Event with Sheri McGregor GIVEAWAY

Event with Sheri McGregorEvent with Sheri McGregor

UPDATE: THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER, but the event itself is yet to come. Find out more and sign up–it’s free unless you decide to upgrade. Register by clicking here. If you entered the giveaway for the All Access Pass that allows you to watch anytime and keep the videos to watch whenever it’s convenient,, PLEASE check your email. I have contacted the winner. If no reply to my email by 9p.m. today, 1/22/21, I will choose an alternate.

To kick off the New Year in a fun way, I’m setting up a few giveaways. This is the first one (you’ll want to watch the blog for the others, coming very soon). Read on for more about the prize and how you can enter.

Event with Sheri McGregor

Some of you know that as part of the “Moving Beyond Family Struggles” event, I am interviewed on the third day, January 28, 2021. What you may not know is that all 15 of the event’s interviews have been recorded already. An “all access” pass allows you to watch the interviews at your leisure. No need to tune in on January 26, 27, and 28. You can watch whenever, and watch again if you’d like.

I am excited to announce that I have procured ONE ALL-ACCESS PASS as a giveaway for one lucky reader who will be randomly chosen from among those who follow the instructions at the end of this post.

First, let me tell you more about the pass, which the event organizer has made available for purchase at a reduced price until the posted dates (and then goes up). Here’s some of what you’ll get with an all access pass:

  • Immediate access to all content
  • Lifetime access to all speaker videos that are ever uploaded to the Moving Beyond Family Struggles website, plus any resources that have been shared
  • A free book by one of the speakers (Laura Davis)
  • Plus future videos as they’re added and a written transcript of the whole event

To enter the giveaway for the ONE All Access Pass for the Moving Beyond Family Struggles event with Sheri McGregor and 14 others billed as “top experts” by the event organizer, you will need to be reading this and enter by commenting as instructed between 9 p.m. PST on 1/19/21 and 9 p.m. PST on 1/21/21. Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately (all comments are moderated and must be approved for publication). Your comment must meet specific criteria, too.

Also, if you already have the All Access Pass to the event, go ahead and enter anyway. This contest is open to everyone who follows instructions. If you’ve already purchased an all-access pass and win, I’ll check with the event coordinator and make it up to you. To see the event, you’ll need to register, so go ahead and do that now too–here.

To enter, here’s what to do:

Leave a comment in reply to this blog post as follows:

Leave your first name and last initial as well as a working email address in the form where it asks who you are. Also, in the comment post itself, you’ll need to share two things:

  1. Something that you’re doing to help yourself and be happy despite estrangement. (Something for your health, your well being, your peace of mind, your future. . . .)
  2. One way that you are being self-compassionate right now (give yourself some love!).

The winner will be randomly drawn from a hat or jar into which all names have been placed. I will contact the winner, who will need to reply to my email by 9 p.m. on 1/22/21, with their full name and the correct email to send the pass. In the event of no reply, another winner will be drawn.

Remember, to enter for the ALL ACCESS PASS your comment must be received here by 9 p.m. PST on 1/21/21. Don’t delay. Register and leave your comment as instructed for a chance to win.

Good luck! I can’t wait to read your comments and learn about all the wonderful things you are doing to take kind care of yourselves!

Hugs to you all, Sheri McGregor

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12 thoughts on “Event with Sheri McGregor GIVEAWAY

  1. Kate

    Sheri, I know this isn’t the right place to say this but just wanted you to know how much I appreciated what you said in your interview yesterday. (I read your website daily but I don’t post). I watched everyone’s interview but yours was the VERY BEST! For years, I tried all the other stuff but your advice is the only thing that has helped me at all. We can’t make our EC care about us when it’s not in them to do so. I’m really looking forward to more from you later on. Thanks so much

  2. Kim H

    1.Looking at the situation more objectively . Changing what I see that I CAN change & accepting what I can not. I didn’t make the decision to leave, but I did make the decision (and it is a decision) to continue to mourn.
    2.Setting aside time devoted to spiritual refreshment, exercise (which I used to hate!), and eating a healthier diet…all of which help me feel better prepared to cope. My health had suffered a great deal since the estrangement began.

