Estrangement from adult children: Have you had enough?

estrangementby Sheri McGregor, M.A.

For parents of estranged adults who are sad, walking on eggshells to maintain even the most abusive or one-sided contact, or pining away for the son or daughter who lays blame for everything that has ever gone wrong in their life, there comes a time when enough is enough. Have you reached that point? The day when you’re ready to move on and seek out peace and happiness no matter what the “child” does?

Here are a few questions to help.

How long must you suffer?

Routinely, I hear from mothers and fathers who for ten or twenty years have been neglected, blamed, ridiculed, ignored, or contacted only when the son or daughter needs money. Their self-esteem has taken a huge hit because of the estrangement from adult children. Some are stuck in a sort of guilt mode that they don’t understand, even though they know they’ve been caring parents. Twice in recent months, life coaching clients have seen how their upbringing affected their boundaries and created undue guilt. Other parents wish there had been some closure, so they could lay it to rest. But although closure is bandied about in our society like a peaceful oasis, as I discuss in my book, Done With The Crying, closure is a myth.

Many of the parents in these long-term estrangements cope well most of the time, but their emotions are triggered when a death or other life event causes contact and/or renews their pain. When that happens, they can go on for weeks feeling blue, reliving the early shock and bewilderment of estrangement, and even asking “Why?” all over again.

Do you want to continue suffering? Sounds like a stupid question. Nobody wants to suffer, right? If you agree, then make a decision to change. Acknowledge all the hurt your son or daughter has caused, and decide not to allow it to shackle you anymore. If you find yourself resisting this idea, that it’s even possible, then it’s time to consider why.

estrangement from adult childrenSuffering: Has it become a habit?

For some, the idea of any relationship, even one that causes pain, is better than none—which keeps them stuck. If you feel this way, you may be caught in what’s become a habit or taken on a sort of victim mentality. But the truth is, you don’t have to. As I say in my book, only two letters separate the word victim from victor. Choosing to be a victor requires a choice, as the letters “OR” imply. It’s never too late to claim your right to be happy despite another adult’s decisions.

Does an idealistic belief hold you back?

You might be stuck because of the idea that a parent’s love should be unconditional. While no caring parent gives up instantly, after suffering with no change in sight, it’s okay to give yourself permission to take care of yourself. It may come down to thinking of releasing the need for a relationship that’s unhealthy, or even giving in rather than giving up.

Even if you’re a caring parent who did your best, it’s possible that a belief that it must be your fault is keeping you from moving forward. One mother shared that she grew up in a church with strict ideas about a mother’s role. Although she knew she had done her best, she also worried maybe the estrangement was a reflection of her working outside the home. It helped to see that stay-at-home mothers also have estranged children. Estrangement from adult children isn’t limited to a certain set of circumstances.

What beliefs might you have that affect your ability to move forward despite the estrangement? Pondering the question may be of use.

estrangementAre you reliving the past?

Some parents keep the pain alive by going over it again and again. One mother who has been estranged from her 52-year-old son for nearly thirty years routinely recounts her estrangement story in detail. She regularly relives the pain of the child she raised turning against her, slowly at first, and then with a full force that included insults and public humiliation. This intelligent woman runs a small business, has a devoted husband, and has raised two other successful and loving children whom the estranged son also left behind. She goes about her life with confidence, yet spends much of her quiet time ruminating over the son she lost, questioning how he could do such a thing to his family, and feeling sad.

This mother and a great many others regularly look for their adult children on social media, or even save old, unkind correspondence—and re-read it. Will it take a computer crash to free you from email from an angry estranged adult child that’s holding you back?

Right now, take a few moments to consider whether you are reliving the past and how doing so may hurt your progress.

Are you keeping company that keeps you stuck?

Some parents maintain relationships with people who remind them of their sorrow and keep them in limbo—unable to fix the problem yet unable to get on with their lives. That might be a relative or friend who says it’s the parent’s duty to keep trying no matter what—even when you’ve tried and been repeatedly beaten back by a son or daughter that wants no contact. daughter says no contactOften, these people with their platitudes don’t have a clue what estrangement is really all about. They think it’s a tiff that can blow over, or chalk it up to immaturity. Maybe those things are true in some instances, but after hearing from nearly 20,000 parents who’ve taken my survey, I know that isn’t true in most cases. Don’t let these people hold you back from a fulfilling life.

At times, even the guise of support can keep parents stuck. Here at the site, there’s a forum which, for the most part, is a helpful venue. Some parents who have moved beyond the pain stay active in the community to provide a caring word to newer members in the throes of early estrangement. While this is positive, there’s also a danger. It’s possible to get caught in an endless loop of recharged pain, anger, grief, and indignation as newcomers post about their circumstances and potentially trigger oldcomers’ pain. It’s also true that a support group can become a crutch, the go-to place to vent feelings or ask questions. At some point, it’s wise to step back and use your own good sense. Doing so can build your confidence.

When is enough enough?

One woman who joined the Facebook page some time ago left a wise comment. When out with her husband one day, they’d driven through the town in which her estranged adult child lives. In the past, she would say something to her husband, and the two would talk about the pain. But on that day, she purposely kept quiet. Her husband was surprised but glad. On Facebook, the woman said she’d come to the conclusion that enough was enough.

I can relate to this mother’s thoughts. Many have read my story, along with those of so many other parents in my book. They know that I used the book’s exercises and research to reclaim my self-esteem and confidence, and to move on in my life after estrangement. But my story didn’t stop with the last page of the book. I continue to move forward in a life with trials and distress (as well as happy times), and even the occasional conflict of some sort of contact from the estranged. I know as well as any parent that estrangement can press in like prying tentacles where and when we least expect it to. But I also know that it’s up to me how much that estrangedinfluence takes control. While it’s wise to face the reality and deal with residual effects, it’s not healthy to bemoan the loss and all its affects. Like that woman in the car who made a decision to drive on by, knowing her estranged adult child resided in the city yet choosing to let the pain alone, we can understand when enough is enough.

While attempting to reconcile with an estranged adult child is normal, don’t hinge your happiness on it. Going over what happened and why is natural, but there comes a time when you know you have done all that you can. For some, that includes an apology, or a note saying your door is open when or if they want to try. For others, based on their own situation, it means literally moving away.

Estrangement from adult children: Step forward

You can examine your relationship with a clear head, see how your beliefs might be limiting you, and understand how suffering can become a habit that keeps you stuck. With help and support, you can step forward in a way that strengthens and prepares you for a new way of life. Even while holding out hope, you can give yourself permission to let go, accept that change is inevitable, and embrace it for your own good. You can be done with the crying. Don’t waste another minute of your precious life.

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116 thoughts on “Estrangement from adult children: Have you had enough?

  1. Karen K.

    Thank you!! Enough does become enough ! I thought if I would keep contacting my daughter and keep reassuring how much I love her …miss her….Jesus ( family of faith) loves her…she would see. But the response from her never came. She even used my own Mother’s funeral to say horrible things about me . Even though my Mom and I had a loving relationship. I don’t want to rehearse the pain…It is self abuse on top of the trauma of the Estrangement. I though a good Momma would never give up !!! But we must realize we are dealing with adults not the precious babies we held in our arms and kissed goodnight, did their hair for prom……… My hope will never die but I must move forward. It is not normal but it is my Life and I deserve to live !! I pray for all the parents and children my heart tender towards all. But we must go on. God created us as individuals not just someone’s Mom, Dad, wife, husband. We matter!!!! People can be very judge mental especially other family members whose lives seem to be on Facebook, Mother’s Day tributes….. Forward my friend!!! Hugs!!!!

    1. Catherine

      I know your pain Karen. I am a psych nurse. I honestly with all my heart believe this epidemic of rejection, disrespect, and a lack of love comes from satan. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy the Bible warns us. (John 10:10) But Jesus will never let us down and gives us strength to endure. Jesus says in that same scripture (John 10:10) “I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.” The devil is real and will do anything he can to destroy us. The one thing that will effect us from all of this is keeping it a secret. I have just recently started telling people and it helps. I have to keep talking about it, praying about it, and supporting others. Our children know it hurts, but they do not care. We are dealing with hearts that are very calloused, ungrateful, very evil and we must call it what it is. We are fighting a spiritual war. The devil will try to take us out even by using our own children. Our children have become our enemies and Jesus warned us of this. Jesus said He did not come to bring peace but division. (Luke12:51) Jesus went on to say it, “From now on, five in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter and mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.” (Luke 12:52, 53)
      To have one child hate you for loving Jesus is tough, but to have 4 children hate you is unbearable. I have 4 boys who despise me. Two of my children are atheist, one is a party man (in and out of rehab), and the other drinks like a fish. I have a grandson that I have never met. But Jesus loves me and stays with me. He never left me and never will. We can not make our children love God. It is a choice. When they choice to be an enemy of God they shun what God loves. Our ungrateful children become our enemy and it is a fight for our salvation. It is hurtful and is it cruel. But we must overcome. Jesus told us if we want to be His disciples we must put everything else 2nd and He meant it. Our children have demons inside of them. It isn’t our fault that they chose the world and satan. We must treat them as enemies and be honest with the world. Be honest with our spiritual family. We need support, because fighting this battle is pure he’ll sometimes. I wish all of you the best. Catherine

    2. Christina

      You for sharing , I’m going through the same with an adult son . You do have a right to enjoy your life . There’s no honor or respect for Parents these days . I
      Will pray for all of you as well that God heal your hearts and souls.

    3. Wendy H.

      Thank you for your bravery and posting this. 100% identical even disgracing the memory of my mother who was a saint. This brought me so much hope to know I’m not alone prayers love and appreciation to you

    4. Magnolia

      You are so right! What is missing is the query of what’s wrong with these adult kids — addiction for many, bi-polar for many, both for many — and how do we fix that issue. Society dictates that we famuly members cannot help in any way but rather they must do it themselves. That doesn’t happen — nor does it even make sense — because they are sick but don’t know or can’t admit it. As a society we should be looking far and wide for answers.

    5. Sharon

      Thankyou those lovely kind words were so comforting to me. Our daughter moved out three months ago she wrote and told me her mum that i was too controlling, the awful things that happen around us made me worry when she stayed out our came home very late i didnt call controlling i called it careing.
      Her dad my husband of 27 years took a brain hemerage 12 years ago i guess i felt i lost enough maybe i was worrying to much but maybe someday when i gave my jobb and everything to take care of both of them she Will understand a mum would give all up for their children, but now we are moving on her dad and i have Said its back to the two of us again and we now Will be good to each other.

    6. Ms p prior

      Thankyou thankyou thankyou. I have known in my heart that it isn’t all my fault. You have helped me stop feeling the total burden. New year new life.

    7. Sandy

      Yep, enough is enough, I’m tired of being blamed for things that went on in 1999. When I think of all the sacrificing I did of raising two girls that would double team me as adolescence and then to grow up to be two women that still double team me and say horrible things to me like I’m the worst thing moving. These two were no angles believe me while growing up. Their unwillingness to take responsibility to their part in things and not appreciate all the things I did for them when they were children and even as adults, it’s like they feel that’s what you’re there for, and as a parent you have no right to have feelings are be appreciated and respected. I don’t know what’s wrong with this generation, my mother was not perfect but I loved her anyway, I would never even think of yelling or speaking down to my mother even if I felt she was wrong. After all, I knew she was my mother loved me, regardless. As a daughter I would never mistreat my mother, it just not in me.
      This generation is self absorbed ungrateful and rude, that’s all there is to it, they are not like us. I realize I cannot change them and nothing I do will ever be good enough, so I’m moving on. As soon as I say no or draw a boundary, its back to you were a horrible mom, which is just not true. I was not a perfect mom, I made mistakes but I was a good mom. As much as it hurts I have to love myself enough to move on and realize I just don’t deserve this abuse any longer. They are now adults and even though their my daughters and I love them, I really don’t like their ways, they are not thoughtful humans, they are bullies and that is the truth, I just have to keep it real and accept that. I refuse to be blamed for their horrible behavior anymore, if I was responsible for how they behave believe me they would not be acting like this! I am moving on, wish them happiness, but I gotta do me.

