It’s finally out! WORKBOOK for parents of estranged adult children

WORKBOOK FOR PARENTS OF ESTRANGED ADULT CHILDRENAs readers have requested, Sheri McGregor’s new release, the Done With The Crying WORKBOOK: for Parents of Estranged Adult Children is now available.

The Workbook compliments her award-winning self-help book, Done With The Crying. The Workbook concentrates the exercises in a larger format that provides more writing space for the deeper insight readers find useful.

Meant as a supplement to the book readers call “the bible for estranged parents” and say is “better than therapy,” the Workbook helps audio- and e-book readers to make the concepts more personal. The exercises facilitate self-discovery and growth, which helps parents of estranged adults to move forward in their own lives.

Those who are revisiting the recovery concepts or who have been estranged yet again will find the Done With The Crying WORKBOOK for Parents of Estranged Adult Children convenient. By applying the information, parents can take charge of their emotional health and move beyond the sorrow to new meaning and joy.

If you click through on the title above, it takes you to Amazon. Be sure to look for the best deal presented there by clicking on “see all formats and editions.” Sometimes the best price is not the biggest most highlighted one.

From Sheri McGregor:
I’m excited the Workbook is finally out! Thank you so much to those who have written to me asking for this publication. I am honored that you value my continued work. I hope you will find the Workbook helpful as you move forward … beyond the pain of estrangement and in treasuring your own beautiful lives.

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30 thoughts on “It’s finally out! WORKBOOK for parents of estranged adult children

  1. Valerie C.

    Thank you for helping me on my journey towards healing. It’s been almost six years since my youngest boy cut me out of his life and I suffer the guilt and pain every day. Your book is a source of comfort and this workbook is something I will purchase as soon as I finish your book.
    God Bless You and thank you for being brave enough to share your experience.

    1. eddiesgal

      My apologies, but I don’t know how to begin a new post. Can anybody help me with this? Thank you in advance for your kindness.

    2. Gigi

      Valerie I am so sorry, I have been going through the same with my son when he became an adult. I lived my life for my kids and that was a mistake and has left me believing he should put more effort in to seeing about me, spending time with me..I never had a chance to see about my self. I enjoy being around my kids, he is polite, will do what I ask, but he just does not initiate spending time wi tg h me. I go to the movies alone, watch TV, even go to church…just does feel good. I will s as y nothing will take the place of my relationship with him..I still think about him, but I put those thoughts in the garage per se and I now focus on the front lawn if it makes sense..enjoy thevrest of your life..I love you as a mother..but don’t blame yourself. Respectfully Gigi

  2. Lilwen

    After 14 years Estrangement I have seen my two adults daughters not easy but worth it. Being able to be with their hurt and pain and not being overwhelmed with my own stuff. It’s complex emotions the second meeting yesterday was 4 hrs in a public place I felt it was not going well then something softened. I’m feeling and seeing them at my dinner table eating my dinner and laughing and joking visualising and Writing it down every day saying it out loud. Yes thoughts do become things ! Stay strong and open for change I’m blessed to and grateful to have them fully in my life it’s happening !! It’s done nothing but that belief is true ! It’s belief and faith that’s it ! Believe xx love to everyone here thank you

  3. eddiesgal

    I’d really like to be part of this forum, yet still don’t know how to start a topic. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Sharon O.

      Hi eddiesgal
      You made me smile….thanks for mentioning your confusion about I am in the same boat. If I figure it out as I muddle through I will contact you!

  4. Sherry

    Hi everyone my name is Sherry I hate the fact that we’re here however I’m grateful that there is a group to assist with some of the feelings and I’m experiencing especially the anger towards my daughter … Who has become a stranger to me

    1. Debbie

      My daughter is doing the same behavior to me.
      I’m SO angry at her I’ve been a good mom she won’t let me see my grandson …im disgusted with her I’ve done NOTHING to warrant this behavior. My counselor says I’m being scapegoats and emotionally abused by kids I’m stopping contact with her and my son both….im done.

  5. Roberta

    Although it has been almost 15 years, I still struggle every holiday season. How does it happen that one person’s view of the past can be so different from what you know to be reality. Thanks for your news letters. It really does help to see that I’m not the only dis-owned parent.

    1. Lee

      I hv done the best that i could i hv not been perfect but neither hv the 2 kids they hv cursed me assualted me and so on iam Done known for good and yes hoildays are hard but i get through it by telling my self i will avoid conflict.

