Avatar Pictures: Alert and How to Add or Change

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    We were having avatar problems, so have replaced the plug-in. As a result, some member avatars are missing. Please use the instructions below to add an avatar. REMEMBRR: Your avatar should be an image that is not identifiable to you. If you have any trouble, DO NOT reply in this thread. It’s not a discussion thread. Instead, use the contact form (or reply to an email from me). Be sure to put avatar in the subject line. Thank you. — Sheri

    Updated instructions to add an avatar (which is a small picture that shows when you post in the forum).

    Important Rules:
    *Make sure your avatar is rated “G” for a general audience
    *Do not use a photo that is identifiable to you. No photo of yourself. Not a photo that is your avatar/gravatar for any other online space. Not your estranged adult child, etc.
    –we are attempting to maintain anonymity

    Choose a photo you take for this site, or choose clip art or some such. It can be something saved on your computer or phone. Don’t steal from anyone’s website. You could use something generic from an image site that allows this if you wish.

    You will need to upload the image for use in the forum, and do that, you will go into the forum and click on your username from a posting.

    From there, follow these steps:

    Click the word “profile.”
    Click on the word “edit.”
    You will need to scroll down to the word “avatar,” which is close to the bottom.
    Click on the term “choose file,” which will then bring up files from your computer.
    Locate the image you have chosen and you can double click on it.
    The name you have given your avatar appears next to the term “‘choose file.”
    Scroll down to find the term “‘update profile.” Click that, and you are finished.

    Or, as member SimplifyPlease once said when she posted similar instructions to help people in the forum: Voila! ENJOY!

    Thank you.

    Sheri McGregor

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    I have tried to follow these instructions but when I click on profile it just loops around to ‘You are not signed in’. I sign in and so the loop continues. Can you help?


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    The avatar plugin recently updated. The entire wordpress core will be updating within 24 hours. Sometimes there is an adjustment between plugins, apps, themes, etc., that takes place with updates. Please give it a couple of days and try again.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Sheri McGregor

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    waiting until my daughter gets home for this.
    shes great with computer stuff.


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    my daughter showed me how to put a picture in my
    profile and it was easy.

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    Hi. I just uploaded my avatar picture and it is sideways and there doesn’t seem to be a way to reorient it. Suggestions?

    Thank you

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