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I couldn’t speak about the estrangement without choking up/crying. I am able to now……when I found this forum I realized I am not a freak…. I am not a bad mom and I no longer need to feel shame for being ejected from my ED’s life. My daughter should be ashamed.

Here’s more about the members-only, private community:

Join the “Done With The Crying” Community and Peer Support Group 
For Parents of Estranged Adult Children

Healing, education, and support group for parents of estranged adult children. 

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Sheri McGregor, author of the Done With The Crying series of books for parents of estranged adult children and founder of this site and the member community.

Let me tell you a little about why this site exists. When one of my adult children became estranged, I looked for help and didn’t find much. I knew there were other parents out there who were going through this but whenever I saw anything about parent-and-adult-child estrangement, I also saw judgment and shaming. And I already knew what that felt like. As parents, we’re often the first ones to wonder what we did to raise someone who would disown us. It felt so isolating . . . and that’s why I’m passionate about this work. It’s so upsetting when people write to me and tell me they feel all alone. I’ve been there. And that’s why I started this site and began the membership community.


"Simply put: this place of healing saved my life." ~ movingonwithmylife

I started this site in late 2013, and while estrangement is much more talked about these days, parents still need a safe place to go. A safe space for understanding, encouragement, and practical help from a community of others who really “get” this. And that’s what you’ll find here. I’ve worked hard to keep this site compassionate, friendly, and focused on living a good life despite what’s happened–which is the thrust of all my work, my books, my private, one-to-one coaching, and in the newsletter. The private, community membership area is a unique peer support group for parents of estranged adult children that has been thriving since early 2014, when it became a feature of the overall website.

You probably never imagined ever needing a community built around estrangement from your son or daughter, or more than one . . . I’m hearing from more and more families where several or even all of their offspring have decided to cut ties . . . and it’s heartbreaking. I know joining a community such as this one might feel scary but I hope you’ll read through the FAQ, read the member testimonials here on this page, and just take a step for yourself. You deserve your own kind and thoughtful caring . . . and I know you won’t be sorry you joined this peer support group for parents of estranged adult children.

Inspired encouragement

" . . . even if I can’t change the situation with my ED, I can still enjoy life and carry on, and I don’t have to see myself as a failure as a mom, which continues to be so beneficial to me. Thank you all for your encouragement, your inspiration, and support." ~ Sunflowermom

Whether you immediately join in the conversations or just read and benefit from others’ dilemmas and examples, and the shared wisdom of other parents who have been through this, endured, and benefited from the shared wisdom, I know you’ll be glad you joined–for your own sanity and peace going forward.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. That’s why I’ve included so many testimonials on the page. They’re from actual members, some who have been part of the community since its inception.

For now, I’ll keep this short, but I can’t wait to welcome you into the member area once you’re inside. You’ll find deeper sharing among parents, understanding, and a community of care.

And there will be a few bonuses, too, including some live and recorded classes, meetings, and more–all focused on you, the parents of estranged adult children who are forging a new path forward. You’re worthy of your own kind care.

Never alone

"I don’t post very often but I find this site very helpful. A lot of the posts resonate with me and I feel that they help me understand what has been happening in my life. Sometimes it is uncanny how similar our experiences are. You realise that you are not alone in this nightmare. The site also helps me to get through all the triggering occasions and setbacks. I visit every day."  ~ LookingForASunnyDay

Don’t stay all by yourself. You’re gonna love the camaraderie, so come on in!

So freeing!

"I joined this forum two years, four months ago. Finding this forum and becoming a member of this community saved my sanity. Literally. I knew no one else who had the experience of estrangement from adult children. No one. I felt so very alone in my trauma. I found the forum in my search for a safe place to be. A place of acceptance. A place of understanding. A place where caring parents joined together to help each other. Parents that completely understand each other’s hurt. And anger. And sadness. And all the other things that wrapped around us with tight chains of despair. Thanks to this forum and the beautiful people here…and that includes you, Sheri, I have found healing. It’s like a huge boulder has been taken off my very well being and is no longer crushing me. What a freeing feeling that I could actually have joy and happiness in my life again. And that I was not to blame. The chains have been broken." ~ Soulshine&Daisies

Scroll down to Unlock your entry into to the “Done With The Crying” Community, a Peer support group for parents of estranged adult children.

When asked to choose your “username,” which is the display name for posts in the member area, please do not use your name or email address. It is cause for cancellation of your membership.

