Register for the support forum for parents of estranged adult children

I’m so glad you’ve decided to join us.

A few points as you register for the forum

  • Remember that your username should NOT resemble your real name, your child’s name, or your email address.
  • Please choose a username that will feel good to you. There is enough sadness… Choose something that makes you smile!
  • Please make a note of the username and password you have chosen–these are unique to you, and you will need them to login to the support group once your membership is approved.
  • After you register, it may take up to a few days to hear back from us, so watch for a  welcome email. Feel free to login and join the conversation. Over the next several days, you will receive a few more short emails to help orient you to the group. After that, emails will arrive about once a month with updates and information to help.
  • Memberships are approved a few times a week, so don’t worry, If you haven’t heard back in a week, you can use the Contact Page to check up.  Every once in a while, something does get overlooked, but it’s never intentional.
  • Make sure you provide your real name and email, as well as a user name.  False information will not be approved.  This is necessary to make sure we can provide a warm, supportive environment for everyone.
  • Your user name CANNOT be your real name, your email (or a portion). Your registration will be deleted if this instruction is not followed.

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