Struggling with estrangement from adult children? A liberating moment

I’m so very grateful when my book, Done With The Crying, is mentioned positively by other parents who know what it’s like to be struggling with estrangement from adult children. In the September/October issue of The Saturday Evening Post, a writer shared the progression of her feelings until she came to a liberating moment. That’s when she mentioned me and the book. (Thank you to Karen Westerberg Reyes.)

Struggling with estrangement from adult children?

With the intention of recovering from the heartache and a bit of work, you too can have a liberating moment that gets you free.

You can read the full article  as it appeared in the September/October 2017 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.

Coping with Estranged Adult Children

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5 thoughts on “Struggling with estrangement from adult children? A liberating moment

  1. Magdelaine

    I Can’t believe my Son feels about me the way he does. I have tried and tried to get back together. You would think I am the Devil. I am a loving Kind person who wants nothing but the best for everybody.
    When I try and talk to him, only through text, he spews the most awful lies at me and the anger is so palpable.. I haven’t seem him or my
    Grandchild for 4 years and nothing I say seems to help. I don’t know what I can do , it is killing me. Yes I may have made a few mistakes but I don’t think I deserve this. It started with his common law wife, always finding fault with everything I did or said and treating us nastily. Yet I get accused of doing that. It is so frustrating I could scream. Do you still have the forum I can’t seem to find it.

  2. Jenny

    Mine has been about the same time.. 8 years.
    Mine was because I cheated on and eventually divorced their father after 30 years marriage.
    I still feel guilt for hurting my family so much.
    I’ll never forgive myself.
    Things have changed over those 8 years.. 2 more grandchildren have been born.. I’m allowed to see one because I provide childcare ( thank god that’s allowed otherwise I’d never see her) the other child is almost 2yrs old and I’ve never met him.
    Sometimes I’m ok but at the moment the blackness is returning.
    I wish I could go to sleep and never wake, because what is life without my family.

  3. Doone

    I have recently “resigned” from hoping…telling my ED and ES that I will no longer play the game. It was a very scary point that I eventually arrived at…after 8 years of hoping, but I can no longer mentally handle it. Somehow, I had to arrive at a decision to save my own sanity. No more birthday presents, cards, Christmas presents. I think I will finally breathe.

    1. rparents Post author

      Suzanne, I remember saying that, that it was “killing me.” Those words can be a big wake-up call. Time to take care of YOU.

      BIG HUGS,
      Sheri McGregor

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