‘Twas the night before Mother’s Day, for mothers of estranged adult children

Mother's Day for mothers of estranged adult children
‘Twas the Night Before Mother’s Day
(for mothers of estranged adult children)
by Sheri McGregor

The night before Mother’s Day, second Sunday in May,
TV and radio remind of the day.
Rose bouquets, gift cards, and visits galore—
We’re shown family perfection, happy kids at the door.

But that’s not the reality estranged mothers see.
Since our rejection, we may not even know who to be.
In church should we stand up as all mothers do?
Or sit there, embarrassed? We might cry: Boo hoo.

Should we buy our own presents? Pretend we’re not sad?
Stay home with the curtains drawn? (It won’t be so bad.)
We could throw a big party; greet the day with a cheer.
Or turn off our cell phones; avoid calls we may fear.

Will that child we birthed so long ago phone?
Or will the adult we don’t know send a message we’ll bemoan?
We know from experience it’s just words on a screen.
Amid all the silence, it may seem just plain mean.

On this day and always treat yourself well. Let sadness go.
Enjoy others who love you, and do let you know.
Make a card for your own mom, and give her a hug.
Thank a motherly figure—at her heartstrings tug.

The day honors mothers for the gift they once gave.
For the diapers and sleep loss, for the life’s way they paved.
Honor your own self, on this day and all.
Do whatever feels best, and then heed the call—

Good woman, you’re worthy! Get up and have fun.
There’s life to be lived. You’re nowhere near done.
Get out and smile. Find people, find purpose, and joy will abound.
It’s beyond the next corner. Do look around.

Tomorrow the sun rises. Moon and stars too.
There’s hope and there’s healing. What will you do?
The world is an oyster, but its shell you must crack.
Search for the pearl. Tell the world, “I am back!”

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2 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before Mother’s Day, for mothers of estranged adult children

  1. Rosemarie R.

    It is something you never imagined.
    It is a feeling you cannot explain.
    It brings shame and blame.
    And I hope you never have to
    feel it

  2. Pam

    Dear Sister Rosemarie,
    I understand completely even though I don’t know your story. You are not alone.
    i texted to a friend who also has an estranged daughter for 8 years this…
    Looking up
    Being Forgiven
    Remaining Faithful
    only by God’s amazing grace.

    My adult daughter chose to wander off 8 years ago on the day before Mother’s day. As you can imagine every year Mother’s Day marks this sad anniversary, of my daughter walking in opposition to Jesus. And so we do the most powerful thing… pray! Prior to this, I didn’t realize that we look like a dysfunctional family. I have no power to change these circumstances. I have no power over anybody but myself. I want to demonstrate love, truth with out compromising my beliefs. Remember that choosing to honor Jesus is not negotiable. During the hard times I just do the opposite of my feelings and begin to sing and thank and praise the Lord for who He is.. Estranged parents who love Jesus have learned that our strength and significance is all in Jesus.
    . John8:31- 32 . Jn8:31- 32
    “Then Jesus said to those Jews which believed on Him, “if you continue in My word, then you are my disciples indeed; Any you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you The truth sets us free”. Jesus shows up and sets us free. We have to have the right Jesus.
    Look up,
    Faithfully, Pam


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