    2. esther s

      Holidays are hard. When we were a family in the true sense of the word, I used to cook for my children, grandchildren and sometimes friends. What was nice about it that one of my granddaughters used to help me. It was very comforting. My parents have passed away and so did my husband so seeing everyone sitting together at the dinner table made me thank G-d for allowing me to enjoy my life and feel secure. However, this year it ended. My Thanksgiving dinner consisted of me, my son and the two grandchildren from my son’s side. It was lonely and we almost forfeited the dinner. The last minute my son decided to cook. My daughter severed her relationship with my son and the aunts and uncles that were in her life for 50 years. I too don’t understand what happened. For a year I cried, then I started to see a therapist and am on anti depressant and anxiety medication. What I did for myself is that I started to work, I am 74 years old, and am on retirement for 10 years. But I got myself a part time job and i am helping myself. It is not so painful anymore. I am no longer in pain. I always had problems with my daughter. I just refused to see it, because I loved her to pieces. Well, I finally see the true character for what it really is. At this moment I am fine. She can live her life whichever way she wants.. She cannot hurt me anymore. But one thing I will say is that the door will always be open. But she needs to be accountable for her actions. No more Ms. Nice.
      It is my life now!!!!!! And as far as I am concerned, even if have to spend holidays with my friends, it is ok with me. I was very good mother. I spent my life in service to my children. I hope to live a long time and life my life to the fullest.

  6. Jerrie F.

    It’s been years of great loving wonderful blessed life then the the last off and on 8 years has been too hurtful for words to describe . I’ve raised 4 sons . All with mental illness and anxiety . Ad well as me . I have suffered all these years with zero tepo

    1. Doreen

      It’s so good to hear I’m not alone in this struggle, and I’ll never understand how good parents get treated so horrible by there own flesh and blood when I see horrible non caring parents kids treat them so we’ll

  7. Juanita

    Happy thanksgiving Sheri I am so glad that you did a workbook. While my relationships with my kids are still not what I chose. It is easier to live a life that I enjoy instead if all the unwanted feelings that they wish to return. I hope someday my children come to terms with their greif because of these divorces. However I have learned no matter how much I want it they have to do it for themselves and forgive and let go. I pray they are happy no matter were they go. I’m going to enjoy enjoy my life thank you for helping me get through this. Juanita

    1. Esther S.

      Love your comment. You are strong woman.
      You have one life to live, enjoy it and when you close your eyes for the last time, which I hope will be in a long, long time, close them with a smile, and know that you did everything that is possible for your children and your life. No regrets

  8. Anne

    Painful Thanksgiving. I keep waiting for my son to text or call. Not gonna happen. But blessings abound and I do give thanks. Grateful for a strong marriage and one of our four children is with us. Lovely day with a subset of my family: both parents, age 84; dinner hosted by oldest brother and his wife and 2 daughters, young adults.

    I’ve survived estrangement with oldest daughter, now number two (son). How he sees the past is so very different from my memories. I know I was, and am, a good mom. My husband and I gave our children a very strong upbringing. They had material needs met and wants withheld for their benefit. Here’s the twist: my husband is Indian. I am Iowan. Our 4 are beautiful half and half’s. Number two is on a rant that he is discriminated against. NOT. He especially despises his white mother and sees me as the source of all his problems. He accuses his fairer siblings of having benefitted from white privilege. Ridiculous! I feel discriminated against for being white. And from my own flesh and blood. Hurt, yes. And angry. I wish I was done with the crying…….but I’m not.

  9. Elizabeth

    I know how you feel Anne. I’m not even started with the crying yet. Still in shock.
    From someone who’s daughter’s friends and their parents kept being amazed at how good our relationship was, to total rejection from her after a manipulative boyfriend put seeds of doubt in her mind.
    I’m moving away and not informing them, especially as after a declutter for my move, I found that important documents had been stolen.
    Sadly these documents pertained to my work and were psychological assessments (as my job entailed running a trauma unit my employer sent me for these…and they were all clear).
    She and her boyfriend used these in a counselling session to insinuate I had a raft of mental illnesses…in my absence.
    She then cancelled any further sessions and sent me a curt text to say there would be no reconciliation.
    It took a last session with the counsellor for me to piece it all together because he started telling me a tale that I had to read between ….then it dawned on me.
    Right now , although my reply to her text was a kind ‘ you’ll always get help here if you ask’ , I wish her all the trouble she’s going to have , Thanks to this creepy boyfriend and im not sure I’ll ever help if she asks.

