It’s finally out! WORKBOOK for parents of estranged adult children

WORKBOOK FOR PARENTS OF ESTRANGED ADULT CHILDRENAs readers have requested, Sheri McGregor’s new release, the Done With The Crying WORKBOOK: for Parents of Estranged Adult Children is now available.

The Workbook compliments her award-winning self-help book, Done With The Crying. The Workbook concentrates the exercises in a larger format that provides more writing space for the deeper insight readers find useful.

Meant as a supplement to the book readers call “the bible for estranged parents” and say is “better than therapy,” the Workbook helps audio- and e-book readers to make the concepts more personal. The exercises facilitate self-discovery and growth, which helps parents of estranged adults to move forward in their own lives.

Those who are revisiting the recovery concepts or who have been estranged yet again will find the Done With The Crying WORKBOOK for Parents of Estranged Adult Children convenient. By applying the information, parents can take charge of their emotional health and move beyond the sorrow to new meaning and joy.

If you click through on the title above, it takes you to Amazon. Be sure to look for the best deal presented there by clicking on “see all formats and editions.” Sometimes the best price is not the biggest most highlighted one.

From Sheri McGregor:
I’m excited the Workbook is finally out! Thank you so much to those who have written to me asking for this publication. I am honored that you value my continued work. I hope you will find the Workbook helpful as you move forward … beyond the pain of estrangement and in treasuring your own beautiful lives.

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14 thoughts on “It’s finally out! WORKBOOK for parents of estranged adult children

  1. Lee

    My 2 adult kids knew i no longer worked and they were angry with me because i got a little inherritance which i shared with them but they turned me into the authorities because they knew i was getting a little foodstamps.i had already informed the authorities but they didnt KNOW it. And iam still crying over it, it happened a few years ago, them 2 a male and female was spoiled i no i was not perfect and neither were they but i did the very best that i Possibly could raising them, they are sorely UNGRATEFUL.May God Bless and be with you all…

  2. Lee

    Thank you sherri for writing the wonderful book it hv helped me and countless others iam sure.May God Bless you Always.

  3. Kath F.

    Thanks so much Sheri and everyone here, from an Aussie sister. My eldest son left us, his family, behind but by bit when he married in his early 20’s. He is now very much a Christian celebrity, three years since we last saw or heard from him.back in the day he once said “mum if I had to choose you or my wife I will choose my wife” and “Happy wife happy life” . I thought both statements odd at the time, especially given that his young wife would not leave the bedroom even when the visit was planned months ahead. I miss the early morning calls- he played his guitar and sang me a worship song he’d written, we prayed and chatted about challenges and goals. I miss his two girls so much. For myself as a practicing Christian, I’m now contemplating moving beyond despair, bitterness and unforgiveness to acceptance that it is what it is. There’s relief now- that sounds weird, doesn’t it? But yes I’m relieved that I don’t hold my breath anymore about saying the wrong thing, giving the wrong gift, somehow never being good enough. I’ve stopped asking God why. I believe that God does not condone it, that it’s time to let him go. Gone but not gone, alive but dead to our ordinary everyday lives. I do say gday to him, his spirit to mine, and my dreams tell me where his heart is at. So I’ll go on, as I see so many of you wonderful parents are. God bless you

  4. Frustersted

    It’s very sad that so many of us good mums, are treated like a piece of trash thrown to the curb by the people we love the most!. I would never in a million years treat my mother the way my daughter has been treating me for the past ten years . Now there is no contact she again has Blocked all lines of communication with me,. My sister who used to be very close with my daughter, has now cut off communication with her because she can’t understand how my can treat me the way she is. And my daughter just let go of her aunt , like she never even mattered to her!. It’s so not fair,. I have a very hard time talking or writing about it, and the way I pictured my life was Sunday dinners with the family,. Just like when I grew up,. I never pictured ever not being in a close relationship with my kids. My son and I are close,. But not as close as I would like to be, and he doesn’t want to be involved with his sisters and I messy relationship, if you can even call it that. I know if one of my siblings was treating my parents the way I’m being treated , I would not stand for it, damn right I would get involved,. I am not angry at my son for not wanting to be involved I just don’t understand why ,. He has said to me several times, ” mom, I don’t know why Jamey Lyn wants to hurt you “. He has also said to me ” mom, Jamey would never be able to realize that pain she is causing you, because she is too self consumed to think about anyone but herself”. I want to sleep until the pain goes away. I am so tired of hurting,. So so tired of crying,. I often wonder , is this the result of the way she was raised?. Did I give her too much when she was growing up?. Where did I go wrong with her,. I love her with all my heart,. I would stand in front of a bullet for anyone of my kids,. And she just doesn’t even phase her how this is affecting me, nor does she care..

  5. Patricia s.

    this is my second comment. the first was yesterday—-when i have the money i am going to buy that book. I love the title because it nails my sorrow so well. Do you know that i stopped crying about 3 weeks ago and feel much better. Yes, there is depression but no where near what it was.
    i am watching of all things comedian stand ups on you tube. when i can laugh I cannot cry try it
    this really works.

  6. Sharon

    Sheri, welcome to my world which you have described so well. I embrace all that you offer gratefully.
    I have been traveling this sad and crazy journey alone for so long. What you said is now on my fridge –
    “moving forward and treasuring my own beautiful life”.

    1. rparents Post author

      Thank you, Sharon.

      I hope the quote continues to guide you. Let’s make today a good one and make the most of our tomorrows.

      Sheri McGregor

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