Mother’s Day radio interview with Sheri McGregor

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all the mothers who are estranged from adult children will will glean something of value from this latest interview at Beyond 50 Radio.  It was a second take. The first interview had a technical glitch, so we did it again (I may sound a little tired!).

Mothers who are estranged from adult children can have a tough time with this holiday. Some tell me it’s the worst one for them. Please be kind to yourselves. Remember, it’s about you. Another adult’s opinion doesn’t have to define you.  It’s about you, so please do what it takes to cherish the day. Each one is a gift. Click on the Beyond 50 radio logo for the interview. Or click here.
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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day radio interview with Sheri McGregor

  1. phyllis

    thank you for being out there and letting me know that I’m not losing my mind or that I did something wrong raising them and then I’m not alone and there are other parents out there like me and I believe it’s the millennials the ones who are raised on game boy and cell phones who are the problematic ones. Who believe wholeheartedly they know more than us, The new generations NEW souls.

  2. phyllis

    Everything in this video mentioned about the DJ’s daughter and the grandchildren Sheri – is exactly How I am living my life with my 2 daughters. I raised my daughter’s alone as a single mother I struggled but was successful enough to buy home and provide everything a mother and a father would provide to my children in their fathers absence. Both fathers were not involved in either of my daughters lives who are 10 years apart. My eldest daughter is 39 it has a three and five-year-old girls(but of course I wished on her lol). A huge difference in our lives as mothers yes!!
    I was a single mom working my butt off taking my sick kids to work with me and making sure we made sporting events on time. and providing for them and doing for them as if a mother and father were both here including all the things a father would Do for us being a family – motorcycles, camping, boating, vacations, sports, and repairs around the house and yardwork. While my daughter is a stay at home mom with a husband who is a wonderful provider and loves his daughters and works his butt off. The girls go to the gym and preschool locally to the Home a few times a week. Her house is a disaster a pigsty. She is constantly complaining about being overwhelmed! Is she kidding?! So overwhelmed that she is in therapy every week and now has decided to take on a coat of independence there by joining a girls motorcycle riding club and taking off for weekends or several days including Mother’s Day tomorrow alone! because she needs a break because she’s been with her kids for 30 days straight and she needs to get away there by leaving her husband who works 60 hours a week to deal with the kids. The kids in my opinion are spoiled the baby them the five year olds very insecure and she knows how to be manipulative and controlling with her temperature entrance and her oh poor me crying I’m scared act, and the three-year-old is more independent and bossy even of her older sister. Unfortunately both are glued to their little iPad things or the TV constantly even though they may be educational I refuse to believe that is healthy or that it’s respectful especially during meals and especially when they fight over it. I have a little tolerance for whining and crying for no reason I raise my children the same way – they do not. Orange and belief that she is abandoning her children on Mother’s Day instead of rejoicing with them and doing something fun with them that she wants to do for her special day instead, I feel she’s being incredibly selfish! I will be curious to see what her husband decides to do for Father’s Day and how she will ridicule him if he decides he wants to go play golf with his buddies. Not to mention once again I feel abandoned because I’m the mother and I have never missed a Mother’s Day with my mother until she later Lost her mind in any memory of who I am. We have ups and downs this daughter sometimes it’s good and often times it’s not good as long as I’m doing what she likes for me to do everything is fine I get calls for daytime babysitting or evening babysitting but I never ever I’m allowed to have those kids over here at my home however they spend weekends and days and nights over at the other grandmas house who lives in a mansion and there are other kids they’re not their age much older and that’s always been the excuse because of the older kids that are there. The excuse for not bringing them here ever is that I run a Dog Rescue, even though most of them are old and decrepit and sleep all day and all of them are friendly I decided OK I will create a play area in my gigantic backyard and that is what I did I enclosed part of my backyard I bought a Playskool Playhouse and painted it purple and lavender and decorated it with lights inside and out and stickers and flowers with her name on it in glitter plants in furniture kitchen table and chairs kitchen set rockers, an easel that is packed full of activities to do I have a swimming pool with pool toys and the area was complete approximately three years ago. It’s beautiful and it’s been used twice. The kids love to come here they love to be with me they love to play with her play area – so why don’t they ever bring them here? Even for a few hours during the day once a week? She doesn’t seem to understand how painful it is to me to know that these kids wanna come here and other grandma and auntie get to have them for overnight stays a few times a month and I can’t even get them for a couple hours.
