Sheri McGregor on radio: Holidays 2019

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. Time to take notice of all we’re grateful for.

I had the pleasure of talking again with Daniel Davis at Beyond 50 Radio. We briefly discussed how rejected parents handle holidays. Maybe you’ll find a bit of the interview useful.

If you’d like to listen, it’s available on the Beyond 50 Radio YouTube channel (through this link).

How rejected parents handle holidays comes down to three basic ideas: planning, perspective, and knowing what you need.

Want more tips and information about how to handle the holidays when you’re facing the issue of estrangement from adult children? I’ve written about holidays since the site’s inception. Here is a sampling of those past articles below. Each one has links to other articles at the bottom as well, so you can click through for even more. Or, if you’d like to search for past articles and find more complete listings, use the site’s search box.

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Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends (and hugs to all the rest)–Sheri McGregor

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2 thoughts on “Sheri McGregor on radio: Holidays 2019

  1. Laurie

    When you think it cannot get worse-it does. My significant other of 28 years died May 2,2021-the reaction of my estranged daughter was” too bad but you chose him over my brother and I “(double huh???).
    So I mourned the year of holidays and thought I was okay-wrong!
    My mania kicked in and I went on a gambling spree which was followed by a very deep depression. Lucky I got help and some great social workers got me in a senior intense therapy group-three mornings a week. plus some new medicine. My main comment is that you are doing great work making this a semi-normal shameless event .

  2. Susan L.

    So good to have gotten this from you after four months. What a breath of fresh air.
    Wanted to ask you to continue using my personal email


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