If you’re familiar with Sheri McGregor’s work, you know that she focuses on you—the parent—because regardless of the decision your adult sons or daughters have made, you must still manage your life and successfully function. You may have other children, a spouse, important work … They all need your time and energy too.

Finding joy and purpose again

“We come with our pain to find solace, understanding, and others like us. However, this is a place that shows us the path to move on from there; to find purpose and joy once again in our lives.”

~ Emily Webster

Don’t wait another minute to get community support to reclaim your life—and that doesn’t necessarily mean you must give up hope for a reunion. Like some members, you may be actively reaching out to let your child know how much you care.

Or, you may be like those parents who, at least for now, are done … with the crying, trying, and even any prying into their offspring’s life. In this community, you won’t be negatively judged for finally putting your needs first.

Whether you’re newly estranged or are years beyond the shocking fracture and disbelief, you’ll be welcomed by supportive friends who really get the stress and heartache of rejection by your own child(ren). It helps to know that you’re not alone, and with understanding voices at various stages of estrangement pain—as well as the healing beyond its devastation—you’ll benefit from their compassion and years of in-the-trenches experience. This peer support group for parents of estranged adult children is a unique safe spot where you’re heard and understood.

Note: You must be the parent or stepparent of one or more estranged (or semi-estranged) adult children to join this community.

When you become a member, you’ll gain access to:

  • Private, online community of your peers to share and gain insights from others
  • Virtual meetings or workshops a few times per year
  • Premium content as its added
  • Discounts on future groups or programs (as long as you’re a current member)
  • Other surprises as they’re designed

Meet other parents just like us and benefit from support and caring that’s ready and waiting for you whenever you need it, 24/7, 365.

From desperation to dignity

I found this site in a moment of desperation and went to google. My emotions were out of control. The rejection was beyond anything I had experienced in my life. I cried everyday, as soon as I got in my car after work, during lunch, and even at work. I was exhausted trying to keep it together. I was exhausted from putting on a smile while listening to others talk about their children and grandchildren. So I googled something like, “adult children rejection”, and up popped Sheri! I devoured the stories she shared. I bought her first book and started the work to heal. I joined the community of other rejected moms and dads. I have cried while posting and cried while reading other’s post. I have shared my heart here where it is safe. This site has wisdom, compassion, advice, laughter, encouragement and respect for one another. Being estranged from your adult children is gut wrenching. Here we support one another with dignity that we had lost from estrangement."

~ Boots

If you’re still on the fence, read the FAQ below. Or, perhaps one-on-one coaching is a better fit (find out more). Or, feel free to reflect for for as long as you feel the need. But, right now, for your first 6-months or year, you can get an additional discount. Take 25% off the already discounted 6-month option, or 30% off a 12-month membership. Use coupon code reopen6 or reopen12 at checkout.

Not ready? You can still register for the free newsletter that goes out usually once per month (gain access). If you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll receive notice of any new programs, content, or other offerings here at the site where, as of this writing, there is a decade of free content I’ve created just for parents of estranged adults. Also, my books, with their unique workbook features, deep understanding, and encouragement, have helped many to come to terms with what’s happened and find their way toward peace.

To be able to express oneself here without judgement is priceless. To be understood, supported and simply heard has given me the strength and healing to rise above the despair of estrangement. Equally important, Sheri has given us the tools to cope. These tools go far beyond estrangement. They can be applied to so many other challenging aspects and losses in life. Lots of love to Sheri and all, Rose Petals 💕

Group hug!

From my little corner of the world I will for ever be grateful for this forum. Like many others here I have survived the estrangement because of you all. Your caring, wise experiences, compassion, empathy and support." ~ peaceinmind

Right now, for your first 6-months or year, you can get an additional discount. Take 25% off the already discounted 6-month option, or 30% off a 12-month membership. Use coupon code reopen6 or reopen12 at checkout.


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Not sure yet? Read the FAQ and answers below for more about the “Done With The Crying” Peer Support Community for Parents of Estranged Adult Children, a place of healing, friendship, and support.

Q: I joined. Where to I login?

Go the member login, which is in the drop down menu beneath “community” in the navigation bar to the site. If on a mobile device, you will click on the “menu” button, which will reveal many options. Choose community/member login.

Q: Who is this community NOT for?

