m Sheri McGregor, founder of this website and forum, and author of the book: Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children.

Already registered? Then click on “community” in the navigation bar above (without using the pull-down menu). that goes to the login page.

New here? BEFORE REGISTERING with the form below, read carefully through the following paragraphs to learn how the registration process works–it takes several steps to complete your registration. If the steps are not completed, you will not hear from me, you will not be registered. You’ll also learn a bit more about how to stay within the guidelines that keep this a safe, spam free, and supportive environment for parents of estranged adult children.

First Step:
Choose a user name:
IMPORTANT, first, don’t choose a user name without first reading “A Note About User Names,” below.

A NOTE ABOUT USER NAMES: Use something that is not identifiable to you by friends, family, your estranged adult child, etc. Do not use your real name, your email address, or portions of either. Do not use your specific location or address. Use something that is neutral, and more anonymous. If you use a name like “Suziesmom,” I will not be able to register you. Ditto if you use your own name, or a portion of your email.

Note: Sometimes I receive emails from people who have tried to register for the forum, but have not followed through. Sometimes those emails are accusatory, angry, or hurt. If I have not answered your request to register, please note that it is not intentional—-and it may be because you have not followed the instructions here, your contact note was never received, or your request is lost in virtual space somewhere.

PLEASE NOTE: While user names cloak identities to some extent, if you post specifics about yourself and your life in the forum, those specifics could make you identifiable. The forum is moderated, and only approved users may post. However, it is not a private group (see below).

Second Step: Once you’ve chosen a user name, answered the security question, and registered using the form, you will need to do the following before you will be able to post:

  • Check your email for a note with a link. (It can take a few minutes, perhaps a few hours.)
  • Follow the link you receive in email, and choose your own password.
  • WRITE DOWN YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD, or save in another way. You will need this information.

Once you have chosen your password, your registration will not be valid until it is manually approved
—you will not be able to login or post into the forum. First you will need to tell me a bit about yourself. In your note sent via the contact page (link below), you will need to include:

  • your name
  • the user name you chose
  • a few words about you and your estrangement

Use the form on the contact page to send me your information. Keep it short—-the form takes no more than 2,000 CHARACTERS. Then, you’ll need to wait for a reply. (I know this is cumbersome, but a recent vulnerability made necessary security vital.)

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t hear from me within a week, feel free to send another note via the contact form with the information about (your name, user name, a few words about you—and tell me that you didn’t hear from me yet).

Once you have received an email reply notifying you of approval—and of some important guidelines about using the forum. You will be able to login to the forum using the user name and password you chose. The reply you receive in email will include more information for you. Please note that emails and approvals for the support group for estranged adult parents are typically done once or twice a week only. Again, if you have not heard back within a week, feel free to reach out via the contact form again. Please understand that I am just one mom. I’m not superhuman.


Some important facts for forum registrants:

  • When you register for the forum, you will also be subscribed to the emailed newsletter.
  • Your posts in the forum do show up on the Internet, so please don’t post personal information, or dates, locations, or other details about your estranged adult child.

Other terms and conditions: By registering, you agree that when you post to the forum, you have granted Sheri McGregor and a non-exclusive license to the content you posted (providing that you hold copyright to the content and have not copied from another source, which is not allowed). Accordingly, your content may be removed without your permission. However, you are not guaranteed the removal of any content you post. The termination of the non-exclusive license must be agreed upon by both parties. Regular back-ups of the site’s data base are made, and content that is deleted could potentially be inadvertently restored.

By registering, you are also signing up for the emailed newsletter.