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Books to help with anger

With real-life scenarios and examples, this book discusses the usefulness of anger as well as its downsides. The author emphasizes the choices we can make about the anger we feel. Will we suppress our anger, express it in openly aggressive ways, or passively? Or, we can learn to assert ourselves, or to release our anger. For parents of estranged adult children and anyone experiencing anger, the more we purposely examine the anger we feel, the more likely we are to manage it in a positive way.

A Christian perspective on anger. The author, a Christian therapist, shares the origins and purpose of anger, which he believes is essential to understand in order to process anger in a positive and healthy way.
A change in perspective can change everything, and this book shows you how to see situations that anger you in different and freeing ways. With buddhist principles explained through modern-day examples, and an optimistic tone, the book is an easy but powerful read.

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