This community is not for you if:

  • you’re feeling suicidal. In the U.S., dial 9-8-8 for help. For additional support links, consult the crisis page. The “Done With The Crying” Peer Support group Community for Parents of Estranged Adult Children is not designed for acute crisis intervention. Please seek help in your area.
    This community is also not for you if:
  • you’re not a parent or stepparent of an estranged adult child.
  • you’re alienated from a minor-aged child. This community is for parents of estranged or semi-estranged adult children.

Please, find more fitting support if you are in one of the “not for you if” categories.

Q: I’m not done crying. Is this the place for me?

Estrangement from adult children is emotionally devastating. We’re human beings with vast depths of experience, not robots with convenient emotional on-off switches. At times, even those who have successfully reclaimed their lives and confidence need understanding and support, and then to be encouraged again! A few members put it like this:

Those triggering times
“This forum has helped me to feel less alone in my pain. It’s available 24/7 and is especially helpful during holidays or other times that can be “triggering”. I especially appreciate Sheri’s posts that are tailored to such times. I have not participated in other forums because those I have casually observed tend to dwell on the pain rather than ways in which to heal. The participants also seem content to stay in that place.” ~ Peony

Empathy and ideas

"I have loved how we can share our stories and offer empathy and sometimes even offer helpful ideas to one another. . . .  I always feel better when I have somebody to talk to and tell some of the terrible things that have happened." ~ rattlesnake

Practical support

For the past 5 years I have returned again and again to Sheri’s Rejected Parents site for wonderful support from Sheri and the community. I have benefited from the many practical ideas about holidays, envy, my estate and so much more. The most important thing to me though is the positive light Sheri shines on how to take care of yourself and move forward – it works! ~ Loveart

Q: I still have some contact with my adult child. Am I really estranged? And is the support Community right for me?

As Sheri McGregor reveals in her 2021 book, BEYOND Done With The Crying, even the professional research doesn’t agree on a consistent definition of “estrangement.” Some parents in the community consider themselves “semi-estranged,” because they have occasional contact that leaves them hurt, with conflicting thoughts about whether the connection is a real relationship or whether they want to continue with it. Others see adult children at holidays or to stay in contact with grandchildren. Others have no contact at all, and some no longer wish for connection (yet may still grapple with their feelings). If you’re still wondering if you’re estranged, see this article.

I could write pages and pages of how helpful this forum is to me.

* To be understood from the first confusion and pain of rejection, the reassurance that things will get better, then getting better, to the point that I am a better, happier person.

* Then the joy of helping someone else in return.

* What strikes me the most is how normal everyone here is. . . . . Every single person here seems to me to be normal, mentally stable, loving people who have been kicked to the curb for no good reason.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting new people. ~ Bumblebee

Q: Is this a private group?

The Done With The Crying Peer Support Community for Parents of Estranged Adult Children is viewable only by current members who must log in with their unique credentials to participate. This is not a Facebook group! Member postings are not shared on or hosted by any social media platforms. What is shared in the forum stays in the forum. Members agree to the Terms of Service, which expressly states that they will not share information, postings, or discussions outside the Community. Violation results in membership termination without refund.

Q: Can I be anonymous? 

Upon joining, members are asked to create a username (aka screen or display name). You will choose a name that does not reveal your identity. When sharing with other members in the community, your username will display with your postings. Your privacy is encouraged and supported. Do not use your name or email address.

This place is “good food for my soul,” as folk here understand the dilemma. ~ Gracie2021

Q: How is the members discussion area different than public comments to article postings I see at the site?

Public comments aren’t cohesive. Those who comment often can’t relocate their comment or find any replies.  Also, nasty comments from haters, internet trolls, and estranged adult children who spew foul negativity and blame have increased sharply. Public comments are getting more difficult to shift through, moderate, and expel. That’s why so many sites of all sorts no longer allow any discussion. The private peer support group for parents of estranged adult children is very different. Topics and replies are more organized. You’ll be able to carry on back-and-forth dialogues with other parents who find themselves in this situation.

Q: What if I’m still actively trying to reach out to my adult child? Do I belong in a “Done With The Crying” community?

