Happy Mother’s Day

estranged mothers mother's dayTo all the hurting moms of estranged adult children – – celebrate yourselves. Mother’s day is set aside to honor all the amazing women who give and care and laugh and love and bring so much joy.

To so many of you mothers of estranged adults who have written to me about your experiences, commented in the forum, left replies to my posts at the site, or emailed to say thanks for the articles here . . . it’s my turn to thank YOU. For your encouragement, your sharing, and for all the love you give.

To mothers of estranged adults everywhere – –  you are beautiful. You are worthy. You are valuable.

Laugh, love, be with others, or isolate yourself. Do whatever YOU need to do to have a good Mother’s Day. Here are 6 ideas.

And here is a beautiful photo and music montage fitting for mothers of estranged adults on Mother’s Day.


And here’s my new book to help:


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1 thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Lynn

    I am so happy that Mothers’ Day is over for this year.
    I received a short “Happy Mother’s’ Day” from my
    daughter. This is the fourth year of making it through
    this difficult day. I have always believed that I was a good mother, not perfect, but loving, and generous.
    My children were never yelled at, hit, called names
    or anything of the sort.

    But here I am an emotional mess. My estranged daughter wanted my husband and me to go through
    4 hours of “therapy” where we would listen to
    all her shaming and blaming of us. We could only listen, not respond. We refused! This idea is crazy.
    I am already a mess; I am afraid I would be suicidal
    if we went through such a torture treatment. Such a
    “therapy” seems like mental and emotional abuse
    and the therapist is helping. No thanks!
    I am so grateful for this community of good people.
    I pray for all of you.


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