    8. Marisa A.

      I had an alcoholic mother and a father that lived his life and didn’t give me any direction or comfort.
      I had two children of my own but I wasn’t a good mother as I don’t know what that means.
      I’ve always felt not up to it. My grown up children 43 and 40 years old are the first a doctor and the second a physicist!. The have told me clearly that Zi gave them an awful childhood and don’t get in touch with me or my husband for that matter.
      I suffer tremendously. What can I do?.

  2. Erna R.

    After 25 years of getting the cold shoulder from my daughter with whom I had a loving and close relationship until she married an insecure and troubled man I have decided if I mean this little to her then she does not deserve to be in my life as I deserve better treatment.

    1. One Disappointed Mother

      I’m going thru the same thing with my daughter. She married a man that thought by marrying her, we would take care of him financially as we have done with our daughter when she needed us. When he realized, it was easy for me to tell him to fu*k off, he wasn’t my responsibility, he began creating a riff between my daughter and me. She had my first and only grandson that I only got to be apart of his life for about 2 months. I have a two daughters, 20 years old and 10 years old and a 5 year old son who’s lives she chose to rip their nephew out of. She left my husband and I in 30 thousand dollars worth of debt paying for a private college education that she chose to throw away. This bum followed her to Florida while she was in school and the trouble started. She was going for her bachelors in science and nursing, got all the way to clinicals (yes I said clinicals) and just quit! You think he encourages her to finish, hell no! He has no degree and only makes around $630 every 2 weeks. Why would he want her to better herself and start a career in nursing? Wouldn’t want her gaining the attention of some well established doctor and realizing what a loser she married!!! SMDH! Yet, I will still continue to pray for my child. A mother’s love is undying and I still love her dirty drawers even though she’s being a fu*cking idiot right now!

    2. Dina C.

      These posts are comforting. I am a Christian mum. My 2 children were raised in dysfunction until I found the Lord. My daughter was 7 and my son 10. My son is now 40 and is absolutely mean and hurtful blaming me for his upbringing. My daughter is 37 is very forgiving and loving. I’m broken. My son refuses to care.

    3. Danielle

      Yes! We all deserve better treatment. The abuse takes its toll. I realized that every woman my son was in a close relationship suddenly started treating me like garbage although I did nothing wrong. The last one who did that to me was his present wife. She has treated me so badly and I never said anything until one day I had had enough and I merely asked why she never greeted me at the door when I arrived and my son blasted me for that. I was the MONSTER again! This was the only time I said anything to her and yet she treated me like garbage for the last few years and increasingly so. It is so cruel what we endure and all the slander these children do to us. I lose seeing my beautiful grand-children and am punished again! But, my self-respect and my sanity means I have to dissappear for my own health. Yes! I deserve better! We all do!

  3. Patty K

    This is excellent advice. After 22 years of abuse and nastiness from my sons, I have emotionally let go. I will still send birthday greetings and a present. But, emotionally, I am free to enjoy my loving husband (not their father), my daughter, career, and life. Allowing them to hurt me and disrespect me time after time let them off the hook to own their issues and grow up. Like McGregor wrote, “it is up to me how much that influence takes control.” What is, is.

    1. Liz

      Hi – I just found this web site & am glad I did. Your comment, Patty K. especially resonates with me.
      Perhaps a similar situation . I will not send cards or gifts; I think for far too long I have been a checkbook to this son. Used and abused. Thank you

    2. Fedupmom40

      I believe I’ve had enough! I adopted my daughter when she was 12, she has never respected me! She admitted to me she hates my 10 yr old daughter cause she gets treated better (shes 18 now and said this just this past weekend) I lost a child before my 10 yr old and fought hard to get her here she told me I have never done anything for her and still dont she says hurtful things to me, she has never respected me but will respect everyone else around her I’m lost on what to do I’ve reached out to her with silence in return I’ve apologized with no response what am I doing wrong

    1. Diana

      Thanks for agreeing with me. I have known for awhile that that is what I need to do…I honestly try but then I become hopeful and get hurt and the pain starts all over again. This website is helping me to just move on and enjoy my life and be happy that I have raised children so independent that I am not needed anymore.

    2. teresa s.

      my counselor says send cards…. I also read a post that it helps them feel control when we send cards because they can send the rejection ( ignoring the card) and you give them more power. I agree… although I am going back and forth…just because she says ” do the right thing”. I send gift cards… if I were not a Christian my flesh would send something else… 🙂 it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced.. I prayed with them morning and night… I was a stay at home mom… I still get so angry I think I will explode at the injustice… then I crumble… 2 years now..

    3. BeachLover

      @teresa: my counselor gave me different advice. She felt that I needed to protect my own feelings, and if sending cards/texts without reply was hurting me, I should re-think doing so. Her approval to act in my own interests rather than those of my adult son, really helped me stop “chasing” him, and in letting go overall. It’s so very hard though.

  4. Cathy D.

    After 8 years of verbal abuse and wild accusations from one of my daughters, 3 years of silence, and terrible depression waiting for us to reconcile, I finally decided to take action. I read this book and finally had closure and have moved on with my life. I have released her to live her life and moved on to live my life without her in it. I am doing so much better than I ever thought I would.

    1. Mary C.

      Hi, my husband and l tried for many years to get pregnant and after many doctors appointments and great pain along with surgery l had my one and only child a boy. We send to him to private school and gave him his first car as a gift when graduating high school. He went to a locate college then dropped out around his second term. Worked a few jobs and quits after a month or two and would do nothing all day. My husband his father told him either school or work, but you just cannot do nothing. Since he didn’t want to do anything my husband threw him out of the house. Its been almost 8 years now and we really don’t see him unless he needs money. He says he’ll stop by when we call him which he never picks up the phone we have to always leave messages. I leave messages and email him which he doesn’t answer, I am beside my self and very sad wondering what did l do bad. PS. l stopped working just to be with him and now he wants no part of his father and l. I am so very sad and miss him so much that l am not enjoying my life with my husband of 38 years. I am so afraid of letting go.

    1. Amanda

      That’s a typical man reaction, my husband is processing it all by fantasizing about beating the crap out of her and her clueless blindly supportive husband, who has the maturity level of a teenager and is no better than her with his abusive behavior

    2. Mrs kitty

      Ed ,that’s funny .I had to laugh.thanks I needed a laugh and I do realize his reply was long ago . I have to disagree with those who think it’s just a man’s typical response .I understand it you can only poke or hit a dog so long before it bites back out of pain , fear ..but im not seeking nor wanting revenge .

    3. Barb W.

      Me too! I didn’t/don’t deserve the disrespect, the hatefulness, the lack of acknowledgement of all the good things I’ve done for my kids while their father was never home to help them -or me. He’s the good guy, the best, the one who did everything for them! BS! I want full revenge on them so that they’ll have to face the truth of what really was and is!

    4. NotTheMama

      Boy oh boy….me too!! I know that’s just bringing me down to her level but I really want someone other than me to call her out on her mess. However, I know the day will come when she sees my wallet has permanently closed and she will feel the rejection I do now when asking something of me. So I try to settle for that in the meantime

    5. Hunnie

      Wow, your story sounds alot like mine. One child, a son. We were so close, talked all the time. Did everything for him, I stopped working to be with him, private schools, gifted him with his first vehicle for his high school graduation. He went to college for a few months then dropped out. He worked part-time here and there. My husband wanted to throw him out but I was afraid of what might happen. Our son married and asked if he could move his bride in with us and we agreed. After two years and two children my husband and I co-signed and they bought a home. By this time both my son and daughter-in-law had jobs and I took care of my grandchildren in their homes to make it easier for them. After one year both my son and daughter-in-law came back and asked to move back in with us. They told us they missed us and wanted to live with us. Long story short, we lived together many years and I took care of my grandchildren, raised them until Junior and high school. They always told me I was a great mother and the best grandmother, ever. The last year of living together I started to notice a change in our kids, an indifference. When they found themselves financially stable and no need for a sitter, they bought a home and cut me out of their lives. I am told now I am and was the worst mother and grandmother. That I am toxic. So many other names that I am called. I have not seen my grandchildren in six years and I don’t think they want to see me. At first, I was hard on myself, questioning my parenting. But, the obvious question is why after all these years suddenly I am toxic. My son will soon be 48. My heart is broken and my health is declining. Enough is enough. I need to make peace and find happiness. I think sometimes, there are no answers as to why our children become cold, ungrateful and entitled. I’ve seen many adult children raised in abusive and unloving homes who have more love, respect and compassion for their parents and extended family. Until recently, I had no idea so many mothers suffer estrangement from adult children. My husband is better at accepting our son’s behavior. I am losing hope in ever seeing my son again, but I dream about the day that my grandchildren will knock on my door. God bless.

    6. Angela I.

      Totally understand that!! I feel very used – all the time, effort, money, attention, and love that we gave just to be thrown away by our estranged kids. Sadly even if they wanted to come back I doubt I could ever trust their intentions were sincere. Not sure at this point I would even consider any reconciliation.

  5. bernadette r.

    The Bible tells us that ‘all things work together for good for those who love the Lord’ That is one verse that has really kept me going. My daughter has deserted me and sadly she is only 10 minutes drive from me and has my only grandchildren here. I had to travel to San Francisco this year to meet my only grandchild whom I am allowed to visit. What concerns me the most is the thought of what she has told my grandies. They used to love me – I know that for a fact. I go to CAtholic Mass just along the road of where I live and my grandies attend the Catholic school right next door to the church. I quite often see them there.. I am not allowed to speak with them or have any contact at all. They hang their heads when they see me. What she may not realise is that she is giving them a very bad example of how to treat your mother and the Bible tells us we ‘reap what we sow.’ I am trying to forgive all of them, especially her husband who is doing nothing to help me. I can only pray for my daughter’s soul and trust her to God. In the meantime I cannot bear for my friends to show me photos of their grandchildren and I wish with all my heart they would be sensitive in this respect. In the meantime I can only thank Jesus for allowing me to share in His Cross. Keep the faith.

  6. Amanda

    I feel exactly the same way, mine is almost 31 and has systematically damaged our family with horrendous lies and bully behavior, all of which of course she projects on to me. I am finding that if I think of my other child and my husband, and the damage her behavior has done to all of us, it gives me the power to pull away from the thoughts of trying to find a way to have contact with boundaries. No, because they don’t respect boundaries, in fact she finds it to be a game proving to me that she’s the one calling the shots and screw my boundaries and respect. She is a toxic person, and after 30 years of giving my best to her, it’s time to cut that branch off the tree before it destroys the entire tree.

    1. Win

      Reading all these emails have really helped me in my situation— thanks so much and God Bless! I’m doing my best to maintain my dignity and I WILL NOT BE ABUSED!!!

  7. Heart Broken Mom

    I have decided to move on. My hubs still has trouble. Our daughter has decided to move on as well. I always thought of myself and our family as strong in our faith. Our ES even contemplated being a priest when he was 20/21 yo. Fast forward to now. He is 23 yo, married to a girl for 1-month now that has ripped our family apart within 2 years. Through this estrangement journey I have grown even closer to God. Once I came to terms with it, learned that it was called “estrangement”, and that estrangement is a thing…. we could talk about it. As we shared our story, God placed so many people in our path suffering the same thing. People we knew but had no idea. Then God placed the thought of a support group on my heart. I tossed this around and prayed about it a lot. A week before our sons wedding (in which they went out of their way to belittle us during it) I prayed for a sign. A load of bricks dumped in my lap sign, that I was ready to move forward with the support group ministry. I received my sign by God putting me in contact with 2 other people. The conversations and statements made by them in our talks was God telling me “You Are Ready”. So the Tuesday after the wedding I posted to FB about starting the support group ministry locally. In 24 hours I had people sharing, commenting, and 18 local mommas privately messaged me that they were interested. On the negative side, in 3 days time I was unfriended, blocked, and removed as family relationships from our ES, his wife, and her mom. Negative comments were left on my post by ES & his wife, and my mom. I LET THEM GO. Next week I will be starting this ministry journey and having our first meeting. God is healing me by helping others. I’ve been strong in my faith on this journey, and I’ve learned others are not. God has giving me a rocky journey I never expected, but I will serve Him out of it.

