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2021–January 28
Sheri McGregor, author of the popular book, Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children, and founder of and its free, online peer support community for parents of estranged adult children, joins 14 others interviewed for the Moving Beyond Family Struggles Summit, which takes place January 26, 27 & 28. This VIRTUAL event requires no travel and is made available free. Topics include difficult family relationships and estrangement. Sheri McGregor is scheduled for an interview with Yasmin Kerkez on the third day of the event. Interested in finding out more? Click through, learn more, and register for the free event.

Past events with Sheri McGregor

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9 thoughts on “Events

  1. Donna

    I struggle with harsh words and expletives from my two sons although my daughter has changed somewhat. She experienced the same problems as I do. My oldest son told me he never liked me 5 months ago. He’s been in and mostly out of my life for 27 years. The youngest son , I believe, was born without a conscience. Very much like his father who I divorced when he was 16 and my oldest son 23. They never saw us argue often although my husband had flings early in our marriage and finally found his true love . She was in the marriage for 14+ years and one day I got up and could not live a lie one day longer. He said he would leave me when the youngest turned 18… no child support! My entire family turned on ME. As long as I was available to help them through a divorce, take care of grandchildren and work to pay college tuition when scholarships passed over, I was just ok. Their father zoomed through this horrific activity with no consequences and even bringing new woman around them within a month. Don’t ask why I stayed. I had hope given to me like bread crumbs.
    I was told by oldest son with great vulgarity…women don’t leave…you needed to wait for Dad to leave. That’s about the story from my view. It has affected my health and well-being. Yes, I remarried and it took me thousands of miles away but the ruthless behavior never ceases. It’s a tragedy. I can’t fix anything. Today I say “sink or swim. Not my problem. I’m tired, 77 years old, and cannot, will not tolerate. I know I’m right and I will love them from a distance. Liberating and sad. Never planned for ugly behaviors. I wear a scar that says you destroyed a family by leaving. Agree! II never shared bad deeds from their father. It was right for me and wrong from their viewpoint. I live a good life but it feels empty. I need this group badly.

    1. Carrie-Ann

      Dearest Donna, we’re here for you…and for each other…Keep reading & working Beautiful Sheri’s book, “Done With Crying.” Thank You for sharing your experiences…It’s healing for all of us…May You and Each One Be Blessed In Body, Mind, & Spirit…
      p.s. Your saying “sink or swim, not my problem” reminds me of a funny cat photo where a sitting cat has his eyes closed and has both paws across his chest with the caption “THE PATH TO INNER PEACE BEGINS WITH THREE LITTLE WORDS, “NOT MY PROBLEM.”

    1. rparents Post author

      Hi Sandra,

      Be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you will get notice when the site’s community opens up again.

      Sheri McGregor

  2. ann

    To each and every mother and father -be kind to yourself and keep hoping that they (these “adults”)
    will realize who loves them. Keep the faith and hope W Ann

  3. Gail R.

    Wow! I wish I had known about the January event. I will sign up again for the newsletter, so I don’t miss anything else!

  4. Sandra B.

    Unfortunately, I missed the January 2021 virtual summit, however, I would like to be informed when there is another one, of its kind, or similar.


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