    1. Heidi Q.

      Sounds a lot like my estranged daughter. She has been “brainwashed” by her boyfriend and his family.
      She changed once she started dating this guy, and slowly became more and more distant. Then she started going to church, got saved (didn’t even tell us, I found out on FB). She got mad at me back in June because we objected to her request that her future in-laws would purchase her wedding dress whenever that time came. My husband and I explained to her that this is our responsibility and we’ve thought about it since she was born. She got really snippy and hateful to me after that and completely quit speaking to both of us August 2019. My birthday went by, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Was very hard for me emotionally during all of that. With the stress I became sick with pneumonia. I’m a really healthy person and I guess my immune system was down and couldn’t fight it off. Now that the holidays are behind me I’m feeling better. I’ve come to the realization that “I” come first and I need to take care of myself. Screw my daughter and her “new” family.
      I’m done..

  10. Patricia

    I have dealt with a drug addicted daughter who blames me for her problems. I have done everything I can to help her. She does not want my help. She told me to stay out of her life. This has been going on for years, but now she has a 2 1/2 yr. old child and has cut me off from seeing him. So I am trying to just accept the fact that I am not allowed to see my grandson. I am 68 yrs. old and only have this one grandchild and it hurts that I am not allowed to see him. I read Sheri’s book” Done with Crying” and it has helped me a lot. I don’t feel so alone. Trish

  11. LiZ

    My 29 yo daughter and my husband get along really well. They don’t include me in activities. My daughter has zero tolerance for me and recently called me insane. Husband won’t be bothered to hear my side. I feel alone and neglected a lot but am trying to enjoy my life without them in it. I read one of the best things to do is to take care of yourself. It’s not healthy for me to try and wait around to do things. It rarely happens. I need to find people to do things with. If anyone is interested I live in Long Beach Ca, 59 years young

  12. Lee

    My 2 adult kids knew i no longer worked and they were angry with me because i got a little inherritance which i shared with them but they turned me into the authorities because they knew i was getting a little foodstamps.i had already informed the authorities but they didnt KNOW it. And iam still crying over it, it happened a few years ago, them 2 a male and female was spoiled i no i was not perfect and neither were they but i did the very best that i Possibly could raising them, they are sorely UNGRATEFUL.May God Bless and be with you all…

  13. Lee

    Thank you sherri for writing the wonderful book it hv helped me and countless others iam sure.May God Bless you Always.

  14. Kath F.

    Thanks so much Sheri and everyone here, from an Aussie sister. My eldest son left us, his family, behind but by bit when he married in his early 20’s. He is now very much a Christian celebrity, three years since we last saw or heard from him.back in the day he once said “mum if I had to choose you or my wife I will choose my wife” and “Happy wife happy life” . I thought both statements odd at the time, especially given that his young wife would not leave the bedroom even when the visit was planned months ahead. I miss the early morning calls- he played his guitar and sang me a worship song he’d written, we prayed and chatted about challenges and goals. I miss his two girls so much. For myself as a practicing Christian, I’m now contemplating moving beyond despair, bitterness and unforgiveness to acceptance that it is what it is. There’s relief now- that sounds weird, doesn’t it? But yes I’m relieved that I don’t hold my breath anymore about saying the wrong thing, giving the wrong gift, somehow never being good enough. I’ve stopped asking God why. I believe that God does not condone it, that it’s time to let him go. Gone but not gone, alive but dead to our ordinary everyday lives. I do say gday to him, his spirit to mine, and my dreams tell me where his heart is at. So I’ll go on, as I see so many of you wonderful parents are. God bless you

  15. Frustersted

    It’s very sad that so many of us good mums, are treated like a piece of trash thrown to the curb by the people we love the most!. I would never in a million years treat my mother the way my daughter has been treating me for the past ten years . Now there is no contact she again has Blocked all lines of communication with me,. My sister who used to be very close with my daughter, has now cut off communication with her because she can’t understand how my can treat me the way she is. And my daughter just let go of her aunt , like she never even mattered to her!. It’s so not fair,. I have a very hard time talking or writing about it, and the way I pictured my life was Sunday dinners with the family,. Just like when I grew up,. I never pictured ever not being in a close relationship with my kids. My son and I are close,. But not as close as I would like to be, and he doesn’t want to be involved with his sisters and I messy relationship, if you can even call it that. I know if one of my siblings was treating my parents the way I’m being treated , I would not stand for it, damn right I would get involved,. I am not angry at my son for not wanting to be involved I just don’t understand why ,. He has said to me several times, ” mom, I don’t know why Jamey Lyn wants to hurt you “. He has also said to me ” mom, Jamey would never be able to realize that pain she is causing you, because she is too self consumed to think about anyone but herself”. I want to sleep until the pain goes away. I am so tired of hurting,. So so tired of crying,. I often wonder , is this the result of the way she was raised?. Did I give her too much when she was growing up?. Where did I go wrong with her,. I love her with all my heart,. I would stand in front of a bullet for anyone of my kids,. And she just doesn’t even phase her how this is affecting me, nor does she care..


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