  8. Joanne

    I can’t believe how many of us have the same words! My heart breaks as I read about everyone’s relationship with their adult children. My daughter now 33 was born with a rare genetic skin disease. Her skin blisters and rips easily.
    her corneas sloughed off taking weeks to heal. I have given her everything I could to make her life easier, supported and unconditionally loved her.She has unfriended and blocked me from all ways of contact. Won’t say why, but tells me I need therapy. All her friends still say they loved coming to our house when young. She tells people she suffered abuse. Funny no one heard if this before she was 20. I am sad that there are so many of us going through this but I feel better knowing I am not alone. Why this is happening I have no f****** idea.

    1. Karen

      I finally do not feel alone anymore. Thank every one of you wonderful ladies. I am so appreciative of you as you speak my feelings, all of them.

    2. Mera P.

      Before I ask this, please understand that I am not a parent myself so my view is different. Why is it so hard for parents to move on and live their own lives without their grown children once the children have said they don’t want to be bothered any more? The parents then basically have a blank check to do whatever whenever and live only for themselves in whichever way makes them happy. That’s the desire of a lot of people. Is it an ownership thing that makes the parents so reluctant to let go like they own their children completely and the children should never tire of the parents? It seems that so many of parents are making themselves unnecessarily miserable by not letting go when they could be happy and completely unburdened for the first time in decades. They’re miserable and stressed half to death by choice while their kids are most likely out in the world living it up. The kids are grown, let them go and get on with what makes you happy!

  9. Toni

    I am new to this, and very raw and hurt. My 31 year old son inexplicably tore into me, accused me of some pretty horrible behaviors (which didn’t occur) and told me that I am so toxic that he needs to cut all connection to me as quickly as possible. I am not sure if his new girlfriend, who I thought I had a great relationship with and have welcomed into my home endlessly, has filled his head or if this is all him. Either way, we were always so close and loving so this is like a massive bandaid that i didn’t know i had on being ripped off. I just don’t get it. I am a single parent, he is my only child. My whole life centered on him. I am struggling but I know I need to let this unfold as it will.

    1. penelope

      I too an relatively new to this. My son is in his early 30’s. It’s been a little over a year and behaviors have escalated in that time. My adult son has “memories” of things that never happened. Abuse at my hands, including a near death experiences where he was rushed to the hospital. NEVER HAPPENED! People believe him and I am judged. He has a diagnosed mental illness and paranoia is part of his set of symptoms. He says he’s afraid of me and what I’m going to do to him and that I have “laid hands on him” in the past. I have never touched him. He, on the other hand, has hit me, slammed me into a wall, and tried to break my arm. I have broken furniture, broken doors, and other property damage. But in his eyes, it’s all my fault. I worry I will never see him again, then I worry that I will see him again and will endure more abuse. UGH! No one ever said parenting was easy, but it’s hard to watch while other people’s children are….well….normal.

    2. Aline

      I am too a single mom. When he met he girlfriend and now married her, his whole attitude changed towards me. She insist we were unhealthy and broke him of talking to me and treated me like a monster at their elaborate wedding. Now my x-husband and his fourth wife are significant in their life, only because of money. Now my son and the wife are expecting a little girl and it had been well stated that I will not be involved and only her parents and my x husband and the rich 4 th wife. I have sought counseling and even had him go, only to be told I was mentally unhealthy and spoiled him. I saw this counselor for over two years only to be told I need psychic meds to try to hope for some reconciliation. I leave her office in tears and guilt and want to abuse my own self for being a single divorced mother. Now understand he is a succesful baseball athlete and only then did his dad come into the picture to enjoy the fame. I am feeling hopeless, depressed, revengeful, and know my sons wife is a control freak with severe ADDHD. I hide from people with families, husbands, and hate pictures of grand babies. I am catholic and provided well for my son with catholic school and even put myself through registered nursing school. He turned out to a pro baseball player with lots of my money spent on games, pitching tutoring and college degree. Now dad is the main focus along with her parents. Feeling very estranged and told now I need to find me a mate to lessen his involvement with him. I am 63 yrs old and he is 38 yrs. The day he introduced me to her I could see her claws showing. I want to leave them alone but the isolation kills me. They have told me they have strict and tight boundaries to avoid me. We live 15 minutes away and he will not call and she had convinced him that I am a drama queen and too needy. I have never called or even ashen him to be with me when I had a major surgery. I used a friend and can to take me home and stayed alone to heal. Sick of her controlling, cute, and pretty fake ideals. She even calls my x husband 4th wife her second Mom. The guilt is overwhelmingly controlling my life. Thanks.

    3. Corinne

      Dear Mera: When you become a parent like the parents on this feed, you made many sacrifices to have those children. I never understood that until I had my own children. The love you have for your children is unconditional. But when the estrangement happens, we are left with bewilderment and lack of understanding that our children would even think of casting us aside like we were trash. The rejection hurts. We put in a lot of time and effort in their upbringing. We had dreams of having loving adult relationships with them. Dreams that have been there for the last 18 years or more. We all understand we have natural human flaws like everyone else, but not to be forgiven for those flaws has you wondering if you are dysfunctional and or crazy. I don’t believe I am either of those things. And it’s really hard to fathom that your child would think that you would have anything other than good intentions when you interacted with them. As the older generation, we grew up with parents who we didn’t always agreed with, but we respected their wishes. But we wouldn’t think of ever abandoning them. Family is important to us. I have a son and his wife who appreciate us. He wants to see us and we see them weekly and enjoy each others company.

  10. JJ

    I am new to this and it has truly been the hardest thing my husband of 38 years and I have ever gone through. Ten months ago my daughter hugged us and walked out of our home and completely has cut off contact with us. We have gotten some very ugly emails telling us everything we did/do wrong. This not only shocked us, we were devastated. It was as if someone invaded our beautiful, loving, caring and kind daughter and she is now gone forever. She has been shacked up with the same guy for over 13 years. He has been in our company only a few times and each time we had interaction with him he always said we were this or that. We have never been in their home even though it is only 25 minutes from ours. Needless to say it would be so easy to blame him and my husband does 100%. I however know she is a well educated college graduate that works in a professional position where she deals 100% effectively with other people whom she supervises. We know that we certainly were not perfect parents. However we were great parents that always put our children first and always had a great and loving relationship with them. This hurts so deeply. We have buried a child and this is worse because it is a clueless, helpless feeling that is a complete nightmare. This has affected our health, our peace and joy and our relationships with others due to the total shame and embarrassment which we have no explanation for. The fleeting thought even crossed my mind that I would be better off dead. My faith got me past that dark moment. I never knew such a thing as estrangement existed but somehow knowing this has brought me a bit of clarity. Now if only I could learn to stop blaming myself. OYVEY!!!

    1. JD

      Never take your life…Take it back!.. There are many of us suffering . I have my own horrible nightmare that mirrors many in these comments with my two daughters. You try to move on with your life..but it hovers overhead all the time. We cannot find the answers for this abuse….. but it is exactly that.. ABUSE. Extremely painful and embarrassing, sometimes… paralyzing. I am making the difficult decision to not speak about them anymore and tell people about my pain – as it gives the story life and weight. Weight too heavy to bare when I’m done. I have a brand new gr baby I cannot see because I chose to stop the abuse. A price to pay for everything. I do not miss the nasty texts and the anxiety and scrutiny I was constantly under. I knew a baby would mean a new weapon and I have traveled this road. Ask yourself this question..”would you keep going into traffic when you know full well you will likely get hit? As parents, we have done our jobs. Nothing can be undone. I am done crying, and apologizing. I was a single parent and worked hard to provide ALL their needs. I have nothing to feel guilty about or be ashamed of . I waited 25 yrs to even remarry to avoid any possible undue trauma. If they want to behave like this, they are no longer doing it on my time..which is getting less with every minute I rob myself of joy and the love I could be experiencing in my life with my church family and amazing husband. I urge many of you hurting and reading these posts to consider your own valuable lives. Make your change, get up out of the dumps and start small…by taking cookies to a neighbor or helping someone in need. Serve where you can. Our kids don’t want our service..but we are not “Out of Service”. “Merry” your Christmas like its your last one.

  11. Faith

    This has been the most theraputic group I could have have the fortune of finding! I have (2) adult children who, no matter how hard I try to communicate with, refuse. I have apologized for things I have not done, emailed and texted my love to them, only to get very mean responses and have been taken away from my granddaughter with no justificaiton (I took her home from the hospital when noone wanted her and raised her for a year) ….and this just scratches the surface. I cry and am in pain every day……I also have a 16 year old son who is an angel and deserves to have me at full capacity……which starts TODAY. It is OK to let go, it is not a failure, it is a new chapter! I will love them forever but cannot continue to be ridiculed when I try to be a part of their lives……….today is the first day of the rest of my life along with my precious 16 year old!

  12. Lee S.

    I have dealt with the constant threats and shutting out for so many years it becomes expected. I walk on eggshells if I do get the chance to even receive a text from my daughter. It is comforting to know I am not alone. I am dealing with the grief from losing my husband and expected my daughter to understand that I am going through something so very difficult. I was wrong, she didn’t understand even though she said she understood. This on top of losing him is so painful. I don’t know where to start.

    1. rparents Post author

      Dear Lee,
      My condolences on the loss of your husband. I’m sorry those who might be the most loving and helpful are not. Please take care of yourself. I’m glad you found the site. I founded it so people would not be so alone. There are others with experiences similar to yours. Thank you for posting here.

      Sheri McGregor

  13. Anna

    I so identify with every mother on this highly supportive and wise website. I just came across it within the hour, and felt that I needed to connect today with other mothers’ struggles who are also abandoned by their adult children. I am really happy to be on this subject of “moving on”. For the most part, this has been my mind set for at least a year now, in regards to my daughter and son who have abandoned me and betrayed me to most obnoxious degree since I married my husband nine years ago. You see, I was divorced from their alcoholic/abusive/stalking/pathologically obsessive/ “borderline” father for 20 years when I met my current wonderful and loving partner.

    Their father never remarried, so his “victim” persona played out to their pity (actually to their rage at the prospect of taking care of him since he was also sick). so they cut me off completely from their lives, and from my grandchildren. These three “adults” wanted to punish me for my newfound happiness, and they did! My shock/depression/rage, which was actually PTSD, sadly defined my life (& my new marriage) up until last year, when I almost died from a hospital infection from a surgery gone wrong. When a family member called my children to tell them I was very close to death, they told her to never call them again!

    During this frightening time, with my husband and other loved ones around me to support me, I realized that my two children were no longer allowed to hurt me any longer. No calls, no caring, no interest in whether I lived or died has now defined their “adult” relationship to me. Luckily, I survived my physical ordeal, and also have moved past my emotional wounds. I want to live a happy life now with my husband and I have released my two to live life as they choose to. I see them as being more like dear old dad everyday, as much as I tried to protect them from him.

