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    There has been a lot of talk lately about people changing, wanting to change, thinking about changing their username.

    When people go to sign up for the forum, they are warned, strongly advised, and cautioned to choose something that does not identify them. (Also suggested that a name that makes them feel good is chosen.)

    When I see someone choose their own name, their email or a portion of either, the registration gets deleted. I may miss a few

    Usernames are not able to change. One trick is to assign a nickname that will show, but the original name is still used for login. If a new public nickname is decided upon, it can make old threads nonsensical because people are still referring to the old name.

    The only way to get around this is to register in a new way, with new email address and new username. But then you’re new and nobody on here knows you’re actually an old member.

    All if this is complicated. PLEASE … choose wisely. Read the instructions when you register. They’re there for a reason.

    Thank you.

    Sheri McGregor

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    Yellow Rose
    Yellow Rose

    Pick something fun and positive that isn’t your name or a location that would easily recognizable as you. Words matter and if we name ourselves something negative, we may stay stuck in that negative label longer than is beneficial to us. Who knows, in a month or six months we may feel totally different – hopefully, we will be moving forward with a new perspective. And welcome!

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    Yes, that’s what new users are advised. It’s more fun to think of yourself as you want to be, were, or truly are behind the anguish of the moment. Because that will go away!


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