Mother’s Day, estrangement, and the unexpected

by Sheri McGregor, M.A.

Every year since starting this site, I’ve paid special attention to holidays. This Mother’s Day isn’t all that different. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find links to some of my past articles about Mother’s Day. Estrangement can make the day a tough one, and I always want to help. If that’s what you’re after, then by all means, scroll on down for those links for information and help. But if Mother’s Day estrangement has become your norm, or you need a good laugh or some distraction, maybe you’ll enjoy what follows.

Mother’s Day, estrangement, and Colonel Sanders

KFC’s Colonel Sanders didn’t always have his signature white hair and goatee. That’s the premise behind a new romance novel featuring the Colonel as a hunky pirate in a historical romance. In honor of Mother’s Day, estranged mothers (or anyone) can download the e-book for free. I haven’t read this yet. The cover looks a little spicy. Hopefully, the meat of the book isn’t bland. (Please excuse my silly puns. If you want to read better ones, look at the book’s reader reviews when you click through to the download link. They’re hilarious!) You can can read those later though. First, check out the video trailer for the book.

Mother’s Day: Estrangement doesn’t mean staying home sad

All around the country, there are special “freebies” for Mother’s Day. Estranged mothers count, too. Most of the restaurant freebies I found are for sit-down meals with one free entree per table. If that suits you, do an internet search for “Mother’s Day freebies,” and you’ll find restaurants around the nation.

On Mother’s Day, estrangement can make us vulnerable to sadness at seeing families out in restaurants together, so here are a few more ideas for free and fun things to get out and see or do on Mother’s Day.

  • Check out your local zoo. Some city zoos offer free entry for mothers on Mother’s Day. Take your spouse or a friend by the hand and get out for a wild day with the animals.
  • Local aquariums, museums and other venues regularly offer moms a free ticket on Mother’s Day. If you can find a free museum with Egyptian artifacts, well, who knows? It might be a good distraction to see a “mummy” on Mother’s Day.  🙂

To find fun, free things to do on Mother’s Day in your area, look around online . At, try the following search terms.

  • Mother’s Day free entry+name of your city
  • Mother’s Day freebies
  • Mother’s Day giveaway
  • Mother’s Day special offer

As is done in the first one just above, you could add the plus sign (+) and the name of your city to any term you use for more localized results. But try the terms without your city attached, too. You might be surprised what sorts of finds you discover.

Mother’s Day, and estranged from adult children: Here’s help

As mentioned at the top of this article, this site is here to support you every day, including Mother’s Day. Estranged adult children complicate what might have previously been a favorite. Here are links to some past articles with tips and information to help you enjoy the day.

Mother’s Day: Triggering pain for mothers of estranged adults

T’was the night before Mother’s Day, for mothers of estranged adult children

Getting Through Mother’s Day when your adult child is estranged

Greetings from estranged adult children

Happy Mother’s Day




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8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, estrangement, and the unexpected

  1. Lynne

    The video was excellent. Thank you Sheri. Yes, next Sunday another very sad Mother’s Day is a coming. I loved the thought about forgiveness. Yes, I do feel better about myself knowing I can truly forgive. My prayer for all of us who live this unfathomable pain is…..our children’s lack of love and forgiveness Never define who we are. God tells us who we are. I pray we hold onto this everyday. Happy Mother’s Day to you all! Love, Lynne

  2. Stacy

    Last year, the first Mother’s Day of this estrangement, was horrible. I went to church and that was a mistake. Although our pastor threw in a “sub-par moms” empathetic comment, I just didn’t work for me. He tried, but I was crushed the entire sermon. The one thing I’m not doing is going to church. I think what I will do is visit another mom who needs cheering up.

    1. Lynne

      I agree with you Stacy…no church that day for me either. Decided that my wonderful husband and I are going to put flowers on my Mom’s grave, go to the zoo, and eat at some new restaurant. The feeling of rejection from my daughter is hard. I keep in my mind what my own Mom said to me a few years before she died. She told me I was the best kid she had and she said loved me the very most of all her kids. I would never tell my siblings that she said this but this love from my own Mother has helped me so, so much. Oh how I wish she was still here. She made the observation to me, many years before my daughter’s estrangement, that my daughter just wasn’t very good to me. She saw my own daughters’ coldness. The love between my Mom and me is something I will never have with my own daughter. Thinking about you all on Mother’s Day. Do something this day that will make you smile. Love to you all, Lynne

    2. Claire

      I’m in total agreement with you, Stacy. Although I attend church regularly, Mother’s Day is not the place to be nor are restaurants with all the families gathered to honor Mom. We do not need to put ourselves through even more reminders of our estranged children (I have two) and the guilt or skewed thoughts that come crashing in on us about our perceived unworthiness or failures as parents when we know we gave it our all and did our best for our kids. I’m not sure what I will do, but it may be a long walk in the park, time at the gym, listening to great music, planting some flowers, or buying a new outfit. I may even buy myself a bouquet of flowers and make some chocolate dipped strawberries. I am thankful that I will be able to see one son and his family and will love the ones I’m with.

  3. Anne P.

    No one can take education away from us. No one can take our status as mothers away from us. So in combining those two things I’ve learned that all the time I spent pregnant and giving birth and sleep deprived nights, wiping up diarrhea and vomit, calming screaming toddlers, listening to recitals, making costumes and baking cakes…was done out of love. I released that love to the universe in the form of a human who was nourished and cherished. I’d even do it again knowing the results. Because love is love is love is love is love. And I made the universe a better place because of it.

    1. notbrokenjustbent

      Anne P..what a lovely comment you have written,you are so right ,you have made the universe a better place.May your Sunday be pleasant for you.

    2. Claire

      Anne P.,that is a wonderful observation and I thank you for sharing it. I can so relate to your description of what we all did as mothers and how and why we did it – it was because of our love for them. How our children now perceive that love is very sad for us and will be for them eventually. We do not deserve the cruelty that we endure.

  4. warrior

    Anne P

    Thank you you. great words, they were so full of love of the estranged child. I too would do it all over again. I so cherished having my son and all of the time we were close.

    I will celebrate Mothers day for my Mom, but will stay home on Sunday.


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