    I “check” myself when I start to feel too emotional or sad, and tell myself, it is time to move on. Enough grieving and crying and “bargaining” has ended for me. They are free from me, since they choose to be. Just as I am free from them, because I, too, choose to be. Today, I felt sad, for the loss of my children and grandchildren, possibly the first time in many months, because I am approaching the one year mark where I almost didn’t make it. I connected to this column not by chance, because my life is precious to me now.
    I also want to make up for all the pain I caused to my loving husband during my PTSD years, where he patiently stood by me and understood my terrible grief. Now we are happier than ever, and so am I. I am embracing my personal goals again, and truly feel life is still beautiful and worth living, even though my adult children choose not to enjoy it with me. Take heart other mothers! There really is a “light” at the end of the tunnel for all of us facing and enduring the unbearable and unthinkable. Love & hugs!

    1. Happyfeet

      I don’t know if you will see this Anna since it has been a few months since you posted, but your story is very much like mine. I just found this site and I think it has been a life saver. It’s very good to know I’m not alone and I don’t need to live in shame.

  14. Cindy

    I have come to believe, after 1 full year of estrangement from my 2 adult daughters (who have forbidden me to see my 2 granddaughters) that it really is MY fault 1000% that we have all become estranged. Unfortunately, all my apologies in the world will not save our relationship. My children refuse to forgive me. What was my sin? On November 9th 2016, I was elated that Donald Trump was elected president and I voiced my nasty opinions about Hillary Clinton to my daughters. They voted for Hillary and will NOT forgive me for what I did and what I said. Period.
    As stupid and as silly many people may find this (and I’ve been laughed at by the therapist my daughters insisted I see for my discretions) it’s real AND it hurts. BUT there is nothing I can do about it. So, I have finally accepted my losses and have decided to continue onward with my own life. As McGregor states, this is NOT a phase, this is real and I have come to understand this will never get resolved. My daughters and I think and live differently and neither one of us can get along nor be in the same room together.
    I’m wondering if this has happened to any other family?
    My daughters are 39 & 36 both married to extreme left liberals.
    I still continue to send my daughters birthday gifts (I get handwritten thank you notes), I send my SIL birthday & Father Day wishes, I send my granddaughters Xmas gifts and birthday gifts and bags of candy on Halloween, Valentine’s Day & Easter. Even though I have been blocked off ALL their social media, I have NOT been blocked from a shared website where my oldest daughter posts almost daily photos of my grandchildren, along with videos, so I still can see them and watch them grow up. I am very thankful and grateful for this. Also, my oldest is still paying me back the $50,000 loan I made to her back in 2005 so she could put a down payment on a NYC apartment. Thankfully I had her sign a promissory note AND I haven’t collected any interest. I faithfully get her check each and every first of the month. Her balance is $17K and at $300 a month, it’ll still take several years to pay off. Her ‘real estate investment’ turned out to be worth $1.5million at today’s prices, so I am very grateful I was able to help my daughter out in that way. Both of my daughters are successful career women (I have to pat myself on the back for this one because I was instrumental in guiding them through their college and career choices. Naturally, of course, they did and mastered the work and are to be commended for their achievements) They are both happily married, make great mothers as they each are raising little girls themselves. It makes me happy to know that they are healthy and successful. As I said, I blame myself 1000% for our estrangement because I just couldn’t keep my big, opinionated mouth shut. This wasn’t the first time I did this, so I sort of deserved what I got.
    I am still able to communicate with my youngest daughter but her replies are usually one or two syllables. But at least she recognizes that I am still alive and has not blocked me from texts, phone calls and emails.
    My husband and I recently bought an RV and will be travelling throughout America stopping at as many National Parks as we can. We also just bought a beautiful condo in Florida for our retirement BUT my oldest has made it clear to me that since Trump won over Florida, her daughter will never set foot inside of DisneyWorld. Being that my husband worked for Disney for 12 years and my daughters grew up inside everything Disney had to offer world wide, it makes me very sad that my granddaughters will never experience the wonders of Disney themselves (we still have oodles of free, non-expiring passes)
    Oh well.
    I know my troubles are silly and stupid. I can’t believe it’s even happening and I NEVER tell anyone about it. I lie and act as if everything is still normal. Nonetheless, it hurts. I try to be brave and strong but you will find me crying in the bathroom every once in a while. I may think ‘enough is enough’ but is it really?

    1. rparents Post author

      Dear Cindy,

      I have heard from other parents whose adult children chose to cut them off due to political differences. It seems such a shame to demonize a parent who has obviously been generous and kind to her children because of political disagreements. I would feel the same if a parent demonized and cut off a son or daughter because of political disagreements.

      There are some who might compare this to the gridlock that occurs in government.

      Sheri McGregor

  15. Latisha S.

    Thank you for creating this support group for estranged parents. 10, 15, or 20 years ago, I would never have thought this term could apply to me. I remember how clueless I would be at church years ago when I’d see mothers crying and asking for prayer for their estranged children. I was the one who thought this would never happen to me because I had such a strong bond with my daughter. I thought we were a team against the world and that she’d always be a team player.

    She is my only child and I’m single. So I sometimes slip into despair as to why I don’t have anyone else to comfort me. But I keep busy with work and ministry so as not to let this take over my life. At the beginning, when she left home at 16, I took to the bed and couldn’t even will myself to get up nor to stop the tears from falling. But now, though I have my sad days, I’m usually ok.

    I am the resident director for a home for women in transition AND I’m a health insurance agent. So I stay very busy and am on the brink of Open Enrollment which will keep me extra busy over the holidays which is my worst time.

    Several weeks ago my daughter reached out to me for help because she was being put out by her boyfriend and I allowed her to come to the transitional home. I had explained to her that she could stay here as long as she need to but would have to comply with house rules. The first few days were wonderful like old days. She was pleasant, funny, caring, helpful, talkative, singing (she has a beautiful voice) just like she was growing up. However, it is a faith based atmosphere and she was not willing to comply with the activities here. Upon being asked move out of the great room and not to sleep in the room where the rest of us were having devotion, she became volatile, made a scene and left.

    I explained she would need to get her personal effects within 48 hours which she said she would but then reneged. She blocked me on Facebook and messenger and says she wants no contact with me but she contacted me yesterday saying she needs her birth certificate. I have all of her belongings here still although I think I should have thrown them away after the way she has behaved. So I wonder how others would deal with this? Am I undermining my own authority by keeping her stuff and allowing her to contact me just when she wants something?

    I have to admit, it is comforting to know that she is still alive but it is also insulting to be contacted only when she wants something from me. I’d like to see other’s opinion about this situation.

    1. Lynne

      Hi Letisha, first I want to tell you I feel your pain. Several years ago I also tried to help my 42 year old son. I went and got him from a VA homeless shelter and also his belongings that were in a storage unit. His behavior was so threatening that I paid for the bus ticket for him to go back to the VA facility. I stored his belongings. He did get out and got a home but did not come and get his stuff. I was moving and had to decide what to do with his stuff. I knew at this point he had no intention to get his stuff. I saved what I really believed was important and donated the rest. He was furious that I did not bring his stuff to him! This was just another example of how he has shirked being responsible. I try not to enable him in anyway. This is hard for me because I have that caretaker side of me…you sound like you do too. My advice to you is put her important stuff in boxes and tell her when and where to pick it up. If after a certain time and she doesn’t come get her stuff do with it what you want. Don’t feel guilty..that is what our grown children prey on. I hope this helps some. Been there done that as they say. Saying prayers for you today. Love, Lynne

    2. Latisha S.

      Thanks for your responses. It is so comforting to know that I’m not the only person in the world going through this as it sometimes seems.

      The other day I saw my daughter to give her her birth certificate. She met me at a library (where we used to go for home-school reading) and she looked absolutely horrible. She looked unkempt like she’d been sleeping on the street or something. I felt awful seeing her like that. But when I handed her the certificate she glared at me like I was a criminal. I just turned around and left without trying to hug or talk or anything. Then I felt horrible because I kept thinking what if she dies or commits suicide? I may never see her again. I kept thinking she needs to stop blaming me and get her life together. I text her that it breaks my heart to see her struggling. And I love her incessantly. And she replied “…..ok”

      My behavior is so codependent partially because I never knew my own birth mother and wanted a relationship with her so badly growing up. I never got a chance to know her nor to know she loved me. So I get caught up wanting to be sure my daughter knows I love her. But she tells me over and over that she doesn’t care. So I decided again that I just need to stop trying to communicate with her and just pray and then put her out of my mind.

      So today I saw a picture she posted on Instagram (I don’t think she knows that I see her Instagram posts). And she was looking absolutely beautiful. Hair, make up, cute jeans, etc. I had to realize that the way she came to the library was purposeful to make me feel guilty.

      Nobody told me parenting would be so challenging. I’m learning.

      Keep us codependent parents in your prayers for us to be strong, apply wisdom, boundaries and discipline appropriately when the opportunities arise. Your comments make me stronger to face the challenges now and to come.

  16. CMA

    I am walking away, flying off, leaving to another life. In my case, the abuse was so great I discarded my mobile phone in the river, as I had had enough. It is evil, completely spiritual and our children are bound by this iAge of selfishness. I adored my mother and wish to love her, yet, she is slandering me so much, I must stay away so I am not injured again and again.
    This website is very beneficial, I am set free by many words. You have confirmed my thoughts, I now have no guilt in going to find my future.

    1. Sweetp

      CMA, you re doing exactly what I pray to do in the near future. Not near enough tho! 3 out of 4 daughter’s have decided I was never good enough. I think that they talk and make up so much about me. Then in the forefront, I’ve moved in with my mother because she needed the help at 83 yrs old. In this time I’ve been here, I’ve learned that my mom is very narcisstic and tries to cause more distance between my girls and I. By telling them lies and making anything I do for her sounding like I do nothing.
      This is a wonderful site to help me with letting them go. I’ve dealt with things no woman should ever have to and all I want is my health and happiness.
      And I do thank God for always being there for me and keeping me strong.
      Good luck, much hugs and support for you in your adventures.

  17. Doug M.

    W…O…W. I never knew there were soooo many people out there that are in the same boat as me. But I have one additional nuance that happened prior to my 3 kids deciding not to talk to me 3 years ago (when they were 18B, 14G, and 14B). My entire life complete fell apart.

    You name it, I lost it: my well-paying job, my house, my cars, my entire life savings, my wife, my kids, my sanity. I was about a 1/2 an inch away from putting a bullet in my head about 100 times during 2015.

    But I’m much better now. My kids still don’t talk to me…and they were my LIFE back in 2014. I had NOTHING ELSE to live for back then. But now I realize that my oldest child had been assuming a lot of things about me which were/are completely false…and that’s the basis of his estrangement. He has admitted that he has panic attacks whenever he knows I’m going to be around and, once, he had to leave work to puke because he thought I was there. So he has grown these false assumptions into some grandiose monster image of me in his head while, in reality, I’m the same, loving, caring father I’ve always been. So, in essence, his psychosis has gone viral throughout the entire family and destroyed me.

    So I asked him in a letter I mailed today, if he’s following the 5th Commandment: Honoring Your Father and Mother? And if he’s also following #9 Do Not Testify Falsely Against Your Neighbor? That one means to tell the truth about others. And since he’s spreading false assumptions about me throughout the family and he’s obviously not honoring me as his parent, he’s 0 for 2 on these 2 Commandments. So, unfortunately, it may be a long shot for him at the pearly gates.

    And he’s the Big Brother of the family, having a huge influence on his younger brother and sister. So if he decides to be estranged, so are his siblings, unfortunately.

    I have thought about adoption because I have a lot of love to give. But I don’t have the income to support something like that, so that’s out.

    Since family is the most important thing to me on this earth (God is #1), I’m conflicted on what to do. I find it incredibly difficult to just pick up the pieces and move on, yet I can’t wait forever. I’ve been seeing 3 counselors over the last 1-2 years, so I’m all set there. I’ve sent my resume to 582 IT Project Management job opportunities over the last 4 years, and…nothing. Not even an interview, even though I have impeccable experience and excellent education.

