A few points on reconciling

by Sheri McGregor, M.A.

reconciling with adult childrenSome of you are aware of my survey about reconciling with adult children. I’m still gathering results. If you’ve reconciled, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can access the survey (and some others) on the surveys page. ‘

Recently, I responded to some questions about reconciling. The writer used some of my comments in his site posting.  I already talked about this on the Facebook Page, so this is for those who don’t go there.

My comments are numbers 1 through 4 in the article and are derived from the results of my survey about reconciling with adult children. If you click through and read the article be aware that the photo doesn’t quite match our focus here.

I’d love to see some UP votes to the comments!

See the article here.

I’ll have much more to share about reconciling with adult children later.

For now, HUGS.

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1 thought on “A few points on reconciling

  1. geeenius999

    So many ask “why” and I do, too. Except, I do know at least two reasons. One is the failure to be the best parent I should have been – really tried to, but I let him down. Second, someone lied to him about me. It was someone who intended to do harm and they did. Immediate estrangement prevented me from setting it straight in a meaningful and lasting way. It’s been more than a few years now. I’ve carried so much guilt that it has brought a sudden halt to my life. I’m convinced I don’t deserve better and my kid knows it, too. How, then do I do what many others have been able to do? such as taking a new direction or involving new people in my life? I’ve been rejected there, too. I’m dragging my knuckles through these days that are just like the ones before it. I have tried new things, places to visit or shop, etc., but, I’m so out of my element. That alone sharpens my focus on how alone I really am. Even this forum makes me think about it all – maybe more than I ever have. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. Smiling and denying can only last so long.


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