Survey to help parents of estranged adults

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6 thoughts on “Survey to help parents of estranged adults

  1. Leigh

    My Daughter was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. I was always there for her if she went in the hosp I went to the hosp I took care of my granddaughters and even would go and clean her house as she said she could not do that with her condition. One day after her coming home from the hosp one of my granddaughters said she did not want to go back home yet. My daughter went into a rage and was screaming and cursing at her my granddaughter asked her cousin my grandson who lives with me to help her. He told his aunt that she was not behaving like a good mother should. She took that as him saying she was a bad mother. A few days later my son (the grandsons dad come over and there was an incident the father tried to jump on my grandson and my grandson stabbed him after his father told him he was going to put him in the hosp. my daughter then started saying that my grandson has also threatened to stab my granddaughter and had abused her mentally and physically which was not true at all. My grandson thought his cousin needed his protection from abuse from her mother. I stood up for the grandson and she went wild now with accusations that I abuse her she sends me evil text messages then posts Christian saying on FB. I felt that someday this would all work out but now I don’t see how it will ever work out she made up more lies and has told my granddaughters that I abused her and keeps putting the girls in the middle of it all and continues to keep them away from me. The one granddaughter my grandson was protecting is autistic the other has stayed with me over weekends holidays and anytime she could is turning 12 this year. I am so lost as to what to do. She texts and curses me out and I get angry and go back at her it is a vicious cycle. I really don’t hold out hope that this will ever turn our right and I wonder how I could have been such a bad mother to her to make her turn our this way. She was my little baby my angel and my love. This is killing me to go thru this and I feel I am going crazy.


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