    I pray every day for a break. I can take only so much of a beating, though. Thanks for reading.

    1. Karma

      I am thankful for this community of ES family. I thought it was just me, and shocked to read of the HUGE dilemma out there. I read my story in everyone’s story. It’s as if there is a template these children all follow, for this behavior. Who knew this was a thing? Why is it a thing? Why don’t we hear about this thing publically, on Dr. Phil, in the news, on 60 minutes, etc. Where is the global awareness? There are so many people coming out on sexual assault/harassment, groping, inappropriate behavior…why do we not hear of ES?

      My daughter flipped the switch a few days before her wedding. Age 28, and up to this point, I thought we had a happy, healthy relationship and raised our children without dysfunction. I thought we were close. I felt loved. They were loved. The kids all did well in school; didn’t lie; didn’t do drugs; didn’t drink; had lots of friends; had great reports from teachers. Absolutely no clue any of my children were unhappy. Then, without a hint it was coming, she treated us like dirt at her wedding and stopped all live communication from that point on. She writes abusive emails, spreads disgusting and horrific gossip about us with allegations of events that NEVER happened. She disowns every family member that won’t believe her. Now, at age 33, she has two children which I’ve never seen. She didn’t even let us know she was pregnant or when they were born. What daughter doesn’t want their own mother to know she is pregnant? What parent doesn’t want their children to know their grandparents? Of course, she sends pictures to everyone else, but nothing to us. She recently attended a family wedding, yet refused to sit with family; just in the corner with her arms crossed. Not sure what that was about. She looked sick, sad, skinny, black circles under her eyes, wore scrumpy clothes…a person I did not recognize. I tried to talk to her, but she ignored me. I tried to give her a hug, but she shook me off like a wet dog. I took a few pictures of her, and she would drop or turn her head so I couldn’t get a photo of her face. The good news from this, is that all of the family saw her behavior as well. This has been one of the hardest parts for me…when family (siblings, aunts, uncles) blame me, judge me and support my ES daughter. Even when they see the behavior, they tell me “she is so nice to us” “we are there for her because she is our niece” “we don’t want to get in the middle” “what did you do to her that could make a daughter treat her parents this way”. Shouldn’t they be saying “what is wrong with HER?” “what can we do to support you?” “her behavior towards you is inappropriate”. This is the PROBLEM…family members do not call her out. It comes across as we are the bad eggs. So frustrating. My own sister won’t share photos of my grandchildren with me, because my daughter threatened to “unfriend her” on FB if she did. I don’t understand why that behavior in itself isn’t enough for my sister to realize what we’re going through. I don’t understand why my own sister would keep me from seeing my grandchildren’s pics, when she knows how traumatized I am. So many disturbing questions with no reasonable answers.

      I used to send my daughter text and email messages often, just so she knew I loved her and would always be there for her, unconditionally. They started coming back as “blocked” or “undeliverable”. So, I stopped. I was sending cards for holidays, birthdays, etc, but they came back “return to sender”. So, now I keep a big box in the basement and put the cards in the box. I put birthday and holiday gifts in the box for her and my grandchildren. Someday, likely when I’m dead, she’ll have a box full of lost-years memories. At least I will go to my grave with a forgiving heart, KNOWING I cared for her always. Maybe when my grandchildren are adults, we can connect somehow and I can give them their box of cards and gifts and get to know each other. That’s the best I can do for now.

    2. Patty

      Doug M,
      Like you I feel I have been beaten down so much. I have said to myself so many times that God will only give you as much as you can handle. I’m thinking I’ve suffered enough for 10-20 people and how much more can I go on. I’ve had fleeting moment s to where I think why am I here. No one cares.
      I finally have said, that’s it. It’s to toxic to even try and talk to 2-3 out of my 4 daughter’s. I’m not going to cry(right) or ask my self a million times, what did I do so wrong? (even tho I’ve apologized over and over). Time for myself to take care of me and be happy.

  18. Brokenandconfused

    What you said is exactly true. I’m new here and it’s sad but what you said is exactly what Jesus said. My daughter told my other daughters that she didn’t like me because I talk about Jesus too much and I always tell her I’m praying for her. I was stunned. She didn’t tell me to my face at least. God has carried us our entire lives, through some very dark and hard places. I blame myself though. I took them to church after the divorce (Christian) but their dad was Catholic and he just shoved it down their throats all the time and they hated it so much. So I dropped the ball. I didn’t make them go after that. I guess since I had grown up always trusting God I just assumed they would too. I wasn’t taken to church as a child but I always believed. All of my girls have told me recently that they don’t “believe they way I do”. However, when asked what they DO believe; they have no answer. I have been praying asking God for another opportunity to talk to my girls about Jesus. The ones talking to me anyone. The other one I pray for God’s armor to be around (as I do us all) as I know if anyone can defeat Satan; It Jesus. I pray that Jesus will look over her, love her, keep her safe, and most of all, make himself real to her. I miss her so much but I just can’t take another cussing from her after all we’ve been through. Our entire family has given her allowances all her life. She’s never been what I would call even remotely easy. Divorce at 3 and courts allowing mental and emotional abuse from her dad in the spirit of parental rights, certainly didn’t help and the stress developed into Tourettes. For this reason, I think our court systems are very broken and should have to pay for some of the decisions they have made that were detrimental to children. I had to let my children go every summer and he lived 9 hours away. They called me 5-6 times a day begging me to come home. It was torture for me and to this day, I still have a hard time with the summer season. He would do whatever he wanted. He would line them up on the sofa and read the divorce decree to them at 3, 5 and 8 and tell them I was going straight to hell if I didn’t apologize to him for filing for a divorce. It was my fault he said. He didn’t bother mentioning the three affairs I KNEW about. Found out later there were a lot more. I worked three jobs while he made over $100K a year and hide his money to keep from paying child support. Thank goodness there were lots of people praying for us. My children are all very intelligent, highly degreed and make more money that I could ever imagine. I’m so proud of them. However, my forever (2nd ) husband said something recently that really hit home with me. He said if I was waiting for “recognition” from them for the sacrifices I made for them, it’s not ever going to happen. None of them are parents and even if they were, they would not have to struggle the way I did. I’m just so happy that they all are doing well financially. One thing I have learned is that it takes a village to raise a child. It could have gone so many different ways but I KNOW my God was there and holding us up with his mighty right hand. I will never apologize for loving God. I love my children too but you are right; God has to come first. I do hope to be able to see and hug all my children again one day as God doesn’t want division either. That’s Satan. I will just keep “keeping” the faith and let the Lord lead. God Bless you all on here. Life is not fair. Learned that a long time ago too.

  19. Rowen

    If they don’t like the mom I was when I was doing my job back then. They are definitely not going to like this new mom. They are acting like brats. There, I said it.
    I did not like some of the things my parents did. I talked to each of them. I would never think of being such a donkey to my Mom and Dad.

    1. NotTheMama

      BRAVO ROWEN!!!! I feel the same! Last night, I decided to get a new will. I am adding clauses to it that will prevent my child who has estranged me from getting anything unless she is on speaking terms with me AND she must not be withholding my grandchild from me. It also has to be visible to other people and not just showing up at my deathbed or viewing my body at the funeral home. I think I am donating her share to a charitable cause to prevent her siblings from feeling guilty if I divided it between them. I am not funding her nasty behavior now and I surely am not doing it in death.

  20. brokenmum

    I just don’t like the blatant disrespect and abuse. Somewhere along the way they feel justified in being disrespectful. No cool, not cool at all!

  21. Stephen

    Just recently, I had reversed the estrangement. My feeling is, if you don’t want me in your life, then I do not want you in mine. This means no more SOS message flares. This means know more knowing about what is going on in my life either. Just recently, my ED decided to tell the family she would go to a family funeral. I did not want here there, as she has turned her back “somewhat” on my side of the family. I thought it was strange that she was going to go to this, as she has skipped these things before. Low and behold, she never came after all. We believe she did this, hoping that I would not go and I would look bad. It did not work and the only person who looked a fool, was her. When you reverse estrangement, it is incredible how crafty they become. I have built a wall, put a steel fence and I am welding it shut. Now I have to figure how to put an iron dome over it, to keep her from prying into my life. It is funny, once you stop sending out SOS communication flares and let them know you do not want them in your life now either, how all the sudden they react out of nowhere. I am still in the realm of Good Riddance! If and when she decides to stop this, she needs to get on her hands and knee’s and ask God and Jesus for forgiveness and then repeat it to me. I will settle for nothing less and if it never comes, I am fine with that.

    1. One Disappointed Mother

      Stephen, your post has given me life! Thank you so much for the laugh, I truly needed it. I feel the same way about my oldest ED. Her ungrateful behind just doesn’t realize (at least no yet) how I am unbothered about her shutting me, her dad and her siblings out of her life and my grandsons life. I had gotten so sick of her disrespect that when she decided to walk away, I too, said “good riddance!” I treated her like a princess, helped her thru school, that she didn’t finish, helped pay for her wedding in the Bahamas to whom I found out later was nothing short of a loser. I have 3 other children and my husband to focus on and she will realize soon enough that it’s actually not all about her narcissistic behind. I wish her well but at this point, I don’t give a damn! I’m choosing to live my best life!!!

  22. Stephen

    I am with Rowen. If my ED did not like the kind, loving, giving, supporting provider I was before, she really is not going to like the new me she created! For this, it is better we go our own ways.

  23. Believer42

    I am still hopeful that my son will once again be in my life. Reality though is that he has barely spoken to me after I divorced his dad. We were married for 35 years. I have a grown step-son and his family, and my youngest – my biological son – is the one who won’t speak to me. He told me he needed to “figure it out” and to give him some space. That has been almost two years. In this time, I moved into an apartment and we sold our home. My ex moved in with my youngest son. My ex tells anyone who will listen that I am going through a mid-life crisis and will come back to him. (Not gonna happen!!) I do not know what he is telling my son, but I am sure it has poisoned my son.
    I read Sheri’s book – SO VERY HELPFUL!!! In it she mentioned making some goals to help, which i did. I decided to text my son just once a week and just see how things were going – he will text me back, but usually very terse or basic answers. We had a wonderful loving relationship. He was a blessing – I lost two children before having my son. He was a miracle and thanked God every day for him. We talked or texted almost daily. I not only loved him I liked him, he was funny, sweet, empathetic, thoughtful and grew into a wonderful man. That is why I have been truly devastated by his rejection of me. I have physically seen him twice since the divorce – last Christmas and then my birthday this summer.

    My stepson and his family have embraced me and given me strength and love. My stepson and son are not close – they were growing up, but in college my stepson had made some bad choices and had a tougher time coming around to being a good man. But I have appreciated my stepson, his wife and my three grandsons – who give me lots to be thankful for…

    My youngest son is now engaged to his girlfriend – she is awesome and they are busy planning wedding things. It is killing me not be be involved in his life. He knows I would love to help with everything, so I honestly don’t know if I will be invited to the wedding…

    So my question is… what do I do now? Do I ask him to meet with me? should I confront him, head on and possibly make it worse and permanent or maybe that will lead to healing. I got a lot of great ideas, information and comfort from Sheri’s book . I have it by the couch and refer to it often. I am healing and trying to get on with my life, but really want to be involved in my son’s life. Should I ‘confront’ ( for lack of a better term) my son – I just don’t know. What have others done and what was the outcome?

    1. rparents Post author

      Believer, I’m sorry you’re going through this. I think tread lightly… Maybe you could make a small overture and see if he wants to get coffee or something he likes? See if he’s receptive? It’s hard to say because I am not there in your shoes and know very little.

      It sounds like your ex runs his mouth, and the whole situation might be difficult and confusing for your son, especially with your ex living with him.

