Mother’s Day radio interview with Sheri McGregor

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all the mothers who are estranged from adult children will will glean something of value from this latest interview at Beyond 50 Radio.  It was a second take. The first interview had a technical glitch, so we did it again (I may sound a little tired!).

Mothers who are estranged from adult children can have a tough time with this holiday. Some tell me it’s the worst one for them. Please be kind to yourselves. Remember, it’s about you. Another adult’s opinion doesn’t have to define you.  It’s about you, so please do what it takes to cherish the day. Each one is a gift. Click on the Beyond 50 radio logo for the interview. Or click here.
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1 thought on “Mother’s Day radio interview with Sheri McGregor

  1. Ambitious

    After devoted to my family for 27 years, it is nothing positive but ongoing struggle of power, control and living in the past. Not only that my children blamed me for their lives not turning out the way they expected. My four children are over 18 with “Know-it-All” attitude and have all the answers.

    They do not want me around in their lives. For 3 years, I took “I time” healing myself and doing what I have to do to move forward and not living the past. As time progress in enjoying and pursuing life to the fullest, it gets easier.

    The past three years, I am getting used to my new life – reviving, peaceful and free of chaos. Granted it was hard in the beginning. Had to make tough choices in cutting ties with those that put my life at risk physically and emotionally. Cannot risk my health or put my life in danger by my two oldest daughters that bullying me. Insult my Hearing Impairment by saying, “What I cannot hear you.” They are 30s and still in that predicament.

    With everyone over 18 years old, I made the choice of not surrounded by negativity, worrying about my life in danger, attacked physically or verbally over a comment or disagreement. There is no more, “Crying over spill milk or trying to hang on to hope for a complete family.” I am living life peacefully and I am not responsible for anyone such as a partner or minor children.

    Many great actions this year – working on my next move with my career. This year I went to Europe and my Commencement Graduation for my Master’s Degree in Business Administration this month. Making new friends, joining groups to meet new people – supportive, positive, and living now.

    My oldest daughter in her early 30s, reached out to me by text in having a relationship shortly before Mother’s Day 2019. I did not become optimistic because I knew there was a catch. Many years Bella (fiction name) and her fiancé do not acknowledge me or say, “Hi.” They are rude and too much to themselves. At a funeral event in the beginning of the year, Bella was saying she make all this money. I know she is manipulative. Text said that it is up to me if I want to do come back to her life and be part of it. It would be a special bonding to help her plan her wedding. At the same time, Bella reveal she and her fiancé been engaged for years and do not have money to plan their wedding.

    My children did not reach out to me Mother’s Day for years and forward. I did not receive “A Happy Mother’s Day” text, call or invite for dinner, movie or anything. They did not congratulate me on my Master’s Degree.

    This is where I made the decision not take advantage. With both of them, they should have more than enough money for a wedding. I am starting over the second time from a bad divorce. Took me long time to get where I am. Able to save money and live within my means and no partner in my life, one of my goals is to own my own small home or Condo for me to live for the rest of my life.

    Then Bella did not like my response. Bella rant and pulling her scheme in turning the other siblings (my children) not to include me or want me around. I punished for their lives turnaround, decisions, get something out of me
    Personal gain and never hear from them again. Bella told everyone I abandoned them and Bella tried to keep the family together. Bella told everyone she and the other three siblings to disown me.

    My advice, “Do things you love and learn new skills is wonderful! Let go of things out of your control. If not everyone wants to be together or work together or enjoy each other’s company, it is not worth it – just caused headaches, upset stomachs and panic attacks. Your life is so precious and cannot risk your health. Without your health, you will have nothing. It is time for new journey!”

    “Tomorrow is a mystery. Yesterday is history. Live today, it is a gift – that is why they call it “present” – Aleatha Romig, Consequences.


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