  3. Suzie Q.

    1. Spending more time in the Word of God. Communicating with positive mindset people. Concentrating on the mindset that her estrangement from us does not define me. Keeping busy with tasks I have wanted to accomplish & never got started because of being too depressed about the estrangement. Minimizing stuff in the house & eliminating things of ED that she said she did not want 10 yrs ago.
    2. Reading inspirational books. Getting back to being more physically active. I am worthy of being loved & living. Taking better care of my skin again. Making better food choices to become the me I use to be.

  4. Bonzeroo

    1. Playing drums along with music I enjoy help me the most and make me happy. It gets the heartbeat up, and it’s fun to learn new ways to play and how to play new songs. They’re electronic so they don’t bother anyone and I can do it anytime.
    2. Still learning about self-compassion. My wife and I have sessions with a counselor every couple weeks and she helps us with that and so does Tara Brach and her Wednesday meditations online.
    Randy L

  5. denise

    i am trying to be live my life but its not much of a life without my son. i am trying to deal with my emotions and everyday i feel one step closer to being me again. it is hard to believe that this is where we are, never in a millions years would i have guessed that/

  6. Kathy m

    What I am doing for myself is that recently I applied to go back to university to study music. I had to submit an application, an essay, and an audition. I am waiting to hear if I have been accepted, but I am so glad at least I tried.
    I am trying to learn more about self compassion. It involves acceptance that I will never be perfect, that I will make mistakes, but I can forgive myself, and ask for forgiveness from others. It helps to discuss this concept with some close friends. It helps to remember I am a human being and not perfect, but I am caring and loving.

  7. Donna R.

    I am keeping the focus on positive things like
    the relationship with my other child, and friends. I am also working on home improvements and making my space more about me.

    I have been working with a therapist weekly to just talk through all that has happened. I am also about to start yoga… wish me luck!

    I am a bit nervous to have my name shown on the comments as my estranged daughter saw a prior comment I posted and used it to lash out and hurt me. I hope I am in a better place emotionally to handle that if it happens again. Winning this all access pass would truly be a blessing to me!

    1. Wendy T.

      Hi Donna: This is Wendy C. Thomas. We did lose contact as I left FB for quite some time. I hope I am commenting to the same Donna R. that I use to message with on FB because I read your comment and it sounded like your situation. If it is I am so pleased that you are moving forward and sound so positive, So happy you will be taking Yoga classes. I have made some major breakthroughs in my life which have given me a whole new perspective. I stopped ALL CONTACT with my estranged daughter who would use me when she needed me and then discard and devalue me when I was not needed. Finally after 18 yrs of constant torment I can rest my mind and be at peace in my heart and soul. Knowing I am worthy of being LOVED by people who know what LOVE is. I feel Empowered!! I pray the same for you my friend. If you feel led to contact me on FB I would be pleased to hear from you. God Bless

  8. Laurie C

    I am blessed to still have two grandchildren in my life and I focus my attention love and time on them. They would not even recognize the Nonna they know with my estranged daughters description of me.
    I believe gratitude really is the answer to being compassionate to myself…when I am grateful it helps me from going down the rabbit hole of despairing thoughts.

  9. Cindy T.

    Cindy T.
    1. I am spending more time outside, experiencing fun activities and spending quality time with the people that love me for who I am.
    2. Spending more time on self care. Baths, reading, relaxing. Taking care of me!

  10. Milane K

    Milane K.
    1. I surround myself with people that want to be around me; boyfriend, Search & Rescue team, brother and his wife, etc.
    2. Self compassion for me is allowing myself a full body massage every couple of weeks.

  11. Gina S.

    Gina S.
    My husband and I are snow birds now. I no longer feel guilty about traveling and seeing new and exciting things. Being able to travel definitely makes my soul happy. I’ve even met a new friend who has had a similar adult child estrangement in her life. I feel like we have been able to support each other in helpful ways.
    To be self-compassionate, I give myself one day to recover. Sometimes, just being able to watch movies, go get my hair fixed or driving down some back roads clears my head. I give myself some time to deal with these emotions and then jump back on the horse of life. These days are occurring getting less and less:) .


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