    Number two daughter 29 years old has been rescued from her roommates and her apartments or houses where she has lived I think this time is number seven I had to go and get her furniture and she had no place to go with her animals and because she has dogs and I am a Dog Rescue with compassion, quite honestly at this point, I bring them here because I believe I care more about the dogs and what will happen to them!
    she is extremely narcissistic. Actually both my daughters are to appoint this one more in their lives and their problems and their health in there aches and pains Most of all their time is more important than mine, their mom.
    #2 has always been in the cannabis industry with different corporations or companies are trying to be in her own business which I admired her for and helped her try to build with CBD and THC items to aid in general health i.e. lotions, pain rub, different types of sauces and edibles, bath salts. But being that she hates zero advice from me On any issue or subject, her business has gone nowhere. Every time she has moved somewhere explained to her reason why I fell that this place could be potentially dangerous or not best friend every single time, it ended badly. Since she’s lived here I know what she’s like to live with and she is lazy and she makes broken promises. She does not respect me living here or my time or offer any help beyond lifting a finger. That includes financially although those are all the promises that were made to be able to come back. After she’s here she complains about everything the rescue dogs, having no space, in my 1800sf two-story home, That she has occupied not only her room but my guestroom my office the bathroom the hallway and the downstairs area. what. However there’s no’s reciprocation and when I do ask for the assistance or help I get yelled at that she is busy she’s going to work she doesn’t have money and it ends up with me being resentful and asking her to leave. I brought her back for the seventh time because she had no friends to help her move your furniture out of her best friends Home or she lives with her mother and her child and my daughter had the opportunity to rent the grandma unit in the back I told her not to move in there that it would destroy her friendship and it did and she is heartbroken because her girlfriend has a boyfriend who came between them. There’s two sides to every story and because she’s lived here and I know how she is I’m sure that many of the situations where she lived and how they ended up or ended partly her fault because she sees no fault in herself. It’s always everybody else that is doing some thing to her however I know that she is completely capable of burning bridges as she has with me Numerous times as well as her sister where she lived and overstayed her stay never offering any financial assistance or aid around the house. Her sister kicked her out. I think what hurts the most with her is aside from the way she speaks to me with such disrespect and lack of responsibility or ownership, is that she will complain about living here or her animals are cared for her when she’s gone and has space of her own and will not offer a finger to help with anything or financial assistance because she’s living here, She will move out angerly, And the last place she moved into was a 900 square-foot 2bdrm house, with the kitchen it looks about the size of my grand children’s play area in a tiny bedroom with a tiny closet in the shared bathroom and she will have no problem paying $800 rent. That hurts me that she’s willing to go pay money for a room like that to a stranger to help with her mortgage but she cannot help her own mother when she knows that I struggle and that my utility bills are increased with another human living here, like whining that it’s hot in the house and expecting me to run the air conditioning all the time or leaving the TV on all night so I have asked her to leave and we’ve had breaks in time or we have not spoken for over a year. I didn’t even see her at Christmas her excuses she doesn’t believe in Hallmark holidays and that it’s a marketing ploy for money making which has nothing to do with spending time with your family in certain excuse not to have to buy gifts. it’s a very very very rare to receive from her in anyway shape or form mentally physically emotionally financially. But when it happens and it’s a rarity I’m very grateful. Both of my daughters would rather spend more money on their friends and tell me they’re broke and spend money traveling or going somewhere for themselves then to repay debt when they know I am struggling. I’m having surgery on Tuesday and you would think that my daughters would want to be by my side I have to ask someone else to take me a pick me up!
    for Mother’s Day tomorrow I wish all the mothers out there who are suffering I wish you peace and try to find a little bit of joy in some thing that you love to do. I think getting away from your home is beneficial for your health to not have it in your face don’t go somewhere you’ve gone with your kids go somewhere you enjoy going go for a drive to the mountains go for a drive to the beach take yourself to lunch or out for brunch go for a walk on the beach or take your bike and ride at the boardwalk drive up the coast gas is expensive that’s the only problem but visit the zoo fine events or activities on the website in your area.
    thank you for posting this again Sheri Hitting the head on the nail and I will be watching this again today and I actually thought about sending it to my daughters. Quite honestly I just think they’re waiting for me to die because they want what they think they will get! But they’ll be in for a big surprise when that time comes, I am also looking to move far away so at least there’s not that excuse in my mind as to why I cannot see my granddaughters or why my kids don’t care more about me I will know that 3000 miles will make it difficult and that will be my excuse And that will hurt less than living 15 minutes away


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