Sheri McGregor radio interview for parents of estranged adults

In February, I appeared on Beyond 50 Radio for a talk with host Daniel Davis. As it turns out, he is also a rejected parent, with an estranged adult daughter. We touched on many facets of estrangement. I hope you’ll find the radio show helpful. Please give it a thumbs-up.

If you’re the parent of an estranged adult, listen up. You’re not alone in this heartbreaking situation. And you can be happy again. Click the Beyond50 banner below to go to youtube and listen.

radio interview with Sheri McGregor

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9 thoughts on “Sheri McGregor radio interview for parents of estranged adults

  1. emily38

    What a helpful and important contribution your interview is to this huge community, Sheri. As vital as all of your writing and research is, and it is, there’s something to be said for hearing you speak about the awful experience far too many parents/grandparents are suffering with.

    Thank you for adding another dimension to your teaching through interviews ( I’ve listened to another of yours too). The lessons you’ve given have impacted my own thinking far beyond the estrangement situation. Maybe that’s the ultimate gift that’s realized as we hurting parents see with new eyes and understand with new hearts about our ways in the world. As you point out, we change ourselves. We cannot change others.


    1. rparents Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, emily38. Yes, the power really comes from our own growth and strength.

      I’m glad you liked the interview. I’ll be adding some additional formats soon….

      Sheri McGregor

  2. AntoniaZ

    Thank you for writing about this. Friendship has been a real problem for me. How could anyone like me if my own sons don’t? I test my friends, unconsciously. Do they make an effort to come to my house when I need them (I used to be over the top ‘there’ for all my friends and family) I still believe in being present for everyone, but now I know that that goes two ways. I’ll get my confidence back, but it will be a different kind of confidence, more solid. I guess I can thank my sons for that.

    1. rparents Post author

      Hello AntoniaZ, It’s a good thing to make sure that even as we are a loyal friend to others, we remain a friend to ourselves. I’m sorry you have been forced to “learn” (as you say) at the hands of your own sons. Take good care of yourself and be your own best friend.


      Sheri McGregor

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