Parents — share your stories of estrangement

Shared stories of estrangement from adult children help us discover important truths and heal.

Why Your Story of Estrangement is Important

Communicating helps.

Stories are powerful. They engage and inspire. By sharing our stories of estrangement from our adult child or children, we can help one another. We are not alone. Through shared stories, we find ways to feel better, cope, and move toward healing.

Stories connect people, foster empathy, and understanding.

Storytelling is part of the fabric of human history. In ancient times – – and today – – stories help us empathize with and understand others as well as help us define ourselves. A recent Princeton University study demonstrated than when people understand a story, their neurological activity synchronizes with that of the storyteller. When you tell your story about something as significant as how you came to terms with your adult child’s estrangement, how you’ve coped in a variety of related situations, or how you worked toward an eventual reconciliation or healing despite the estrangement, your experience can benefit parents who are suffering.

How to share your stories of estrangement, and help other parents with adult children who are estranged.

Most of us are already good storytellers. We share bits of our lives with one another every day. Please use the contact form below to help other parents by sharing your story. Note: For shared stories, as a standard for this website all names will be assigned a pseudonym. If you are a professional writer and want a byline or links, contact me for an individual evaluation. Options to share your story:

1. Send a short note that tells what you would like to share, and how you believe your story might help others. You may be contacted via email, and your story may be written up by a professional writer. Please read #2 below for more on story topics and ideas.

2. Write your own story. Submit an approximately 600- to 800-word personal story that provides background information about your experience with an estranged adult child such as how the estrangement occurred, what precipitated the break, and how long the break has lasted. Remember to include your emotions: how you felt, how you feel now, and/or how your feelings changed over time. Also please include some details such as whether or not your adult child is estranged from other family members too, etc. Please choose a focus, a focal point of sorts that draws your sharing to a close: how you came to terms with the break, how you handle it now, how you reconciled, an important lesson you may have learned  – – something you believe will help other parents to cope in their situation, persevere in hope, or in some way find peace. (Please also keep a copy of your story for your files.)

Note: I reserve the right to edit stories for clarity and content.

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