Happy New Year 2020

A reader sent me a link to this beautiful New Year’s blessing for the New Year, and it is too touching and wonderful not to share. I hope you will be as touched by the video and the beautiful music and sentiments I was. Hint: It’s even more moving if you allow it to open full-screen.

May we all have a joyful 2020 filled with love, beauty, and peace.

Hugs to you from Sheri McGregor.

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13 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2020

  1. Homesteader

    Good morning all:
    I just went through the Auld Lang Syne post on Facebook; it was lovely, but I had a really unexpected reaction to it…..as soon as it started I just totally broke down, without any warning. I felt that I had been doing really well over the past while and especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But I cried harder than I have in months with a need to hug my daughter and grandson that was almost more than I could bare. I just wanted to beg for enough time to hug them and tell them I love them. While I can’t contact them directly (don’t have their phone number and she may or may not have blocked email – I don’t send those anymore), they live not too far away and I’m sure they’re okay, so I know I’ll get through this. Wow, sure hope this doesn’t happen too often. If this has happened to anyone else, be strong, you’ll come through this, you’re not alone.

  2. Jacqueline P.

    Awesomely beautiful, thanks for sharing and all you do for us. From a mom of 2 out of 3 estranged adult kids! I’m doing better than ever with you and all my other gifts from God! Happy New Year 2020!

  3. Jo

    I am thrilled to have found this site and I ill be getting your book. I have gone through many years of abuse from my edest child only daughter and her recent horrid messages before Christmas make me realise that I must take care of myself, or this situation will ruin my life ….it has had terrible effects on my self esteem and self worth, mental health etc already. My husband also has suffered from her abuse. Her attacks are so cruel , so wrong , so unkind and she is totally unreasonable and wont let me near my grandaughter . And it is so heartbraking. It feels like a nightmare that intensifies weekly. I know I am not a perfect Mother and certainly have made mistakes I was a single parent struggling for te years completely on my own until I remarried but I recently with some counseling have realised I dont deserve the abuse and I am not the terrible mother she says I am. One step forward for me but there is more for me to learn and tools to help this terrible grief and to enjoy my life more. Thankyou. Jo

  4. Stephen

    Happy New Years to all us estranged parents.
    Quick update: As of last year, I took control of this situation after over 3 years now, by estranging the estrangement (wrap your head around that, lol). My daughter never 100% went away (like most don’t anyways), but would peek in just to punish me some more and try to use the 1st grandchild as leverage to make me be submissive to her demands, so I ended that (at least I thought I did) by estranging her back. This was the only way to stop her punishment, as I will not live being punished by the child I loved up to her adult life.
    Just a few weeks before Christmas a close person to me and my ES daughter came into town. He happen to see her and said she is pregnant. Not a big shocker to me, nor did I really care. My mom (grandma) is the only 1 in my family she did not disengage with (she even estranged her siblings go figure as they are younger, innocent and they loved her) and she is the only 1, except this 1 really special person. He did say, she is do any day now, so I asked my mom, believing she just kept it from me. Grandma did not know and is very hurt and now we are helping her cope with it, of what I had to endure already. This became part of our holiday then.
    Me being a grandparent to my 2 year old grandson meant, do I send him a Christmas gift or do I now! A few has said, he is innocent and should be acknowledged still by his grand parent. So, I chose a very good gift and decided to send for Christmas. As we are barely starting the new year, I just got the present back in the mail unwrapped. In fact we had put from grand parent me and your uncle $%#@. The name grandparent was scribbled out and uncle was scribbled out (younger brother who is innocent and full of love). Just underneath the card it said KEEP IT! This is not my daughters hand writing, it is her husbands and that we noticed right away. Just when I thought my daughter could not pry into my life, she found a way. I will not be sending anymore gestures from here on out. Grandma is now at a loss and it is the straw that broke the camels back.
    She will come running in a time of need and it will be when she divorces. It will happen and I regret the day I have to endure that situation. She forever left a mark that will be unrepairable. If I never see her again, I come to accept that and now I have to pick up and move along again. This is an evil that is not winnable. For an adult that escapes and rid this type of behavior from their lives, is a very lucky adult child.
    In my case, we learned just recently, it has to do with a religion, in-laws, husband and manipulation. This spell out a disaster in the future. I say, good luck with that, I’m out, living a carefree life. My daughter did not want children and if she decided to change her mind, 1 at the most, her dirt bag husband said he wants at least 5 – 7 (7 whaat, lol, WOW!). She is going on #2 right now and now we feel he will keep her pregnant, so she won’t run and by child 4/5 she will run. But the question is, who does she run to, as she has burned her bridges and grandma (who is now feeling their wrath) will probably be gone by that time.
    After reading countless forums and posts, I am starting to believe the one’s with spouses and grandchildren, are being coursed into doing this adult children estrangement thing. This was not heard of in our family and we feel we are on the normal side. Middle class, did not give to much, but was not without either. Was loved to death by the whole family let alone me her parent. No drugs or alcohol abuse. No sexual abuse. Again, we have no clue to why she would do this 3.5 years ago, other than the man she met 3.5 years ago.
    Stay strong and share, as a lot of us have things in common and sometimes it helps to realize our BOAT is getting over-crowded now, lol! Meaning, there is getting to be to many of us now….

