Mother’s Day: Gift from . . . !

Mother's Day estranged adult children

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13 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: Gift from . . . !

  1. Jane

    This was my third Mother’s Day without my daughter and this time I didn’t expect anything. This time I actually wished that she wouldn’t contact me, and she didn’t. My two sons and their wonderful wives treated me so kindly. My daughter was on my mind that day but I didn’t cry. But I stayed away from my husband’s sisters who are very judgemental. My daughter’s boyfriend, along with her friends and online therapists recommended her to estrange our whole family. Sherri, thank you for your beautiful posts and to all of you mothers and fathers: You are not alone!

  2. Jennifer

    I’m almost a year into this estrangement. I still have trouble putting one foot in front of the other. I was a devoted single mom. My son was my world. I am crushed. I don’t have other children. I spent my life advocating for him. Mental health issues play a big role and my primary job was keeping him from hurting himself. Advocating at his school, with insurance companies, and with doctors and counselors. Now I am blocked from ever contacting him again.

  3. Irene

    Didn’t know how I was going to get through today but I did.
    My husband was amazing. I did not hear from my estranged daughter as was expecte. Friends and family who know the situation sent me fabulous messages and now the day is over.
    I can’t help wondering how much she must resent me or be hurting to not speak to her mother for the first Mother’s day in 31 years. I am so confused but thank you Sheri and all of you for sharing. It really helps. The day is over and we’re still here. Broken hearts for sure but we must stay strong.
    Hugs to all you Mamas.

  4. Erin

    Thank you this. It’s been 4 painful years of tears and heartbreak from my adult children and most recent my adult grandchildren blaming me for their parents. I am starting to remember the happy person I used to be before this grief. I am focusing everyday on remembering what it felt like to feel joy. It’s fleeting some days but other days I can make it last. I let the grief have its moments. But I’m letting the joy have its moments too. My vision is that soon the joy will take the lead. When people ask me about my family I smile and think about the happier days. I don’t deserve to be judged by others on how things are now.

  5. Serenity

    Just a small note to express “Immeasurable” Gratitude & Love for Beautiful Sheri & Each Beloved One Here…
    From One Mother’s Heart To Another…
    Remember…Beloved Ones…
    One’s Heart Is “Mult-Factifaceted”…
    Dictionary Definition:
    1. having many facets:
    “the play of light on the diamond’s multifaceted surface”
    As “Mother Nature”…”Mother Earth” Is…
    “The Divine Essence”
    Much more than a “Mother”…
    So too are We…
    Happy “Mother’s Day”…
    May All Beings Be Blessed In Body…Mind…& Spirit…

    “I believe I know the only cure – to decorate one’s inner house so richly that one is content there, glad to welcome anyone that wants to come and stay, but happy all the same when one is inevitably alone.” –Edith Wharton-

    Love…Light…Hugs…& Purrrs,
    (Serenity aka Meowzurrr) & Purrr-Kitty “Beauty-Purrrl”…

  6. Betty

    Very hard morning for me! I’ve asked what I have done wrong as a mom several times during the last few years – she has no reasons of her own, only of her dads. Very said that a 21 year old has been brainwashed to dislike me.

  7. susan franklin

    It has been 9 Long years since My daughters kicked me out of their lives. I miss them and my grandchildren so much. No words can express my grief.

  8. Lea Ann

    My two adult children and six grands shunned me when I divorced That was spring of 2016. My world collapsed. There have been small fragile efforts which fail quickly. At one time I would have settled for a crumb of a word just one word from them. But now I pray they do not reach out to me again until they have healed and repented to Christ. Otherwise it is pearls before swine.

  9. Dani

    I bought myself a beautiful bouquet of roses and thanked my Heavenly Father for them. It has been going on almost 7 years since I saw my beautiful grand children. Every time I think of reaching out to my estranged son I stop myself and think of all the abuse he has thrown at me over the decades and realise it could very well be more of the same. I pray for them. My heart is broken over this. I will never be the same but life goes on. When people ask about my son and grandchildren I have to lie and say they live far away in order to spare possible judgement and more sorrow upon sorrow.

    My advice to all of you estranged parents is know that God loves you and He sees your pain and is close to the broken hearted. May He comfort and bless your broken hearts!

  10. Helen L.

    Hi, I’m from South Wales in the UK and so Mother’s Day for us is in the month of March. It’s always a difficult day for us and I am sending my love to you all and hope you get through Mother’s Day your own way. I’m a year into my estrangement and I’m crawling out the other end.
    What struck me on researching this phenomena is that so many parents are facing estrangement of their much loved adult children. It’s really helped me to know you’re all out there and we can support each other.
    Love and best wishes to you all.

  11. Gail

    I haven’t seen my 7 yr old granddaughter since November. My daughter has had me blocked for around 2 months now. I go to a therapist. I don’t know if she helps me. Unless you have been through this therapist or not it’s hard to even understand

  12. Margaret

    Sheri this arrived the day before Mother’s Day here in Western Australia!
    Thank you for this it made me smile
    Not an easy day but as my husband says to me ‘just because our ungrateful ( and in one case abusive children) can’t see you for who you truly are that’s their problem, because I will always know and appreciate what an amazing Mum you’ve been!’
    My husband is a great man and an amazing Dad.


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