You’re welcome here. Inside, you will find supportive parents at all stages of estrangement—from the early daze to a more seasoned view. RejectedParents.Net was founded in 2013 by Sheri McGregor to help parents of estranged adult children  cope—whether they are actively trying to reconcile with their adult children or not. Members include supportive people who will give realistic feedback but also applaud your progress however you define it. As one member says:

Mutual respect

"Although we have all experienced estrangement differently, we can all relate to the pain, growth and the ability to empathize with each others’ situations. Mutual respect has always been present on this site, combined with a lot of understanding. . . . I truly like reading when someone’s life has taken a step toward the positive; whether it be solo, with a family member, or includes the EC, I can honestly say I wish the best for the every family here." ~ Better4it

(Note: EC = estranged children)

Q: Are fathers welcome?

Yes! Here’s what a couple of dads say:

The RejectedParents community has been a safe haven and source of support of immeasurable value to me in having to deal with one of the most difficult things a parent can endure, estrangement. Just having a place where people are kind, supportive, and knowledgeable is a godsend, when your friends and even sometimes family don’t really understand what you’re going through.

Thank you Sheri for making it all possible.
Hugs. ~  Prometheus

For fathers, too

"This community has helped me in multiple ways. First, just knowing there are others out in the world who found themselves in a similar spot was a great relief. Second, having a place to discuss the emotions and drama without having to justify my feelings or getting embarrassed as if I were a degenerate failure of a parent. Third, the opportunity to get other perspectives and insights from people who have been or are where you are at is invaluable. One simply can’t understand parental estrangement unless it has touched your life. I can simply share my situation and subsequent feelings in this forum without having to justify my perspective. Fourth, as a father the “stiff upper lip” approach only works so long. I think dads have different coping mechanisms such as silence and ignoring their emotions just to get through the day. Although most of the forum posts are from a mother’s perspective, I relate to many of them and would encourage more fathers to reach out. Last but certainly not least, gradually building my self-esteem back to functional levels would not have been possible without this forum. As someone who has the natural inclination that I can “fix” any situation if I just work harder and constantly ask for forgiveness, learning that I can only control my own actions has allowed me to see that blaming myself for everything under the sun that has gone wrong is unhealthy, ego-centric and ineffective. I’m more able to see and accept reality on its own terms and not wish my life away. I may not ever have the relationship I want with my ED, but I can at least enjoy and feel grateful for the relationships I DO have without the constant guilt and feelings of failure." ~ MLM5

(Note: ED = estranged daughter

Q: What if I need help using the forum?

The site has been kept simple to avoid confusion or chaos. There are tutorials inside to help too.

What if I don’t like the Community?

If you’re uncertain, join for the shortest time option offered. Once in, you can always increase your chosen term to take advantage of better pricing. Or cancel using your account page inside the membership.

How easy is it to cancel?

You can cancel at any time. Once you cancel, your credit card will not be charged again unless you re-enroll. To cancel, you will use your account page inside the membership. You will need to be logged in to access your account page. If you don’t cancel prior to your chosen time period, your term will automatically renew.

Can I get a refund?

When you become a member, you gain access to a private community with lots of conversations and sharing, as well as bonus material. In recognizing the value of premium content and to maintain a feeling of safe sharing, there are no refunds. It’s your responsibility to cancel prior to your chosen term period’s renewal date. The membership is a recurring subscription–unless you cancel prior to automatic renewal.

Questions or problems signing up? Email us at admin at rejectedparents.net (change at to the @ sign when you send a note).

IMPORTANT:  Choose your username carefully. Please be advised that the username you choose for yourself below CANNOT BE CHANGED. Your username will be displayed with any postings you make. Please choose a username you can live with long-term. Think carefully about how your username will be interpreted by others in the forum. Also, consider choosing something simple for others to refer to you by–and something upbeat. For your chosen username, do not use your real name or any email address. Thank you.

By joining the Community, you confirm that you are the parent or stepparent of an estranged or semi-estranged adult child.

This has been a life saver for me. I’ve been here over 7 years and return time and again to provide, and to receive, non-judgemental support. This forum has helped me to feel less isolated, less alone. Estrangement is a strange and often silent land. We parents feel shame and are often shell shocked by the sudden turn in our children, children we have loved and nurtured and who have now rejiggered their story to make us the enemy, deserving of the punishment of estrangement. I don’t know what I would have done over the years if not for my fellow travellers through the horror of estrangement. They have helped guide the way to some semblance of peace. I am thankful to Sheri for starting this forum and for continuing it through, what must have been, some dark days of her own. I am grateful. ~ LostinC





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