Troubling dreams: Why do I have them?

dreams after rejected by adult childMy adult child rejected me. Why do I have these disturbing dreams?

by Sheri McGregor, M.A.

Jumbled, chaotic, and even frightening dreams can be a normal reaction to the emotional trauma of an adult child’s estrangement. Your mind is working overtime to make sense of things.

Unfortunately, a troubling, night after night pattern of disturbing dreams after an adult child’s estrangement can cause loss of beneficial sleep—which can make you more vulnerable. Sleep deprivation can impact physical and mental health. For some people, their dreams become so disturbing that they’re wise to seek professional help.

For others, seeing their troubling dreams as a normal response, and even as useful, can be a positive change of perspective. Perhaps your dreams can even help you heal. Mine did.

For more about how my dreams helped me heal, read: Your vivid dreams: Can they help after an adult child’s estrangement?

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2 thoughts on “Troubling dreams: Why do I have them?

  1. urbanmusicgal

    My dreams are always clear and severe. They are always about being on the outside looking in, or disenfranchised. They usually take place at occasions I either have or have not been invited to. They are usually in pleasant environments. But no matter what environment, the attitudes of the people I am with is clearly that I don’t belong there. I can stay if I am invisible, but I don’t belong with them, or at the occasion. But I stay anyway hoping that I’ll be finally accepted, but I am not. Sometimes I get to smile at the children and that helps, but in these dreams I am neither noticed or wanted. This is the same dream but with different characters and different places. I start out so happy to see everyone, and then, in the dream, little by little the reality sets in. When I awake from these dreams which repeat every night, I have no self esteem, and little motivation throughout the day. They are always dreams of rejection and the loss of my self.

    1. Rightly Guided ny God Daughter Free from Greif

      Dear Urbanmusicgal,
      May God Peace and Blessings be upon You and all people like us who know the pain of rejection. I would be willing to guess that there were previous situations in our live that involved rejection and/or betrayal before the betrayal by our adult children. This pattern of rejection usually starts early in life. The pain is deep. Jesus(may God’s blessings be upon him) NEVER estranged Himself from his Mother Mary((may God’s blessings be with her). Mary NEVER REJECTED JESUS! Therefore neither one of then experienced rejection from the other! I read that the key to ending the painful cycle of rejection is Letting Go & Letting God. Not only does that sound hard but IT IS hard. But possible with God’s Grace and Mercy. WE are climbing up the rough side of the mountain. In God’s name we will get to the top.
      Blessings and Light even in dark places ✨ ❇ ✨

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