      I think I would be kind and see if he would meet you for a treat or coffee or something. And then maybe just keep it light and see what he says or does. This is not really advice.. just what I see from what you said and how I might try. Others’might have better suggestions!

      Hugs to you. I’m glad you have some in your life that you are close to.

      Sheri McGregor

  24. Susie B.

    I Would like to receive your news letters please. Have 2 adult children who was extremely loved and MORE THAN MOST PARENTS. But BOTH have only used me horribly and taken and taken from me. Then BOTH LIE HOW HORRIBLE A CHILDHOOD AND A MOTHER IVE BEEN!

    1. rparents Post author

      Dear Susie,

      You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page. I’m sorry you find the need… Big hugs to you!

      Sheri McGregor

  25. Barbara

    Thank you. I’m NOT ALONE!! I thought that if I walked away God would shun me. My daughter has NPD. She has always treated me with total disrespect yet demanded respect. Tries to control me. This article has empowered me to move on with free,conscience. All these 37 years I have accepted responsibility for her actions. The guilt ate and ate at me. Now I can move forward with my life.

  26. Mistyeyed

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum. I have hope now. Hope that I can stop being kicked around by my abusive 39 year old daughter. She is bipolar. No matter what I say or do
    she blocks me, then unblocks me to rage & destroy me
    with text msgs, emails & phone messages. Calling me the unthinkable, the lies, the exaggerations, the tears, the pit in my stomach everyday, racing heart & GI issues
    I have been trying for 10 years to understand her
    I thought that by allowing her to beat up on me
    I was being a good mom & it would pass
    It hasn’t & she is full of rage. Threatened to hurt me
    numerous times, said she wished I was no longer here
    Said she doesn’t love me & so much more
    I have hope from the help of this forum to take my life back & stop being her whipping post. Day at a time
    My once beautiful daughter is very ill
    She does not take the meds for bipolar 2
    She says she can’t because she has a autoimmune disease
    Her husband is an enabler! He is an insecure man that does not seem interested in her getting emotionally better
    I have not read many stories yet of the mental illness
    that can be at the root of this estrangement
    How many moms & dads have estranged adult children with bipolar! My hope is that I will protect myself
    By protecting myself, I have blocked her from texting
    What do you think? She said I will never see her again
    Well, if this is how she intends on treating me over the next 10 years, that’s a good thing. Her cruelty towards me is
    beyond evil. It is as if she is possessed by the devil.
    So sad for me to be hated by her like this
    My younger daughter said, it’s not you
    It’s her mom. You were & are the best mom
    I’ve been covering up for her too
    Just letting her abuse me constantly
    Yesterday, my hope for a calmer life
    flashed before my eyes as I read the
    courageous stories on this forum
    God bless you all! Hugs & more hugs

    1. Marion

      Misteyeyed – me too.
      Allanon for families of alcoholics uses a programme that could assist you – not being the enabler. This can eventually bring your daughter’s respect. Untreated by her choice – hard on all of you. Have you verified about the immune issue? There are non-medication therapies. Look at Fb Mad in America. Read Prof Kay Redfield Jamieson’s life and medical books. Join North America Mental Health Inst. and Family Support Assoc.

  27. Fallingleaves

    I do not feel so alone now, after reading that so many of us are going through this hurt. At age 69, after years of walking on eggshells, being ignored for years, then used again to be abandoned yet again. I feel I have had enough. I tried everything, to help her, be there through thick and thin. Gave money, my health, my self respect. The verbal abuse is terrible. I am always on a guilt trip, and have lost sight of who I am. The book is really helping me , it’s such a help., and so is this forum.

    1. Marie

      Falling Leaves, I hear you. I’ve been there, done that. I think it’s pay back time. I have gone 3 years not talking to my son or daughter. If that’s the way they want it, so be it. I know that this kind of thing is prevalent. They will reap their rewards. I believe what goes around comes around.

  28. Bev

    It has been six years since our son has estranged from us. Like many stories I have read we too have sent him to Catholic grade school and high school St a premium tuition rate. We are not wealthy people but we always provided for his needs. We have three children our eldest we see yearly as he lives very far away, my daughter lives in another state but we talk to each other almost daily and she is the only one who is in contact with her brother. I get my updates on what he is going from her. I too send Birthday gifts, cards Christmas cards etc.. With no acknowledgement at all. I am sick at heart and I too do not know or understand what has happened. I recently found our he had graduated from college and sent him money to celebrate but no reply. Should I stop sending things to him, I don’t know what is right to do as you can tell I’m still confused after Six long years. God send mr to find this site because I too thought I was alone. What should I do, stop sending things or continue when in my heart I know he does not want any part of us.

    1. Hawa

      Dearest Bev

      Bless you for your kindness, but he has been to college and can now support himself. He doesn’t need money from you. Keep your money and spend it on something that will give you pleasure and lift your spirits.
      It could be a day out in a beautiful place, or lovely object for your home which will inspire good feelings every time you see it…so many possibilities.
      Honestly, your son can take care of himself.

      Take good care of yourself. You really matter.

  29. Julie

    My son, (21) hasn’t talked to me for months. I said simply, “I love you” This was met by a tirade about how horrible of a mother I was for 18 years of his life & that I try to get back in his life like some kind of cockroach. He also wished horrible emotional pain upon me when I die & to stay out of his life forever. Now, just 2 days ago his girlfriend messaged me saying she was sorry that he kept blocking me on her accounts on social media. She then went on to ask me for a recipe that I make that he “talks about all the time & really loves”. I don’t know if I should even respond to her because he doesn’t want me in his life. No words are stronger than anything, correct? I don’t know what to do here. He always decides to talk to me & his father when he needs something & I can’t do this anymore. His Dad, (my ex), supports me, saying he can’t treat me like he does. Advice please, talk to the girlfriend or no?

    1. Lisa C.

      Please don’t respond. It’s outrageous that his girlfriend would apologize for his hateful, hurtful abuse and then ask fir a recipe. Good grief. Ignore this childish attempt to communicate. Set boundaries, seek help and take the target off your back. Good luck! ❤️

  30. Lin

    Wow! What a blessing it is to find this site. I am in the process of becoming estranged with my 44 year old daughter after 30 years of on off cycles with her. She was sexual abused by her father at age 8 which I didn’t find out about until she started having memories of it at age 36. I have tried since she was 13 to get her help but she has never stuck with counseling longer then 3 sessions. She says she wants a relationship with me but continues to cause “drama” every few years. She has 3 sisters who all think she needs serious help but have never told her so because they don’t want to upset her. I have (within the last 2 weeks) decided I cannot deal with her drama anymore. I am 66 and it is starting to affect my health!

    1. Dianne

      Are we supposed to just let go and move on and live our life ,say enough is enough ? I’m 60 but all the drama in my adult children’s life is affecting my health if it is should I avoid letting one of my pregnant daughter and with her boyfriend move into my home with me? I think its going to be to stressful she wants to but I dont want them to live with me .I said she could but actually she is one big bundle of stress that will damage my heart
      I have been in and out of hospital with stress issues and high blood pressure I want to sell hoyse and move on At my age I dont need this drama and will cause astress and has caused stress in past and will .Its me I want to live my life peacefully now and avoid all stress

  31. Mary W.

    Everything turned against me overnight. Three sons challenged me after I lost everything in hurricane sandy. My son took my 2 dogs since I helped him get out of debt. I was divorced since age 26 when they were babies. I prayed always. They are all successful. 5 grandsons. From 2 to 8. I moved back home after house was rebuilt and face a rejection from bank . My bf of 2 years met someone else. I hold on to Jesus’ as I cry. Jesus appeared to me in a dream 2009. I was frightened but His 2 words were key music. Jesus is the key to our salvation. Music is the key to our soul. Time to walk a road with a smile heading to Jesus” kingdom forgiving all who hurt us as we cry.

  32. Yoyo

    I’ve been working on mending my relationship with my 30 year old son for 3 years now. What I have received in return are passive aggressive responses along with moments of insults. I have been mourning for the beautiful boy I raised , but never thought he would literally turn into a mean, vindictive human being where my limited communication via email is only allowed when he needs money. Any updates on him has been reading his girlfriend’s openly social media posts, where she complains about not having to chose between buying grocery or purchasing weed. Through her postings I found out she dabbles in heroin. I suspects he is involved in drug use because of his personality change. My family members tell me not to send him money, not only because of his blatant disrespect ; but also because he probably contacts me when him and his girlfriend need a fix. ( How he is able to maintain a job today baffles me.) I continued to send him money when I could anyway just in case he was needing help, but then I realized I was also doing this because I wanted to have some communication with him. The question is- Should I be “ purchasing” time to speak with him via email for no more than three sentences from him? It’s sick. So, yesterday I sent him a message asking him to communicate with me sometimes so I’m not the one always doing it. His response was that he doesn’t talk to anyone ( not true) and I a being treated like he treats all of his acquaintances and I should not think that because I am his mother that I “ should have special treatments/ privileges” coming from him. I was livid; composed myself and thanked him for the sincerity. I also reminded him that “ acquaintances” do not run to his rescue when needed, which I’ve had many times. I couldn’t sleep all night frankly thinking that I failed as a parent because I raised a selfish son. Then knocking myself even more wondering if all the sacrifices I made raising him as a single parent all his life was even worth it. I truly felt that I wasted years concentrating only on his wants/needs and ignoring mine. Was having a child even worth it? Then, I decided to no longer dwell on this because it cannot be fixed. What amI going to do with my life from here on? I’m 59 years old, early retired, with my own home. I have to find a way to take care of my emotional self from here on. Abuse is abuse either way you look at it. I no longer want to play the unwanted role of being a victim. I was a victim with his abusivo father and now a victim of my sońs emotional abuse. Enough is enough.

    1. JP

      I’m sorry – how horrible and painful for you. I’m at the same juncture – how to go on without my son. He’s my only child. I was a single parent for most of his life too. I’m having to figure out how to live with the uncertainty of not knowing if he’s ok; not knowing why he’s doing this; not knowing if he’s mentally ill or using drugs and that is why he’s acting this way; not knowing if he’s ever coming back, not knowing if I’m going to get a phone call that something has happened to him. I’m certain that if I ran into him on the street right now he wouldn’t even acknowledge me. I don’t know how to transcend this depth of pain and be able to be happy again. Given that we have no control over what they do I realize it has to come from within us but I just feel so depleted and sad inside.

  33. Pamela B.

    I am so grateful to have found this site. For a moment, I began to question my status as a mother. I have a 31 year old daughter from a previous marriage. I’m shaking my head as I write this. I still can’t believe I’m here.

    In as much of a nutshell as possible, I was active duty in the Navy when her father and I divorced. Because I was on sea duty, physical custody was given to him. I was deploying. It wasn’t long before she realized she can play one parent against the other. He would give her anything in the beginning so she would want to stay with him.

    I recall my visitation, driving two hours from San Diego to an empty house. I’d wait for hours. Call, only to get his voicemail. He’d finally show up with her late in the evening. After a two hour drive back, you could say my first day of visitation was shot. This keep away game went on for years until finally I requested the court mandate a neutral pick up and drop off point. They did. It was the Sheriff station, blocks from the house.

    There was finally a third party that could document if she was not there when I was to pick her up. To document when I dropped her off and he wasn’t there. One of his favorite things to do was hand me wait until he finished a swing shift at 11:30 pm. Sitting in my car or Denny’s with our daughter for hours. I still had to commute two hours back to San Diego.

    Due to the intervention of the Sheriff Dept, things got old. The immediate thrill of abusing my time was no longer. He began placing boundaries on this child who was spoiled and out of control. She would call, crying, begging to live with me. Please mommy, please. Three times, in total, I would have the attorney file papers requesting a change of physical custody. Each time she would appear in court and say, I want to stay with my dad. Each time stung more than the last.

