A Note to Fathers

To the fathers of estranged adult children who have come upon my book, Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children

Fathers of estranged adult children often ask:

  • Why did you exclude the fathers?

To answer, here’s an excerpt from the book:

A Note to Fathers

You might wonder why I have chosen to direct this book to mothers. In the support forum at www.RejectedParents.NET, and among the thousands of parents who completed my survey, the vast majority are mothers. In fact, less than seven percent of my survey respondents were fathers. Of these, a great many ticked off only the basic, categorical answers, ignoring the empty boxes in which so many mothers poured out their sadness as they wrote in their stories. That’s why I have chosen to title and direct the book to mothers as the main audience—but that doesn’t mean this book won’t help you.

Women frequently report that their husbands aren’t as burdened by the estrangement as they are. It’s more likely that you handle your emotions in different, and perhaps more subtle ways. The fact is that regardless of gender, no two individuals are the same. We all process emotions and handle problems differently, based on a variety of factors such as personality, upbringing, and our particular history.

While the stories in the book are from the mother’s perspective, many of the examples are of couples, and include the experiences of fathers. Some passages directly highlight men’s reactions by using my husband’s emotions, as well as the reactions of other men. The principles presented are relevant to fathers, and the strategies for coping can be used by anyone.

Fathers, I hope you will reach out, and let me know how you used the book—and how I might better help you in the future.  ~~ –Sincerely, Sheri McGregor

Available through popular booksellers. Ask your local bookstore to order this book for parents of estranged adult children for you. Or order online at:
Barnes And Noble

Not in the U.S — you can still get the book. Ask your local bookstore, or order at Amazon.ca or Amazon.com/uk

One parent recently told me they appreciated the way the title was arranged. The subtitle is very small, so the subject matter isn’t obvious–making it easy to carry inconspicuously.

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1 thought on “A Note to Fathers

  1. Maureen

    Dear Shari,
    This opportunity is new & very different approach to a situation that is totally draining; however, not unexpected. The passive/aggressive, love/hate dynamic relationship between me & my adult son has gone on for years & in waves. My first Husband, my Son’s Father left a strong, yet absent imprint on both my Son & I. What I mean by absent means an intangible force. His spirit was what he was able to give us. He passed away suddenly when Michael was 4 months old. My purpose was to protect & raise my one & only child in the best was I could. I was 23 @ the time, not exactly equipped to deal, let alone thrive. That being said, I tried my best with what I could manage. The best part is that my Son is 38 next & he’s alive! Grateful is an understatement about his life. The circumstances around the beginnings are a great attempt @ survival & Love. That is why its a heavy in my heart day that my adult Son doesn’t contact me, not even during this time of uncertainty of The Novel Corona-19 Virus. That speaks volumes. I just want to hear his voice & know that he’s alright! He sends me texts, meanwhile, I’ll say, in a text, call me when you can….Waiting patiently for change, but I realize this has been going on for years. Since he was a teenager, an angry, out of control juvenile delinquent. He may be in his 30’s, but there are parts of him that are still rebellious & unsettled. No amount of Love is going to heal him, until he learns it was NEVER my fault his Father passed…Thank you! I am truly looking to heal & change what I can in this situation, which is me.


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