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      We celebrated my grandson’s graduation on Saturday (my daughter’s oldest child). Other than it being very cold and windy it was a great day. My two sisters came and by the end of the picnic, we had a cruise planned for December. We’re calling it the “THE GREAT SEXY 60’S SISTAH CRUISE **SISTERS GONE WILD EDITION**”

      That means I now have something to look forward to. Both my older sister and I have never been on a cruise but my younger sister has been on many and is happy taking over the planning of it. As soon as it warms up we plan on having a wine and pool party to plan the little extra details.

      My other grandson (Dtr’s child) is in baseball. So I’ve committed to seeing his games every Monday.

      I’ve been riding my bike with my big ol’ hound dog on the bike leash. We’ve only gotten up to a mile but we both need to take off a few (well more like a hundred for me) pounds and it is good for us.

      I’m still alive. My son did not kill me when he banished me. He broke my heart but it is mending. I am alive. I have people who love me. I’m not letting my ES destroy me. Even if I did not have people who love me, my dog does. I am alive. That is all that matters right now.

      I hope anyone reading this will stop to think “I am alive” and start working on making that life the best possible life for you.


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      Good for you Dazed, it does my heart good to hear you are moving forward. So glad to hear about the cruise. I know you will have a wonderful time.

      Sadlostbroken 🌸

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      Dear Dazed and Confused,

      I love being alive. It certainly beats the alternative.

      You go girl! I have a feeling that cruise is going to be crazy fun!

      You bring up a good point: something to look forward to. I recommend planning a little something every few days that you can look forward to. It does a body (and soul) good.


      Sheri McGregor

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      Dear Dazed and Confused…..what a wonderful, inspiring post! Yes, we are Alive! Even though we may have been the walking dead for a while, I live a pretty simple life, my passion was my flower garden for years, then five years ago I just sat, literally on my butt, watching my garden die from lack of care. My garden is now ALIVE…..thriving, beautiful…because I decided it needed my love. I look forward to it every day, beginning with snail patrol, and getting to know the needs of every plant…their placement and preference.

      My husband and I for the first time in fifteen years last fall spent a week in a 1934 cabin in the deep woods. Playing music, reading, doing yoga. It was divine. That was stretching our budget, but since then I have informed my not estranged, but emotionally distant daughter that we will no longer be sending money for birthdays, holidays etc. as we have in the past, as we need to save that money for retirement and a secret getaway now and then. They make four times the money we do, and I finally figured out that they will not suffer without our small contributions. A thoughtful card and sentiment I think is enough, especially because gifts to us are an emoji text for occasions, and a gift maybe every three years. It’s not tit for tat, but more being reasonable, yes, in our favor at this point.

      Five years now estranged from my son. Not a word. And I’m okay with it now. Of course I think of him, his happiness, health and well being. And the occasional what the hell happened thought that might blow my mind for a day or two. But as the years pass, ever so quickly now, there is no time to give to grief anymore.

      It sounds like you girls are ready for fun!! You, we, all deserve to be ALIVE and enjoy life to the fullest!! Wish we could see pictures here. I’ll use my imagination!

      Peace and Love 🤘🌻💕


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      I loved all of your comments and it gives me hope that one day I will be on the mend to “moving on” soon. I always felt like a terrible mother, even more terrible than they already make me feel, about moving on, but we need to. For our health and for our well being, most important our souls. I am new to the forum and I am so happy I found you all. This kind of support is what I needed to get out of my funk. Done with bad energy. Thank you all.
      Sincere gratitude,

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      The Bluesky, so glad to see you posting my friend. Joyful that you are moving on and enjoying life. This time around my estrangement is going on 5 years as well. My husband and I are doing as well as we can. And we too have that occasional moment like you ” And the occasional what the hell happened thought that might blow my mind for a day or two. But as the years pass, ever so quickly now, there is no time to give to grief anymore.” Our journey in this life is getting shorter and shorter and we need to put the grief aside for our own emotional health and well being. I still have some of my down days, my pity parties but they are short lived and I don’t allow them to consume me as in years past. I knew when this last estrangement occurred, my husband and I were done. We are getting older and just don’t have the patience and stamina to go through it again. If you get moment click on my avatar and read my posting on GD contacted me. ES and DIL have now stooped to a lower level if that’s at all possible. I missed seeing your posts, my dear friend and I am glad you are back on board. Love and Hugs, Rainbow

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