Merry Christmas my Dear Friends

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      To all here, I love, think of, pray for everyone that has discovered this beautiful place of healing and hope. My world, like so many here, crumbled four years ago. I am here to say that today I am happy and at peace. It took a lot of tears, anger, and soul searching. Years. Where I finally realized that my years were becoming numbered, and how did I, could I, visualize this precious time I have on this earth. I have only one word. GRATITUDE. That may seem like a joke when one’s world is caving, when a heart is breaking. But I walked by a fountain in a yard one day as I was crying my way to work, and something told me to toss my pain in there like a penny, to leave it there, to retrieve if I needed on my way home. I am forever grateful to that fountain, to the home owners that placed it there. It was a beginning. It took work. But I have found that my greatest tool has been gratitude. In every aspect of my life, not just estrangement.

      Gratitude. My dear friends, Aussie Mom, Rainbow, Mjmom, MissMarelygirl, YellowRose, Ann, Lostin, so many more. I love you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a joy filled New Year.

      Dear Sheri, I typed “rejected ” one day and met you. I will never forget what you gave me.

      Peace and Love my Friends,



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      Dear Thebluesky,

      I absolutely love that fountain too! And that you shared it here.

      Please know that thoughts of you are tucked close at heart. I know that your kind and generous presence are felt wherever you go. How can they not be? You’re Thebluesky!

      Hugs to you and Merry Christmas!

      Sheri McGregor

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      Beautiful Thebluesky, and Sheri you are a blessing to all. Without the help and kindness from many on this site I too would not be where I am today. Merry Christmas to all, may we all find grace and peace as we continue on.

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      Oh Bluesky, it so good to hear from you and to know that you are doing well. Your post was just beautiful and I love that fountain too!!!. I love you too, my dear friend and will always carry a piece of you in my heart. Merry Christmas and All Good Things in 2019. Love and Hugs, Rainbow

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      BlueSky, it’s wonderful to ‘see’ you posting again, a dear friend….to so many, who have travelled this path of estrangement and walked through it to an acceptance of peace, not as we’d hoped for or expected but an end to turmoil and abuse and rejection.
      It’s good of you to post, a hug over this long distance to you,

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      Dear BlueSky,

      Thank you for a beautiful post full of hope and gratitude. What a sweet gift, especially for those of us who are new to estrangement and the myriad of emotions it brings. I feel so inspired by your words of encouragement. Bless you! And love and peace to all of us who share this journey.

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      Dear Thebluesky,
      Thank you for your beautiful post, and the thought provoking fountain! My goodness, Sunflowers Day would LOVE that!!!

      Thank you to all of you, always here, always with kindness, empathy and love, my gratitude that I too, typed some random word one day and found you all, especially Sheri, what a blessing, at any time of the year. 💐

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      Loving this forum and the connections. Feeling blue but thinking feeling like a BlueSky instead would be much healthier, so I am going to choose that today. Missing my ES and grateful for the presence of others in my life, that’s a present to give to ourselves. Sending peace & love to you all.

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