    I met someone, remarried and had two amazing sons. They filled that painful void in my soul with a joy o haven’t felt in years. Fast forward to today. December 2018, she was arrested for a DUI. Her bond was $220,000. I thought she hit and injured someone.

    No! Turns out it was her second DUI at 30 years of age. Unpaid traffic tickets up and down Los Angeles county. She spent two weeks in jail, being transferred from one to the next. After a year of fines, community service, I had the bright idea thinking a change of venue would help her get her act together. She was living with her father all her adult life.

    She enrolled in college part-time. Found a part-time job. Things appeared great. Not three weeks after moving in, she began coming home between 2-3 am pissy drunk. Lying, giving the silent treatment to her two brothers and myself. I didn’t notice at first but she began a passive aggressive behavior of gaslighting.

    It was little things. Knocking over my toothbrush in its holder, knocking over personal things on my dresser, putting her soaking wet wash cloth on top my dry towel after her shower. I’d call her on every event. The tension was building. I began to see she was doing these things deliberately to push my buttons. It continued over a month. During the summer in Las Vegas, I have the thermostat set to cool at 73•, to return home after a 12 hour night shift to find the patio doors wide open. The unit running all night.

    I was so on edge. Dreading the moment I’d hear her key in the lock. I was at my wits end. The harmony in the house was now tension. This past Tuesday I returned from work to find she placed a dirty pair of her panties on top of my scrubs I keep in the bathroom to wear again.

    I can’t remember if I was still breathing. I stood unable to move for a moment. I put the panties in the trash, washed my scrubs and decided that was it. She returned early that evening looking for the confrontation that became the norm. She was met with silence. She went to the bathroom to find the basket empty. She thought, she must have seen my panties? She casually walked around my presence as if to look for something provoking the opportunity for me to attack. No, not tonight.

    I was unable to sleep I was so angry and disgusted. The next morning I went to the Constables office at the court house. I paid and filed for a 5 day eviction notice. It was served the next day. She saw the notice when she came in after 2am. She said nothing. I had every light on on this house and was wide awake, I was ready for whatever scene she wanted to cause. She did nothing.

    The next morning she called friends and others to cry in despair that I served her a eviction notice. I began receiving phone calls and pleas to try and work with her. My foot! She is out. If she violates the 5 days, I won’t hesitate to pay for them to physically remove her. Thanks to articles like this one, I know I deserve better. We all deserve better. At the very least I deserve her respect, I am her mother! I wish her well but she will never be welcomed in my home again.


  34. Lynn

    I am truly struggling with our 26 year old living with us. She left college in her second term, moved out and lost her way from good people and healthy decisions. She has been from apartment to apartment and job to job and can’t seem to hang on to either. She’s moved back in with my husband and I ( which was suppose to be for 4 months but we are now approaching a year) She still does not work, I must say she is getting therapy but in the meantime. sleeps till late morning, smokes pot during the day, fails to help around here and can be hugely disrespectful, towards me especially. Having her here has been hard on our marriage and it’s making me very depressed, I just want to run away. I don’t know what to do. I truly believe she is going to be dependent on us for the rest of her life.
    Exhausted and lost.

  35. Mj

    Tonight I decided to reach out and find some peace of mind for myself. Everyone’s stories really helped. Some days I feel lost and confused. I have 4 children and my oldest is never satisfied or grateful for anything. He has changed so much in the last 5 yrs. My 3 younger ones are in the same situation, but my daughter is more of a target with me. When my oldest decided to become a minister I was on cloud nine, I knew in my heart he’d be amazing. He was good with pple and young pple. He was fun loving and bubbly. He wanted to bring the youth back to church. Make a different. My first husband was an abusive alcoholic and used drugs. Life with him was rough and you never knew how the days would be along with the nights. My daughter and I were his target , my son could do now wrong. When my ex died drinking and driving, life was a struggle. I moved on after many yrs, got remarried and had my younger 2 kids. My new hubby raised all the kids the same. My older 2 were never a burden or in the way. They were part of me and he loved them. I worked outside the home, did all the mom things and always wished I could do more. My house was always clean, home cooked sit down family meals every night and my kids had a lot but not everything. After my oldest went off to college, nothing was good enough or it was a dollar amount added. He started changing. In his twenties I bent over backwards and worked 2 -3 jobs to cover his debts and clean up his mess ups. When he meet his wife everything became worse. Now in his thirties I have found out how much he has lied to me and his wife also over the last 5 yrs. I’ve been belittled, screamed at, cut out of my grandkids lives-just found out today on Thanksgiving that they had another child last month. My daughter feels very betrayed bc her grandparents, aunt and cousins lied to her and never told her. This crushed her, I can’t fix this anymore and I’m done. My 3 children are bitter and blow up easily when his name is brought up. Sometimes I’m in the cross fire. They are hurt and frustrated. My husband is supportive but is becoming the same way, my oldest is his oldest and has raised him since he was 8 yrs old. 3 of my children are very loving and tell me daily how much they love me and appreciate what I went through to raise them. They understand my sacrifices and long work hours. They thank me quite often for the help I’ve given them, when I pick them up and dust them off as my one sons says. I help them when money is tight or when their cars break down or with babysitting when I can. My youngest boys even got matching tattoos that say mamas boys and their girlfriends have told me that my boys say if you can’t be nice to my mom and respect her, it won’t work. My boys talk with me almost daily. My daughter calls me 3/4 times daily, I’m very close with her. But my oldest never answers my calls or texts, it kills me inside. He used to answer my husbands emails and now that’s lost too. I have raised my kids to over look flaws, love without barriers, leave someone a better person after meeting them. Everyone has a past and they grow as a person as they get older. We all learn everyday and always help out someone who is struggling. My oldest has become judgmental, entitled and demanding respect instead of earning it. His wife took over his Facebook account and twisted things even worse. He only talked to me when she was in earshot. They had my friends list on Facebook investigated and said I had friends with negative backgrounds. I work in the health field for twenty five plus yrs and I’ve made a lot of friends, now they were attacking my friend choices along with my life choices. I was also told during his last blow up that I was beneath him bc I didn’t have a degree, if I wanted him to take me serious I needed a masters or better. That day I felt broken. I already owned a home help business for the elderly, a wedding business and worked at the local nursing home when I could. Everything I accomplished and loved , the joy of it was sucked out of me in one phone call. Today I hit rock bottom, today I gave up totally, today I’m moving forward. I sent my son a text and made my peace and told him I’m done. I told him I loved him and would give him the space he needed and desired now. I told him my door would always be open for him and to come home when he was ready. No questioned asked. His response was, heart breaking but expected. I knew going into it I would be hurt and that’s ok now. It’s time to move on now.

  36. Leon

    After years of torment, I cut off my adult son today. Im tiered of the pain. Its his way or the highway and I choose the highway starting today. I will likley burn all memories of him. I have no son. Thank god ,I may get my sanity back. I will not take passive aggressive abuse on any level anymore. Also there are a few people I know that get the boot right now.
    I’ve had enough therapy for 15 years solid. I am done! I dont even care if he has a good life and no the door is not left open for him.

  37. Brenda

    So, glad to find this!! Nice to know, I am not alone! My 30 year old son, he been running from the law, most of his adult life. The pass 3 years, started hanging out with a drug crowd. He has stolen from the family, very intelligent, had amazing jobs ( fired after 3 months from at least 10 high paying jobs)… jumped bail and tells, all the family we are worthless, because we do not bail him out anymore. Highly believe he has mental issues from drugs,,,,, he shows up for help,, then gets mad because I have house rules, 3 months ago, he tired grabbing me, in an angry out break. Thankful my husband got between us, and made him leave. I wanted to get a PPO but it is worthless,, no real protection!!! He showed up Wednesday and seemed level headed, so I let him stay, because of thanksgiving the next day. After only 2 hours of being there, He had trashed the lower level of the house by having food all over the floor. With guest coming the next day, I told him,, I did not like him eating there and making a mess. Which, he had his GF with him,, which they get mad at each other and get into huge physical fights. He called me choice names, I told him to leave, he started yelling , told him to get out or I would call the police. I went to get my phone and he went after me, to get my phone,, he pinned me up against the counter. His GF pulled him off me, I called 911 for help, he took the phone… hung it up! They called back, sent a police officer,, the GF lied to the officer in a written statement and she did say he took the phone on the recorded interview.. I had injuries,, no way to charge him,, maybe an obstructing a 911 call!! The grandma ( my mom) took him in,, because he does no wrong, it’s everyone else) I told her, he is not welcome on my property and I will call the police, if he sets foot on my property!! He needs help and I am afraid of him!! Drugs or mental illness,,, not sure but his eyes are blue and they were pure black, when he attacked me,,, next time,, I think, he will kill me!! I am done and do not want any contact with him!’ As his Mother,, it rips me apart,, to do this !!

  38. Suzanna

    I have 3 adult children and we moved across the country when they were young. I have always felt guilty about it as my parents were in their 70’s and didnt travel much anymore. I have gone back every year 1 or 2 times at least and usually of the “kids” with me. My parents complain my now 25 and 28 year olds dont call them. Even though I constantly ask them to and encourage it, I cant force them to! I just got off the phone with a very painful conversation where my Mom was almost attacking ME because of it. I understand she misses them and I still feel guilty we moved (I am now divorced and struggling) but I dont know what to do! My parents are in their 90’s and my Dad says he missed seeing them grow up.

  39. Sherri K.

    I am suffering from a long term toxic relationship with my adult twin daughters, now 38, who glare at me when i am with them and add snide remarks when I am present in their company with my husband. i do not “snap” back at them, but calmly try to diffuse difficult situations with them as it affects my grandchildren, aged 6,5 yrs and 3.5 yrs old. I do not know what to do to regain their trust, they are so toxic to me, kinder to strangers, it is so sad. I have seen a therapist in the past, but this did not help them to retrust me or be kind to me in any way. I am a good person, and do not deserve bad treatment from daughters who have not lacked for anything, and had full support f rom me. It is humiliating!

    1. Sandy

      My two daughters have doubled teamed me for years, if I disciplined one, the other one took up for her sister, they don’t care if their wrong or not. They are bullies and disrespectful, they feed off of each other and support each other in their rudeness to me. It was difficult raising two girls as a single mother, I sacrifice a lot and was very involved with them their activities when they were growing up. To let them tell it I was the worst mom ever, until they need something. I have helped them so many times as adults and once they no longer need my help, I’m kicked to the curb. As soon as I say no or put up a boundary, they will team up and say horrible disrespectful things to me. I think it hard to raise two that are close to the same age because they are subject to gang up on us. I still can’t believe I raised to selfish self absorbed uncaring daughters. I was never this way toward my mother, not in a million years, no matter what…
      They are free to live their life without me, I’m tired of being bullied and always the blame for everything, I can’t win no matter what I do..


    I am astonished at how many of us parents have been affected by this estrangement condition. My best friend who saw my family life as I was a stay at home is my support because she tells me i was an excellent mother and she was there constantly to witness our life. If it wasn’t for her, I would be more devastated than I am from my son’s disrespectful behavior to me. I had to cut it off with him and stop crying about what did I do?

