A thank you

by Sheri McGregor, M.A.

I’d like to express my gratitude to:

  • Members of my forum to help parents of estranged adult children
  • Parents who have written to me
  • Facebook page members
  • People who comment here at RejectedParents.NET
  • Reader reviewers
  • Fellow writers and industry reviewers
  • Estranged parents who helped in my research

mother with estranged adult child
Thank you to online support forum members who encourage others. You lend a broad shoulder to those in need of understanding and care. Your heartfelt posts in our judgment-free zone inspire.

Estranged from adult children, and moving on: a sampling from the forum

Recently, many forum members have moved beyond the anguish of estrangement from adult children, and publicly declared your independence. Thank you. You have inspired others as you courageously stepped forward to—as I say in Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Childrenenjoy your lives!

Some move on with a flourish that’s likely reminiscent of their personalities and their lives—such as this from “Mountainview:” Goodbye-Aufwiedersein. . . .

Others make difficult, important decisions with a steady hand that demonstrates their stability and strength. Such as this mother, who came to a sensible conclusion, and shared it as part of her good-bye: “MJMom’s:” A Journey of Acceptance

Some dance on into their lives with glee. They’re free! As in “Joyful’s” cheery note.

And some move on because they reconcile. “Linwinning” has a story similar to Abbey’s in Chapter 7 of my book, and shared it in her goodbye note to offer other parents hope that they will also one day reconcile.

I’m so glad that you have found some peace, and are confidently walking forward. Your words are important, and help other people.

From Facebook, and in online reviews

mother with estranged adult childThank you also to the mothers and fathers who have sent messages, emails, or posted on the Facebook page . Your comments mean a lot to me and fellow page members. I so appreciate your likes and shares, and am grateful to be a tiny part of your journey. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. There is so much wisdom among you!

To those who share their own experiences of acceptance, hope, and wisdom in reviews at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in comments at various blogs and discussion sites, as well as here at RejectedParents.NET—a heartfelt thanks.

Your input, insight, and inroads to peace and happiness help others who experience the trauma of estrangement from adult children. Your voices of reassurance and support uplift other parents. And your thoughts enlighten a society that still knows very little about the subject of adult children who estrange themselves from loving families.

Professional help

Let me extend my gratitude to Susan Adcox, grandparenting expert at about.com for her Review of Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children. Susan’s site is a valuable resource to many readers.

Likewise, Joi of Self Help Daily offers a plethora of resources to living joyful lives. It’s an honor to have her review of my book among good company.

And thanks to the Nonfiction Authors Association, which recently spotlighted me as member of the week. Much of the posted interview focuses on what led me to write Done With The Crying to help parents experiencing estrangement from adult children, and continues with topics probably of interest mainly to other writers.

The silent majority

Not all of you write letters, or post publicly about your pain or progress. According to recent research, the ratio of those who remain in the background to those who write online for all to see is 90 to 1. I respect your privacy, and appreciate your help—you are among the thousands who have responded to my research survey without further contact, and thereby help others in the same boat (or to get out of it as is advised in the article The Boat!).

Hugs to you as you journey forward on your own unique path. All of you are part of something bigger, a network of kind souls around the globe. As I continue with this site, and potentially add other options to support parents of estranged adults, you help light the way forward for others in health and happiness.

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4 thoughts on “A thank you

  1. Mountainview


    From my heart to yours – Thank You so much for all that you have done for humanity to illuminate the path and enlighten us in the strange world of “estrangement”.

    In the beginning of my journey, I was hurt, lost, confused, and blinded – floating in the vast, stormy unchartered waters without a navigational compass, and meandering aimlessly in the dark forests without a map to follow in the “estrangement” territory. But I quickly discovered my guiding path into the light.

    My inner peace, healing, and acceptance became crystal clear. I had to look no further for directions or search for answers once I looked deep inside my heart. Inside my heart, I found and awakened what was there all along – “Unconditional Love”.

    I am sending my love, happiness, smiles, warm hugs, success in all your endeavors, joy, prayers, and blessings to you and all parents around the globe.

    Peace on Earth and “Unconditional Love” to All Our Children and All Parents with a Heart!!!


  2. Thebluesky

    Dear Sheri, Thank you and your welcome! For giving me a place to talk it out, for expanding the exploration of my being, with or without my children. For the virtual bonds with some very liked minded, special women. I believe that this is much more than just estrangement.

    Peace and Love,


  3. Thebluesky

    Shoot Sheri, I tried injecting more in between. I wanted to say, that beyond estrangement, I see this site as thousands of unpublished memoirs, of women and men who have a life story to tell that began before the birth of their estranged children. Parents, spouses,extended family, friends, all playing a role. Some of it beautiful, some very sad and ugly. But all vital in significance to each, in how we grasp, how we decide to participate within the field of emotions of lost love.

    Thank you for publishing my book.



    Sheri, I joined your site as you may not remember a year before I read the Community page or the site. It was something tucked away in my mind to ‘look into’ when I was ready to think about a creative effort I wanted to do in connection with the estrangement with my daughter. I felt that by then I was beyond the point of needing support or help by then; I had adjusted, and yet, the moment I sat down and opened the Community page I realized that so much of what had been stored up inside me, my emotional cure had in fact, not happened. I stepped in to post and found that sharing with others, I was in fact healing myself. That such a site is needed is a sadness in itself but such a site as this is a balm to the souls of those parents whose children have chosen to reject and shun them, a new phenomenon in today’s society, I doubt it, but it has not been spoken of publicly before now. Thank you for your continuing effort to support those who are experiencing the pain and utter grief of loosing a loved child from their life and lives.


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