Rejected Parents NewsFlash: Heartache and Tears Quilt, Canadian Grandparents Rights Association

By Sheri McGregor (2021, July)

Have you ever heard of Christmas in July? That’s my excuse to share this video, produced in December 2020, that highlights Heartache and Tears Quilt. Created by grandparents across Canada who have been denied the right to see their precious grandchildren, the close-ups of the individual squares in the video tell the heartbreaking story (tearjerker alert!).

The Canadian Grandparents Rights Association promotes grandparents rights and helps families re-establish broken ties.

Grandparents Rights

Current volunteer president of the Canadian Grandparents Rights Association, Daphne Jennings, has written a book, featuring the Heartache and Tears Quilt on its cover. The book: The Canadian Grandparents Story: It’s Never Too Late to Say I’m Sorry, gets to the heart of the organization’s mission.

Hugs from Sheri McGregor

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5 thoughts on “Rejected Parents NewsFlash: Heartache and Tears Quilt, Canadian Grandparents Rights Association

  1. Mary Catharine D.

    I also trust my grandson to come looking for me when he’s old enough to act independently of my daughter. I don’t obsess about it. I figure that there is enough of me in him to wonder and want to pursue a relationship. Life will prove me right or wrong, but I won’t sit in misery while life plays out for me.

    1. Anne B.

      I hope this also that there is enough of my nature in my grand daughters that they will be interested in finding out for themselves just what a loving nanna they have been Deprived of getting to know all they & myself have missed out on for many many years! I’ve had my heart ripped out . It’s so sad because my daughter had a lovely relationship while she was growing up she was respectful always telling me how proud of me as her mum & couldn’t wish for a better mum & how proud she was of me not my words these were her statement Not mine. She was so wanted as we waited a few years thinking we were Not going to be Blessed with a baby but we were giving a lovely daughter who people would say what a lovely wee girl outside & in this was so true .

  2. A. N.

    I’m afraid to get close to my grandchildren. Afraid I will start caring about them and someone will get mad over some little slight (that’s in their own mind), and cut me off. Is it worth it? I don’t think so. Sad.

    I wish the community/forum would come back it would be much easier to share.

  3. Ds

    Lost my mother, my two daughters estranged themselves and took my 5 grandkids with them. All in about 3 months. Very long story, but the saddest part is what they have done to their own children. We were very close to them. Going on 3 years now. Have stopped crying. You never get over estrangement but learn to live with it. My husband and I are enjoying many
    New things. As with all of you Limited with COVID in all our lives.
    But by grace of God, you can live with joy if you decide to. We are enjoying our lives, but will always
    Miss our grand children so very much.
    Wish the best to all the grand parents and live your life to the fullest with the years we have left.
    Hopefully the grandkids will come see us when they get older.
    Miss them so very much.
    Hugs to all of you.

    1. Elizabeth

      So sorry D…as if we did not have enough to contend with, all the separations due to the so-called pandemic added greatly to our troubles. I hope that your grandchildren will return to you one day…I often wonder the same in our case…we are allowed to talk to them briefly on their birthdays, and sometimes they will pop in when it is another child’s birthday but as we can no longer travel, it has been nearing 4 yrs now as to when we last saw them. So far all are still at home, though 2 are in college…guess it remains to be seen as to what happens when they go off into the world entirely. But we can hope, can’t we? Take care of yourselves…we 2 here are very glad we have each other anyway…and also some communications with our daughters…yet, one always longs for the lost lamb don’t they? I am writing some books which I hope will at least at our deaths, fall into their hands…and it may be that maybe some understanding will come to them then although so far my focus is on my childhood and my mom and her parents and kin. At least maybe we can share some then of the good parts of our family and what we learned…I hope you might be able to do the same…


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