  41. karen

    I feel your pain. My daughter 31 havent seen for 9 years. She sees her father and had him at he wedding which I found out about on facebook! I left her abusive father many years earlier and found a fantastic man. Her father fed her and my son with lies. My boyfriend died and I fall apart. Eventually she stopped having any contact with me. No cards, blocked etc. I have tried and tried sent cards, letters, etc. She sees my family so now I wont have anything to do with them as they all went for a meal and didnt tell me! I have 3 grandchildren who I have never met. I send cards and presents as had to find out where he lives as moved 2 hours away along with their birthdays. I took her to court to see them last year and failed as court said no connection! She wanted me to say sorry, well I have said sorry so many times but dont know what for! I asked for mediation but she decided not to – again no reason given.
    After my father died, my son also moved out and went to live with his father! My son has told me that he knows his father is a narcissist but at least he is alive! My son had no contact me for years but two years ago, after I had sent emails to him each week, he replied, we met and he started to send cards to me. But now he wont reply to messages or see me. But still sees my family. He sent me a lovely message July 2018 and that was the last time he did. I had asked him what I did wrong and he said nothing. I cant put anything right unless I know what I have done wrong!
    I hate Christmas as all my family see one another and Im on my own. Without my friends I dont know where I would be. My health has suffered over the years and it has been put down to stress and depression. If my children dont want to see me then I accept that now, even though Im heartbroken. But at last I should have a relationship with my grandchildren. I never abused my children, all I did with leave a very abusive man, find love with a fantastic one and he died. I dont believe I deserved so much hurt in my life.

  42. janice

    I am in the same situation I have lost my daughter and son because my daughter met a new man married him and then he turned out to be controlling,I wasn’t allowed visits anymore unless he supervised,my daughter acted in such a divisive manner she didn’t even tell me when she was going to see her brothers new baby my grandson as I have no transport and she had a car she could have taken me the 100 miles.She took my granddaughter out for the day after telling me she was working and couldn’t see me,my son got my little 5 year old granddaughter to phone me up and Bragg about it with him prompting her to say hurtful things.Just this week a few days before Xmas she phoned my half brother someone she hardly knows and turned on the tears I now have lost him too.When I told her I have a progressive neurological disease she made absolutely no comment.The finale hurt was when she found her alcoholic father and visited him daily for over a year before he died.I brought my children up on my own and I loved them and we had a happy life.

  43. chris

    I’m so glad I found this site. Everyone’s stories make me so sad, but at the same time I’m relieved to know I’m not alone! I am so fed up with my 40-plus-year-old daughter and having every single thing I did wrong pointed out to me on the rare occasions I do hear from her, which is always when she wants something, usually money. I raised her and her 2 younger sisters alone under terrible circumstances working 60-80 hours a week, then dealing with her alcoholism from an early age (14). She was abusive to me and her sisters, and I frequently had to call the police on her. That was before she walked out the door on her 18th birthday and said, “Thanks for nothing.” This was after I got her court-ordered into AA at age 16 to try to save her life. It’s all been such a terrible waste.

    The hurt isn’t any less today than it was then, except … I don’t have to do this anymore? She’s an adult, and even though family members continue to enable her (she knows just how to pull their strings) and they think I should join in, I just can’t do it anymore. I also identify with the humiliation. I know my daughter says terrible things about me to her friends, to my family members, to AA and her therapist. I’ve met these people when she and I were on good terms. Now I’m mortified. I think back to her childhood and the dreams I had for her, the love she had for me. I know it can sometimes be the alcohol talking, even though supposedly she’s been sober for a while, but it doesn’t hurt any less.

    Each of you on here who is over 60, like me, needs to be taking care of yourselves like I’m trying to. I don’t understand the sense of entitlement, the disrespect, the complete lack of gratitude of these kids at all, not even remotely, but I always believed I was alone until I found this website today. I sympathize with the mother who wonders why she even had her daughter. We mothers have been through a lot with our bodies and our hearts, our emotions, and I agree with the mothers who said that as parents our job is done. Yes, at 18 it was, even though most of us kept giving for long, long, long after that. And for what? I had a terrible relationship with my mother, but I always treated her with respect and wouldn’t dream of treating her the way my daughter treats me.

    My younger 2 daughters are fantastic. They completely make up for my oldest, and their hearts are broken by the way she treats me. They both have been traumatized by my oldest daughter. They also say it’s not me, it’s her. My oldest is always quick to tell me how if she had a daughter, she’d never treat her this way. How convenient for her that she has no children, which is a good thing.

    I wonder if anyone here has read the book Living With Our Genes? It has brought me so much peace. It says that 1/3 of the way a child turns out to be is the way you raise them, 1/3 is their peers, and 1/3 is their genes. This means that who they are as an adult is 2/3 NOT in our control! I can honestly say my oldest daughter is her father (my first divorce) in female form: the good looks but also the violence, the alcoholism, the mouth; all of it. She is NOTHING like me. The other two are very much like me.

    I wish everyone on here peace and resolution. We were people first, before we were parents. It’s our turn to be individuals again. Life is too short.

  44. Sarah

    Wholly hell this is confronting to say the least. I’ve been to hell and back over the past 6 years. I found out my ex-husband was a narcissist and our four children watched all this. Over the past few months hell has opened to the point I realised I AM NOT THE PROBLEM !!! the children watched their father control me and they in turn do the same. HAHAHA I woke up in April 2019 now I know what I’m dealing with. The 2 adult son’s both with “2” children used and abused. Every Xmas for the past 4 years the oldest would come to Xmas lunch with a $2.00 salad and $4 desert. Whilst I went out of my way with all the other essential trimmings. Xmas just gone I refused to call them to let them know my plans, so they called – and here we go again with the 1 salad and 1 desert – whilst 4 of them came. My 2nd oldest although not as mean declared I’ve got things to do ma and I’m getting on with my life. My only daughter brings nothing but herself. WTF have I done to deserve this BS….. I’ve decided not to contact any of them for anything and to move on with my life. I still have my 17yo at home, at times he can be really trying – I swiftly bring him back into line telling him enough is enough. Time can only tell where this is going to go after he gets himself a job. I separated from their dad in April 2019 and hell yeah I am in heaven. I believe GOD has a plan and I am sticking with it. I need to dig deep and find who I am and where I fit. Parents we do not deserve this, we’ve worked hard to rear out children and they are ungrateful. I wouldn’t never ever disrespect my parents. When my mother was alive it would ring her daily, she really appreciated this. We have done our best to guide our children, I know there will come a time when we are needed – I’m not sure how I’ll react. Of course what I mean by this is – if it is a matter of urgency of course I’ll be there. Hand outs over and done with. I need to get back to me and remember what it was like to put me first. I pray for guidance daily and some how, I get a response, sometimes I don’t recognise it, because it’s so subtle by the grace of GOD I get a response. GOD has a plan my faith is strong. Keep pushing forward – there is life for you and I out there, we need to believe. Blessing to all mums and dads

    1. Joan

      Just a quick “thank you” to Sheri for writing her book. It has become my road map for survival. Many therapy sessions have not been at all helpful. Sheri, your book
      helped me more than anything. Thank you for having the courage to write your story and to take your life
      back. You are a life saver.

  45. FindingNewLife

    Thank you Sheri. I just found your website this weekend. It is very helpful. My ED is getting married in a few months. I am not invited but my ex-husband is. Both my children are in contact with my ex. I have regular contact with my son. My daughter has cut me off. She also has cut off my entire family. I know it will be hard for me so I am looking for support during this time to take care of myself. Just like Al Anon helped me learn boundaries and doing what is best for myself, your thoughtful advice is reinforcing what I now feel is best for me regarding my ED. Enough is enough. Focusing on a good life for myself (which I thankfully have now) and not trying to influence or change what other people “need” to do has worked well for me. Also not letting others “guilt” me into agreeing that I was the only problem has helped. I do not share my daughter’s estrangement with many people because I do not want to be judged. I know I was not “a bad mother”. Thanks again for your thoughtful words of wisdom.

  46. Pat B.

    Thank you for your honesty! Your story sounds like mine my children are so close to ex husband and I’m rejected by my daughter! He was always gone while their growing up and I had full responsibility!

  47. Karen

    Thank you Sandy! I have been feeling exactly the same way! When I set boundaries I am now the worst Mom. So many things you said resonated with me.
    4 adult children who took advantage of my kindness due to a divorce from long ago.
    Now I am raising my 2 grandsons, 14 and 16 and realize I have a new family that I hopefully will enjoy a respectful relationship.
    I am just going to ignore the adult children who continue to show no respect. Wht should I continue being in a hurtful relationship with kids that always find fault with me? I deserve to be happy and drama free! Karen Jan 31, 2020 Newport Beach , CA

  48. Joan

    My story is similar but with a little different twist. My daughter is 45, highly educated, is a mom of 2 and diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder.
    She was a sweet and loving daughter until about 5 years ago. She and her husband have accused us of abandoning her because I refused to drive 100 miles in -30 degree weather to take care of her.
    My husband and I were good, kind, and involved parents. We sacrificed so much so our four children could have a good education and a good home. Now I see hate in my daughter’s eyes. I have terrible nightmares about this. I am seeing a therapist, but it doesn’t help much. I haven’t seen or talked to her since November. My other daughter is treating us strangely too. I hate to say it, but it seems to me
    Son-in-law is part of the nastiness. I never would have dreamt something like this could happen on our family.

  49. Joan

    Just a quick “thank you” to Sheri for writing her book. It has become my road map for survival. Many therapy sessions have not been at all helpful. Sheri, your book
    helped me more than anything. Thank you for having the courage to write your story and to take your life
    back. You are a life saver.

    1. rparents Post author

      You’re welcome, Joan! I’m so glad you found it helpful!

      Thank you for telling me your thoughts. You’ve seriously made my day!

      Great big hugs,
      Sheri McGregor

  50. Mandy G.

    I too am surprised there are so many estranged parents. I am estranged from my 40 something former daughter. I say former because that is the category I have now placed her in. After countless accusations of “you meant this” by twisting my words, re-writing history or just deliberately choosing to see the wrong intention, I am done. My repeated denials and continued help and love, I think, were taken as “proof” that she was right all along.
    Tbh if I was guilty of even half of things I was accused of I would’ve been a horrendous mother.
    I am done being her whipping post.

  51. Denise

    I have just started listening to your audible book,. So far so good, I’m glad I found this site,. I am really hoping that it helps to subside the pain I have everyday. I wake up and when reality hits, my heart breaks once again,. And My daughter is the first and last thing I think of everyday. It kills me,. I have cried and cried for several days at a time. I don’t understand why and how my daughter can treat me this way, and sleep at night. I would never want my mom to hurt the way I hurt. Never. But I thank you for this opportunity to get some sense of healing,. I am hurting bad,. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do.

    1. Joan

      I have found that doing the exercises in Sheri’s book to be very helpful in assuring me that I have always been a very good mother to my children. Non of this makes sense. In a million years I would never treat my sweet mom the way I have been treated. My motto is”one day and one moment at a time.” Go where the ❤️Is!

  52. Shari d.

    Hello fellow rejected parents

    A club I never thought I’d be a part of and still feel terrible admitting that I am. I suffer terribly from my estrangement with my daughter who will b 24. We have had recent reconciliation and than she turns into a monster and starts saying awful things to me. I ruined her life afterall. My mom recently passed away and it has had a very strange effect on her. It seems to have triggered more anger and harassment than before. My brother and I choose not have memorial services. My moms wishes. My daughter thinks I’m selfish and awful. A psychopath and deserve to feel pain. I made a choice of my own. To no longer be tested with hate. I once read a letter that inspired me….it said to the ED…I gave you life now I give you unconditional freedom from me. So I sent that to my daughter. Haven’t heard from her since. May not ever again. I struggle with mourning the death of her and my mom. Life is a process. But I choose forgiveness and love. She will make a choice if not already and i have to accept it.

  53. Lynda

    A lot of this is so familiar to me. My adult son and his partner treat me as though am I something they just stepped in. Not outright abuse; more like an unspoken lack of respect. They have no interest in my life, forget when we’ve made arrangements to visit the grandkids and are generally offhand and rude.
    I continue to try to keep things cicil, show affection and interest in their lives, but they do not appreciate anything and my son seems to be so bitter about life. I had parents who were not perfect but still loved them, so why do adult kids seem to expect so much from us now?
    It’s a 2-way street. We are NOT responsible for everything that goes wrong in their lives and maybe it’s time for me to let go, move on and deal with them only on my terms and only when I can cope with it…


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