estranged adult childEstranged Adult Child: Help for Parents

As a loving mother of five, the last thing I ever expected was to have an estranged adult child. When the break occurred, I was left with questions: What happened? Was it my fault? What can I do now? You may have similar questions.

Who is the website for?

Little help is available for kind, supportive parents whose adult children are estranged, The separation may occur when parents are rejected by adult children, but might also happen when parents set boundaries an adult child doesn’t respect. The lack of information available for loving parents whose adult children are estranged is what prompted me to develop this site.

Here, as in my book, I hope to help good parents who are going through what I have: denial, disbelief, hurt, and even the eventual healing. Feelings of abandonment, as well as anger, confusion, and sadness are common. All of these emotions and more can be a part of the grieving process when you lose an adult child through estrangement. Most parents hope for a reunion that restores the adult child’s relationship with them and the family, but even while perhaps holding out hope, parents of an estranged adult child must also accept today’s reality and move forward.

An Estranged Adult Child – Circumstances Vary.

Our adult child separated from everyone in our immediate family. Individual circumstances vary. For some parents, their estranged adult child still maintains contact with siblings or perhaps with one parent. Sometimes there is drug or alcohol abuse involved. Other times a divorce, a remarriage, or the reunion with a parent who had little contact during the child’s growing up years complicates the relationship. Adult children may only contact a parent when they need assistance, which can bring up dilemmas as to how much you should help, and whether doing so is a wise choice or sets you up for more hurt. The situation may involve grandchildren the estranged parent rarely or never gets to see. Sometimes, even a parent is the one who must sever ties with an adult child – – at least for a time.

Regardless of the unique situation, Rejected Parents.net  exists to offer support and information to parents whose adult children are estranged. I hope you will become involved by letting me know what’s on your mind, and what topics you would like to see covered. Also, consider sharing your story, which can help other parents of estranged adult children. Or join into discussion with other parents who have an estranged adult child: register in the Support for parents of estranged adult children discussion group.

About the founder of Rejected Parents.net

My name is Sheri McGregor. First and foremost, I am a mother, a wife, and your fellow citizen of planet Earth. With four adult children who remain close, and one estranged adult child, I care about other parents and want to help. Since the early 1990s, I have worked as a writer covering a variety of topics including parenting, health, wellness and psychology. I have also worked as a life coach. I hold a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior, and serve on my university’s Advisory Board for the College of Letters & Sciences. I am not a psychologist, and by no means does anything on the website purport to serve as therapy. My intention here is to use my research and reporting skills to help. I have learned a lot along the way — on my own and from other estranged parents. I am conducting independent research about estrangement, and hope you will participate by taking my survey. Perhaps my experiences and information shared here, as well as in my new book to help parents of estranged adult children, can assist other parents who suffer emotional trauma associated with an estranged adult child.

You might also find my newest book helpful. See Nature’s Healing Spirit: Real Life Stories to Nurture the Soul.

You’re welcome here. I’m glad you found the site.

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