Helping estranged parents: Take the survey

Helping estranged parents, take the confidential survey

You know how little information is available that helps estranged parents. We are often faced with criticism and judgment. People tend to make quick assumptions about us being horrible parents, when it just isn’t true. No parent is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. For loving parents who did their best, estrangement hurts. We need support and kindness in order to heal.

If you are estranged from your adult child, please consider helping estranged parents by taking the confidential, 8-question survey for estranged parents. The short, confidential survey is designed to better understand the emotional distress of parents who are estranged from their children.

The topic is a sensitive one, yet the trend of adult children disengaging from parents appears to be on the rise. Your confidential answers are important, and may provide insight to help diminish the emotional impact to estranged parents. Please spend a few minutes helping estranged parents by answering a few confidential questions.

Thank you for helping. Estranged parents like us can educate and support one another.

Thank you for taking the confidential survey for estranged parents. Together, we can educate other people (and ourselves).

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