Done With The Crying reviewed at Self-Help Daily

by Sheri McGregor, M.A.

book for parents of estranged adultsJust a short note today about a review of my book provided by Joi of Self Help Daily. I’m very grateful she chose to review my book. You can see the review here.

While there, don’t limit your reading to just her review of  the book. Self-Help Daily is a powerful place of positive energy…all wrapped up in joy (which is how you pronounce the site owner’s name, Joi)! Why not stick around for a bit and absorb some of that positive spirit? We can all use a little extra oomph in the happiness and well-being department from time to time. The Self-Help Daily website is a good place to get a sensible perspective that’s also a bit of fun.


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6 thoughts on “Done With The Crying reviewed at Self-Help Daily

  1. Jana D.

    Personal. I had an enormous emotional break yesterday. I know I posted, but can not find it. I’m afraid Of what I might have written during a time my mind was clouded. My health, ptsd, etc causes interference with my rational self. I don’t know if I posted anything coherent, rational, etc. if I wrote, said anything hurtful, wrong, I’m deeply sorry. I can’t find thread, & want to re-read, delete, whatever is necessary if I wrote anything not appropriate. My online history has been erased. Thank you.

    1. Nancy

      When you feel so broken and down, we can become a little off kilter,so don’t apologize. I have done things and said things only out of being hurt. Peace be with you.

  2. Evelyn

    My daughter and her boyfriend are abusive to my granddaughter. She would come to school with bruises and tell her teacher that they would not feed her. They beat her in the face several times. The school called DFACS and I called DFACS and they believe my daughter. I went to court and the judge believed her also. My granddaughter is suffering, recently a picture as posted of her on facebook and she had bruising on her face. My daughter took the picture down and closed her facebook page. I feel like no one will help me or believe me. It would not hurt so much if I knew that she was happy and well cared for but I know this is not true. I am really struggling and I can’t go on like this. I have no friends. The only people that want to be around me are people that want something. I am dying inside. I don’t know what to do. No one cares about me but my granddaughter and she is gone and there is no one.

    1. teresa ( effie)

      Talk to the teacher or principle? Maybe the guidance counselor would talk to her. Hugs to you.. Life is hard for sure..

  3. candleinthewind

    I’m making it up as I go along – currently listening to Dolly Parton and Zach Williams singing ‘There was Jesus’ on YouTube is nice. Would recommend.


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