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      December 14 update:

      The forum is still experiencing issues so that headers don’t appear in order, and new replies aren’t alerted in the header updates.

      The plugin has been updated by it’s makers again this week, but the problem is not fixed….

      I am seeking an alternative that will integrate smoothly with some other site functions. I’d prefer to utilize something suitable rather than be hasty and perhaps need a do-over or lose data.

      Meanwhile, please bear with me. Once you click into individual threads, posts are all there.

      Sorry for the confusion. Hugs, Sheri

      11/26/19 — the problem with the forum continues. Just click into the topic threads and read, because sometimes, the headers for each topic will not show when posts are approved and the thread updated.

      Thank you for your continued understanding with this issue. We’re working to clear it up as soon as possible (but obviously there’s a bit of trouble).

      Hugs, Sheri

      Original notice: 
      Some of you may have noticed that the site says updated by username xx minutes ago, but the posts don’t look like they have changed.

      There’s a little discrepancy since the forum program updated a couple of days ago. There’s a delay between a post’s approval and it actually showing in the forum. Additionally, the forum has been slow for several days anyway, so the site may appear frozen. It’s not, but there is a lag.

      In some cases, particular threads say who last posted, only, when you open the thread, there are newer posts included. So, go ahead and open the threads, even if they don’t look like they changed.

      I’ve done some research.  The creators of the forum program are aware of the flaws with their update. This is not the only site affected. There will be a fix soon, I am sure.

      Meanwhile, check back periodically. Maybe this is a good time to do something great with your real time too?!


      Sheri McGregor


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      Thank you, Sheri, for the info about this confusing situation, here.

      I am wondering if I write posts during this time, and click on submit,
      will they all eventually post?
      Or will they be lost?

      Take care,

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      They will be posted after I approve them. They will not be listed in the header right now but they will be posted and viewable once approved. The lag has dissipated now, but the header issues are not yet addressed.

      These things are frustrating.

      Sheri McGregor

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      Thanks for the clarification. I was concerned something had happened to you when it appeared the forum was being updated for days on end…

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      Two other people have posted in this thread. I can see their posts but the header says 2 are “hidden.”

      Can someone answer here … IN THIS thread about the forum confusion, do you see ONLY MY POSTS? Or can you see one from HayleyD and one from NeedOthers also?

      Thank you.

      Sheri McGregor

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      Hi Sheri,
      Glad I decided to check the site which is still misbehaving on my side.

      I can see the two posts you’ve asked about. I can see yours.

      On the main page, it says Dotty updated with a post 15 minutes ago. That post doesn’t show up in the topics below. Clicking on the “15 minutes” brought me to a Nov 13th post from her.

      I am so sorry you are tangled up in this mess. Obviously, something in the software has gone haywire, as I suspected.


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      now the main page says emily38 updated 29 seconds ago but does not indicate a thread where the post is.

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      Thank you emily38,

      So, it’s as I thought. People can post and the replies will show up (but individual thread headers don’t show the updates are there). And, the overall header at the top shows the last updated by xx, but it’s telling about posts that are not yet approved (I have just approved Dotty’s posts, so you’ll see those in her thread now).

      This is an issue with the forum program’s update. I might be able to find a workaround but if coding gets messed with and then they release a patch fix, it might be worse. So, for the moment, I am going wait and see. Other forums using this very common program are having the same issues so it’ll probably be fixed soon.

      Thank you for your patience everyone.


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      Hi Sheri!
      Its been awhile and I have reset my password yet I cannot post other than right here. I keep logging in but nothing happens. I see that you have had other problems. Hope it gets sorted out soon.


      Blooming in the sunlight even though its snowing!

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      I can not find any place to pick for new topic.
      Is this part of the websight problem?

      I just came back in to read and catch up due to a awful recent event with the ED.
      I was wanting to writ it but do not want to bury it under anothers topic.

      Any ideas?

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      Hi yeah
      I made a post early this morning and it is not showing possible you have not
      decided to post it or maybe it did not fit for the websight?

      I also seen the reply I made to sadist was deleted any reason that the reply was deleted?

      maybe I am no longer allowed here? I could not find the topic box at first till I made a post in here.

      Its really bad to come here an try to reconnect then get rejected by a place that was not suppose to be

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      Dear 4Nature,

      It’s good to see your name, and you are not being rejected. Maybe you have forgotten that all postings are moderated, which means they are not immediately made public. I’m so sorry. Today, I was busy from dawn until well after dusk. I did not get to the forum until now. Please forgive me. I’m just not always able to moderate all day every day.

      I’m sorry you feel the need to return here, but I welcome you…as I know others here will too.

      Sheri McGregor

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      I have posted two threads (logon) and they never appeared.
      Latest one on September 12.
      This is unfortunate as it tolk me a long time to write them.
      Hope this will be fixed.

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      Hello Berna,

      You may have missed the emails that explain how the forum is moderated such that every post is delayed. I just approved your posts, but I didn’t see one from September 2.

      The site is moderated to keep out spam and haters.

      Sheri McGregor

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