rejected parents of adult estranged children

Rejected parents have few places to turn. That’s why the parents of estranged adult children can feel isolated. Abandoned parents may feel shame yet have little control over the situation. Telling others your adult child only comes around when he or she needs something, or refuses to see you at all can be embarrassing. So, where do parents of estranged adult children go for help and support? You’ve come to the right place.

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Often, a rejected parent has done nothing to warrant an adult child’s rejection.  Sometimes, a parent who grows tired of drama and turmoil may even be the one to initiate cutting ties with an adult child. If you are estranged from an adult child, you are welcome here. At this support site for hurting parents, you’ll find helpful insights, answers to common questions, and even some coping strategies. You’re not alone. In fact, the theme of adult children abandoning their parents has become more common. Parents are left to ask: What happened?

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