  5. T

    Raise your hand if you believe Prince Harry could be one of our sons who married the wrong gal! “Mexit” looks different to me than the rest of the world. I lost my adult son after he met and soon married a very controlling/ problem girl- she convinced him AND his little brother I was mentally ill and abusive to them…. you know the rest. Anyway, look at Meghan- already alienated her family and friends, came between Harry and William, etc. and now this! Just goes to show it is who our kids are with or marry that are driving our children’s train! It’s the most common thread here. I wonder if this Royal Family incident will shed light on the adult child estrangement problem/nightmare many of us have been living in silence . Just saying….

    1. Gene

      T…..you are absolutely, positively, 100 percent spot on. So many testimonials on here refer to a controlling spouse who has come between an adult son/daughter and his/her extended family. We’re in out fifth year now of total estrangement and there’s no other (apparent) reason other than our DIL views us all as rivals. Why he plays along with this fiasco is a mystery to us. He’s not the same man that we knew.

    2. Ramona

      I quite like her and honestly we have no idea what is between a couple. She and him appear to be close with his family so I don’t see any of that, in fact Harry AND William said there is no problem between the two and denied a lot of the rumors that are out there. She just can’t deal with the UK press and how abusive and ugly they have been towards her and I don’t blame her. Wanting a better life for themselves and their son doesn’t mean they are estranged from his family. They are spending half of the year in Canada and half of the year in the UK.

  6. Clea

    I am also grateful for this website. I turn to it often when my family “blows up to pieces”. I endured years of verbal and physical abuse from my husband when our 4 kids were little. I wanted to keep the family together. My husband and I are still together and there hasn’t been any abuse for over 15 years. We’ve been together 28 years. Now my girls are 26, 27, and 32 and my son is 23. I’ve been doing all of the holidays without much help. I celebrate everyone’s birthday all year. Well unfortunately I was born on Dec 26 and I’m tired of being forgotten. Last year and this year my daughters want to “celebrate” me in the middle of opening Christmas presents. Not doing it anymore. Well this led up to a blowout on Christmas Day. I told my whole immediate family they don’t appreciate anything I’ve done for them so I’m not doing it anymore. What has this gotten me? Silence…they go on with their lives so I’m trying to go on with mine and forget about all of them. I was called a “fucking slob”, “cunt” and “annoying” all within weeks of Christmas. I’m not putting myself out there anymore to get hurt. It was always “Family First” for me but 2020 is going to be “Me First”. God Bless Everyone.

  7. T

    Gene! SAME! Thank you! I still cannot figure out how our estranged children go along with what they are told verses the truth! I’ve never seen anything like it! Like most here, I could not have been closer to my sons while they were growing up. How do they not have any control over their thoughts , memories or life?! Prince Harry was first isolated at Christmas- I saw this coming. We have seen our own entire families affected by the estrangements- the entire Royal Family will be affected too- how can they not be?! They are no different from us when it comes to relationships. Theirs is just being played out on the worlds stage while we suffer year after year, day after day in silence. It will be interesting to watch the parallels unfold. Some news commentator said last night, “ What’s wrong with this kid???! (Harry) You can just leave your family!!!!” Little does he know.

  8. Susan

    Thank you for writing your book and creating this website. It has been so helpful in my journey and those of my clients.

    1. rparents Post author

      Thank YOU, Susan. I appreciate your kind words. I am so grateful to be of some help. Thank you for sharing the book with your clients, and I am sure you have been instrumental in their progress.

      Hugs to you!

      Sheri McGregor

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