Done With The Crying reviewed at Self-Help Daily

by Sheri McGregor, M.A.

book for parents of estranged adultsJust a short note today about a review of my book provided by Joi of Self Help Daily. I’m very grateful she chose to review my book. You can see the review here.

While there, don’t limit your reading to just her review of  the book. Self-Help Daily is a powerful place of positive energy…all wrapped up in joy (which is how you pronounce the site owner’s name, Joi)! Why not stick around for a bit and absorb some of that positive spirit? We can all use a little extra oomph in the happiness and well-being department from time to time. The Self-Help Daily website is a good place to get a sensible perspective that’s also a bit of fun.


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6 thoughts on “Done With The Crying reviewed at Self-Help Daily

  1. LISA R.

    I just recently purchased your book, my son is a Marine Infantry Veteran, 29 years old and I have gone through war right with him … he again has shut the entire family out, he is divorced for 3 years now and can not move forward.

    I am hopeful your book will give me the tools needed to cope .. within the last 9 years I sent my 18 year old to War, my mom died, a beautiful granddaughter was born, daughter in law ran to Florida one day with my beautiful 3 year old granddaughter, my son has been on an emotional rollercoaster during this all, my dad has not passed last January , daughter got married and lives a distance away and now expecting and I am not feeling a part of that so I am stalled out on life.

    I have been in hiding for years about the situation with my son as most people would fall over if they knew what he has not only put himself through but into his immediate family.

    He is my first born the love of my life and I have lost him so my hope here is to find other moms to help me cope … I am 50 years old and have lost what I worked so hard to have …. family

    Thank you in advance … Marine Mom

  2. Sharon O.

    Hi Marine Mom
    My son is also in the service. With that comes it’s own set of challenges for us doesn’t it? I just bought Sheri’s book and am new to this site as well. I hope it helps us both! Take care of yourself today. You are not alone.

    1. Beans

      Hi Marine Mom,

      My daughter was also in the service, in the Navy. She is now 28 years old and her 3rd marriage is to a Narcissist. I also just purchased Sheri’s book, and new to this site. I find it very difficult to read the book, as I find myself crying and crying each day. Hopefully I will continue reading the book, and find it helpful.

  3. Shari d.

    I’m no stranger to estrangement. I have read so many shared stories that it helps tremendously that in itself. Not all scenerios are the same that led to the estrangement but the end result is the same…pain suffering self doubt guilt shame embarrassment…my adult daughter is now 23. She and I have had on and off estrangement for several years. Her biological father is very much a part of her life and her step mom who she praises as the most wonderful woman I’m her life. Very painful in in that of itself. It was my 2nd marriage that was the precursor to our deterioration. Long long story short he was an abusive nasty man. My daughter blames me for and is angry at me for not divorcing him sooner but fear was what kept me from leaving any sooner. Fear that he would hurt me worse. Again skipping to the point I did finally get him out. I always thought I was protecting my daughter from his outbursts and anger but looking back I clearly was not. After he left I thought that would be so much better for us but the damage was done. I was drinking and terribly depressed and that man caused so much hurt on me I believed him. That I was fat ugly worthless without him. So the residual effects were long lasting. My daughter left at 15 to live with her dad devastated I was unimaginably……many years of her blaming me for everything..I have apologized over and over and taken responsibility for ever not protecting her in a way I vowed to. Much shame. We came to a reconciliation about a year ago. But strained. I have always kept communication open I remind her how proud I am of her and love her madly. Despite her continued rejection. My Mom passed away about 3 months ago very quick unexpected decline. My daughter was very involved while she was sick and we got to be together despite the circumstances however just recently she sent me a vicious nasty text that said awful things to me. Calling me selfish psychopath. Some life I served her that I deserve to feel everything feeling. I sent her some of my moms things that she wanted and I sent a note saying I love her but o will no longer allow you to punish me for the past. My fear is always that she alwZys says I don’t care enough about her. And lies about alot of things that just never happened. Her support group encourages the estrangement so I will always be the bad mom awful mom. It’s like dealing with two deaths. Long road ahead of me.

  4. Karen

    Hi Shari,

    I know exactly what your saying it hurts on a daily basis but there’s only so many times you can say sorry for your mistakes. Love yourself heal yourself and stop putting her first she’s selfish and doesn’t deserve your love. Start a new life find new friends and eventually it will wash away i’m also in the same boat as you almost the same story and same thing with my daughter it hurts bad but we must first forgive ourselves :0


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