Give yourself a break

holidays abandoned parentsThis morning, I awoke from a shopping dream. Sounds a little like the end to the holiday rush, doesn’t it? Only in the dream, I was shopping for iced tea. Each vendor was offering something different to go with the drink. Iced tea with a cupcake, or iced tea with fried fish. Iced tea with any side dish, or no iced tea at all. All I wanted was iced tea, but I couldn’t get that without adding something on the side.

My dream probably relates to all the multitasking I’ve been doing lately. I’m sure many of you can relate. Busy taking care of other people, handling business and the holidays. . . . Maybe you wanted “iced tea,” too—a refreshing break amid the festivities and chaos. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the quiet space of a calming break when you’re hurting or worried, too. But it’s needed. Especially over something you can’t control or have no choice in.

Whether you’re busy with the holidays, or your mind is cluttered with hurt, give yourself a break. You deserve to rest and refresh. In the spirit of the season, will you join me in giving yourself this special gift?

Merry Christmas. Or Happy Hanukkah to you.

In the next few days, give your mind and heart a rest. Take a break from the worry, and let go of the sadness. As I talk about in an early section of my book, when your thoughts turn to your concerns or heartache, recognize and release them. Turn the page, and turn your attention to something that makes you happy instead. A bird fluffing its feathers in the winter cold, sunlight on glistening snow, or plans for the New Year ahead.

Give yourself a break (no side orders needed).

Hugs to all.  ~ Sheri McGregor

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3 thoughts on “Give yourself a break

  1. JanPhyllis

    This site and Sheri’s books are absolutely mind and spirit raising!!!
    Thank you Sheri for getting me to see the truth of it all and to have kept me from drowning in my own pity and sorrow for
    Your books and your iPhone sites are with me always!!
    Thank you for your help in all ways!!!
    I honestly and truly do not no where I would be without them!!!!!
    Good luck and my hope of happiness to all of us suffering the loss of one or more adult children to estrangement!!

    1. rparents Post author

      Thank you, JanPhyllis! It brings me such joy to know that my work here is helpful!

      Thank you also for your kindness to other parents on this journey.

      Sheri McGregor

  2. Mara

    I stumbled across this page as I am in the beginning stage of letting go of my EC. I have read some of the articles and the tears just won’t stop. I thank you and I can’t wait to get my book. Best wishes to all of us♥


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